Green planet 4.1 Decarbonisation

    zabka group's electric cars, in order to reduce the carbon print and support the idea of green planet

    Why is this important?

    Studies show that Poles are increasingly serious about climate change and no longer perceive them as a challenge for the long term. 68% of the population is afraid that changes will have a negative impact on the future of their children, and 78% of Poles believe that the condition of the Earth requires decisive action. Consumers are increasingly indicating that such actions should be implemented not only at the level of state administration, but also with active involvement of the business sector. Combating climate change is a global challenge and, from this point of view, it is particularly important to establish effective partnerships in order to counteract this phenomenon. We are aware of the environmental challenges caused by the excessive anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases, as well as of the social concerns that accompany them. Therefore, while implementing our Responsibility Strategy, we are undertaking a number of actions allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint and achieve climate neutrality in own operations.

    Our contribution

    Solutions offered in the convenience ecosystem are used by nearly three million customers per day, and over 7,800 franchisees and several hundred business partners support us in achieving our business goals. The scale of our operations means that we have an impact on the environment, but also offers the opportunity to work together to combat climate change. We want to make it easier for customers to make sustainable choices, and we suggest our franchisees and business partners to conduct their business activity in a responsible manner and to join forces in minimising our environmental footprint. In the Żabka Group, we approach the issue of reducing CO2 emissions in a comprehensive manner. Our decarbonisation plan supports stopping the increase in global temperatures at 1.5°C, as confirmed by the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi). The plan’s objectives cover both our own operations and the entire value chain. We work together with our employees to achieve climate neutrality in own operations by 2025, and partner with franchisees to reduce the intensity of scope 3 in-store emissions by 70% by 2026. We also encourage business partners responsible for 75% of our procurement expenditure in setting reduction targets, sharing knowledge and inspiring to change.

    What have we done so far?

    We are the first retail chain in Central and Eastern Europe whose decarbonisation targets have been verified and validated by SBTi – an initiative that defines, promotes and validates methods for determining greenhouse gas emission reductions based on the most recent scientific knowledge. In 2021, we launched a number of initiatives aimed at reducing the carbon footprint in our own operations, in accordance with the decarbonisation plan we had adopted. Thanks to our actions, we have reduced the carbon footprint in own operations by 29%, while maintaining the overall business growth rate. We also achieved the target related to supplying our operations with electricity generated, in 100%, with the use of renewable energy sources. In 2021, we announced our commitments and invited business partners to join in. We started conversations in which, together with our key business partners, we are committing to taking coordinated action to reduce emissions. We held twenty-two deep-dive meetings with key partners. One of those meetings was climate-neutral, as we purchased an offset package compensating for its carbon footprint.

    Selected activities


    Responsibility Report 2021