Established in 2021, Żabka Group was created with multi-directional development in mind. In more than two years, the Group incorporated entities from the market into its structures and built new areas of operation from scratch. As a result, in addition to its existing sales in the convenience segment, it built a leading position in the q-commerce and diet catering sectors. At the end of 2023, the Group confirmed its ambitions to go beyond the Polish market by declaring its intention to acquire the Daniel DRIM Distributie FMCG distribution company in Romania. Due to the intensive growth, the Management Board with CEO Tomasz Suchanski decided to appoint another member to its board and to change the areas of responsibility.

    In his role as Executive Vice President, Tomasz Blicharski will be responsible for the strategy and development of the entire Group. Tomasz brings to these areas many years of experience in managing different areas of the Group, from finance to innovation to the creation of new business areas.  He has previously become known as a leader in digital transformation and managing M&A processes. The value built through these activities is an important part of the Group’s strategy.

    A new organizational unit was also established within the Group – Żabka International, which will be headed by Anna Grabowska in the role of Executive Vice President and Managing Director. The unit will provide operational support to Group entities in foreign markets. Anna Grabowska has unique experience in managing multiple areas. Consumer strategies, supplier relations, marketing communications and ESG are just part of this experience. She has also dealt with markets outside Poland for many years, which is an asset in building new markets for Żabka Group. Her knowledge of consumer needs and the convenience area has contributed to building the Group’s success in Poland.

    Wojciech Krok, as a new member of the Management Board, brings experience backed by numerous achievements in the digital and technological areas, which are key to the Group’s operations. He previously created and developed the Żabka Jush and delio services. Recently, he started the process of consolidating external digital solutions for franchisees and customers. He has extensive experience in leading large teams, which he has used successfully within the Żabka Group for several years.

    The Żabka Group is an extension of the activities of the Żabka brand, formerly known as a convenience store chain. As part of the implementation of the multi-directional development strategy, the structure was based on specialised units, such as Żabka Polska or Żabka Future, supported by central and strategic functions. Such an organisation makes it possible to concentrate competencies and responsibilities in clearly defined and specialised teams. One dimension of multidirectional growth was the inclusion of new entities in the Group’s physical channels and digital channels, i.e. Maczfit and Dietly. Thanks to the technological transformation, innovative concepts developed: q-commerce Żabka Jush and Żabka Nano, which is Europe’s largest chain of autonomous shops.

    The Group led by Tomasz Suchanski in the role of CEO invariably comprises Żabka Polska, for which the Executive Vice President, Managing Director Adam Manikowski, is responsible, as well as the areas operating from 2021: Human Resources Strategy, headed by Jolanta Bańczerowska in her role as Member of the Management Board, Chief People Officer, and Financial Strategy, headed by Marta Wrochna-Łastowska, Member of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer.

    The expanded organisational structure will help manage the expansion of Żabka Group even better in new areas, and the new functions have been entrusted to people whose many years of experience and broad competence have contributed to the development of the organisation and are a guarantee of further success.

    Today, Żabka Group is a modern convenience ecosystem, and with more than 10,000 stores, digital solutions, and an extensive catering offer with door-to-door delivery and services used by more than 3 million customers every day, it is one of the most dynamically growing organisations in Europe.

    More information on

    Every year, 100 GOCC Gold Hearts are auctioned during the finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The heart with the number 1 is considered to be the most valuable one and it was the one auctioned by Żabka Group for PLN 1,050,000. Participation in the auction was the crowning achievement of the company’s long-standing commitment to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, as well as highlighting the Group’s 25th anniversary celebrated last year. In addition, the motto of this year’s 32nd Finale was: ‚Post-pandemic lungs. We play for kids and adults alike!‘, and it was our goal to support pulmonology wards and provide them with the right equipment to fight the effects of the pandemic. From the very beginning of the outbreak of the pandemic, the Żabka Group became heavily involved in activities to increase the safety of its customers, franchisees and employees, as well as providing large-scale support for Polish hospitals in the fight against COVID-19. In total, we donated more than PLN 1,000,000 for these activities at the time. The Golden Heart of this year’s campaign is therefore a kind of symbol of social commitment for the chain.

    The Żabka Group has for years formed the most numerous staff of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Poland. Colourful GOCC collection boxes stood in over 10,000 Żabka stores. In addition, users of the mobile app were able to donate Żapps to the Foundation, and Żabu wore a special volunteer T-shirt for the occasion.

    Thanks to the commitment of its customers and franchisees, the company donated a total of more than PLN 1,300,000 to the 32nd GOCC Finale.

    On the day of the 32nd Finale, i.e. January 28, this year, the chain’s franchisees also organised a ‚Warm up Volunteer‘ campaign, which included free hot drinks for all fundraisers. In total, the company handed out nearly 35,000 teas, coffees and hot chocolates. This means that every third Volunteer in Poland was hosted by Żabka. They were most willing to treat themselves to coffee with milk (over 12 thousand drinks collected), hot chocolate (over 7.7 thousand) and cafe lattes (over 5.6 thousand).

    Employees of Żabka Group cleaned the park in the area of the Regional Hospital in Poznań. The action took place on Tuesday, July 25, and was another initiative of the company as part of employee volunteering. For Żabka, social engagement is not just words, but also concrete actions.

    Daily, the green area serves both patients and medical staff as a place for therapeutic activities and an outdoor rest area. Thanks to volunteers, the park regained its former charm.

    Being in a friendly environment, e.g. in nature, is an important element in the therapeutic process of our patients, as well as a moment of rest for our employees, so we decided to revitalize the park belonging to our Hospital. The first step is a thorough cleaning up of the area, where we are supported by volunteers, and employees of Żabka Group, for which we are very grateful – says Piotr Nowicki, Director of the Regional Hospital in Poznań.

    Żabka Group is developing sustainably and responsibly. It focuses on people and their needs, while not forgetting the shared responsibility for the environment and the immediate surroundings. In 2021, the company revised its approach to social engagement, defining areas that are important to local communities and emphasizing activities that contribute to real and long-term change. Not only does it create opportunities for volunteering for workers, but it also encourages them to look on their own for local initiatives that they can support.

    Each employee in our company can use up to 8 hours per month for employee volunteering. We are very happy to employ people for whom social assistance and engagement are as important as they are for us. Together, we go out into local communities and look for spaces where our skills, time, energy, and zeal can turn into something good. That is why we have been involved in helping the Regional Hospital in Poznań – says Katarzyna Przewęzikowska, Manager of the External Relations and CSR Team.

    The action in the Regional Hospital in Poznań lasted 3 hours. Finally, in a green corner, some benches complement the initial arrangement of the area. This was another initiative of Żabka Group within the framework of employee volunteering. Since the beginning of the year, the company’s representatives have been involved in planting trees, cleaning the world, caring for animals in the shelter, or in charity collection for refugees from Ukraine.

    Good composition and excellent taste do not have to be mutually exclusive. The new food program „Porcja DobreGO!” from Żabka is aimed at making good nutrition easier. The chain offers well-balanced ready meals and snacks that not only respond to different taste preferences but are also adapted to different lifestyles. Analyzing the trends and expectations of consumers regarding rational nutrition and at the same time their anxieties related to insufficient knowledge or lack of time, Żabka wants to provide them with easy access to good, ready-made meals from a rich portfolio of private labels. All in cooperation with a qualified nutritionist.

    Żabka stores are visited by about 3 million customers every day. Many of them associate good nutrition with the labor-intensive process of preparing and planning meals. The „Porcja DobreGO!” program is designed to change this perspective. Tasty and healthy food can now be at your fingertips, also when it comes to the category of ready meals, which according to our research are purchased by 70% of adult Poles. The initiative follows a new approach to good nutrition that the chain defined in 2022. After the pandemic and in the face of rising inflation, fewer and fewer people are choosing to „eat in restaurants“, so the popularity of ready meals is increasing. Being aware of this, the chain wants to offer its customers full-fledged products that they can reach for regularly. Thanks to this, the consumer no longer has to think about how to eat tasty and healthy, because the Żabka did it FOR Them.

    Tasty and for every occasion

    Dishes and snacks marked with a special sticker „Porcja DobreGO!“, selected from the range of private labels, are distinguished by the highest quality in all aspects. Each product covered by the program is carefully selected, taking into account the knowledge of the dietician and the various consumer habits. The mission of good nutrition also includes the portions of the product themselves – which in terms of volume and composition constitute a full-fledged meal for every occasion. In this way, access to good food and a change of diet on own terms with the Żabka chain becomes extremely easy.

    Good food should not be difficult to access or time-consuming. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy fully-fledged meals that fit their expectations and circumstances. We would also like to confirm that ecology understood through sustainable food is one of the pillars of our activity and fits into all the chain’s development plans. Initiatives such as the „Porcja DobreGO!” program are designed to make life easier for our customers without increasing our negative environmental impact. We know that we are on the verge of a global food transformation, and the Żabka wants to be always where the needs of consumers are”. –  says Anna Grabowska, Executive Vice President of the Management Board, Chief Commercial Officer of the Żabka Group.

    Good composition, good taste – just „Porcja DobreGO!”

    Żabka consistently strives to develop its private label segment. It works with both the largest suppliers of ingredients and finished products, as well as with small local producers. It watches over ingredients, recipes, and the production process. „Porcja DobreGO!“ is another step of this strategy – the program offer includes products from all the private label brands available in the Żabka chain – Plant Hunter, Shamamm, Tomcio Paluch, or Dobra Karma.

    „Most of us are aware that rational nutrition affects our health, condition, and well-being. On the one hand, we try to listen to the advice of nutritionists, experts, and specialists, but every next tip introduces us to even more information confusion – we do not know exactly what products to choose at the store shelf, how to prepare tasty meals on their basis and how to compose a daily menu to provide all the necessary nutrients – says Agnieszka Piskała-Topczewska, nutritionist, Good Nutrition Manager in the Żabka Group. – That’s why the Żabka chain makes good nutrition much easier. In our private label range, we find products in which „tasty“ and „healthy“ are not in opposition, we took care of the best quality of ingredients, their proper proportions in ready meals, nutritional and health benefits, which are increasingly expected from ready-made products. Although we are different, we like different tastes, and we have different eating habits and beliefs, today the Żabka connects everyone at one table with the common denominator, which is „Porcja DobreGO!” – she adds.

    As the program continues, more and more products with the indication „Porcja DobreGO!” will appear in the Żabka stores. The key to their choice is the Nutri-Score system, which is located on 100% of the private label products. It communicates the nutritional profile of a meal and is excellent navigation for the intuitive balancing of the daily menu. Meals and snacks with a special sticker have the highest possible scores, namely Nutri-Score A and B. Among the currently available options, for those looking for a quick breakfast, the Tomcio Paluch sandwich with leek and egg in two versions – cooked and in the form of paste will be perfect. In turn, it is worth betting on filling and aromatic Shamm soups, e.g. tomato cream with cream or Ukrainian borscht, during lunchtime. Whether you prefer light vegetarian dishes or perhaps meat meals, the offer will include ready-made main dishes – Caesar salad or pasta with juicy chicken, as well as falafel from the Good Karma brand. For fans of more classic items, the traditional Russian dumplings Shamamm will work. The whole is complemented by appetizers in the form of cashew nuts and HAPS! almonds.

    The initiative started on July 5 with the action „Spróbuj DobreGO!” and will last until August 29, accompanied by an extensive 360 degrees campaign. To make it easier for customers to recognize the dishes and snacks present in the program, selected of them are marked with a special sticker. For holders of the mobile app Żappka – products are available at a promotional price – more than 25% cheaper.

    Good nutrition in every aspect, for every occasion and lifestyle – it is just „Porcja DobreGO!”.

    Żabka Group is a modern ecosystem, which for 25 years has been accompanying customers at every moment of the day, making their life easier and freeing their time. It offers products and services tailored to their needs, focusing on Quick Meal and Food to Go solutions. With digitalization, it is able to continuously improve, creating innovative services, new sales channels and technological tools of the future. In its comprehensive Responsibility Strategy (ESG), Żabka Group demonstrates its commitment to creating a more sustainable lifestyle for all, while minimizing its environmental impact throughout the value chain. The Group’s actions have a real impact on the development of the Polish economy – in 2022, the total amount of value added generated by Żabka Group and its co-operating franchisees amounted to as much as PLN 7 billion, which is 31% more than in 2021.

    A summary of the actions taken by Żabka Group can be found in the fifth Responsibility Report „Comfortably and Responsibly“, which has just been published. The publication contains many examples that illustrate the actions taken by the Group in 2022.

    Our Responsibility Strategy is closely integrated with our business strategy, and our main goal is to strive to make our customers‘ daily choices simpler and more convenient, while at the same time being more environmentally friendly. So we’re doing a lot of work to positively impact our environment and be part of a real change for the better. We support local entrepreneurship and establish cooperation with cities, such as Bydgoszcz, where we test the circular economy system. In addition, we have opened the first store in Poland combining technology with more environmentally friendly solutions – Żabka Eko Smart. We have also received the EQUAL-SALARY certificate, and according to the Gallup Institute, we are among the 23% of the best companies in the world that create one of the most engaging workplaces. In line with our strategic commitment, we increase our transparency by regularly undergoing external reviews and verifications in the ESG area – says Anna Grabowska, Executive Vice President of the Management Board, Chief Commercial Officer of Żabka Group.

    Żabka Group with a real impact on the economy and society

    Żabka is the fastest growing chain of modern convenience in Central and Eastern Europe – it comprises more than 9,000 stores, run by more than 8,000 franchisees. Żabka is also the largest chain of autonomous stores in Europe – with about 50 Żabka Nano facilities. The Group also includes Maczfit, Dietly, Delio and Żabka Jush. The scope and scale of the activities of Żabka Group and franchisees has a significant impact on the Polish economy, as illustrated by the amount of value added (VA), which amounted to PLN 7 billion in 2022 (compared to PLN 5.3 billion in 2021). This figure is equal to the amount that would be sufficient to finance the renovation of approximately 12,700 km of national roads.

    Żabka Group and franchisees cooperating with it also influence the labour market, maintaining over 56,400 jobs last year – a 24% increase compared to 2021 (45,400) and a 55% increase compared to 2020 (36,500). This positive impact in the area of employment is felt in all sectors of the Polish economy. The total number of jobs maintained last year is approximately equal to the total number of inhabitants of Swarzędz and Jarocin (Greater Poland Voivodship).

    Żabka boosted sales of own brand products promoting sustainable lifestyles

    In 2020 Żabka pledged to double the sales of its own brand products promoting a sustainable lifestyle by 2025. Thanks to the measures taken, such as a reformulation program, promoting a plant-based diet, eliminating palm oil from own brand products and branded products certified by the RSPO, Żabka achieved this goal two years ahead of the planned date. Therefore, in 2022, the chain redefined its approach to good nutrition and identified four aspects that it wants to focus on in the coming years. The new objectives include the promotion of products that have a high Nutri-Score rating, products of plant origin, with a so-called clean label or health or food labels in accordance with EU guidelines.

    In 2022, the 100% Nutri-Score system was also a significant step forward to help customers make informed purchasing decisions. Nearly half (45%) of Żabka’s own-brand products received high marks and this percentage is still increasing. In addition, yellow versions of ready-made dishes from Szamamm brand provide as much as 2/5 of the suggested daily dose of vegetables.

    Żabka collaborates with cities

    Żabka not only supports local entrepreneurship, but also develops partnerships with cities. As part of the „Green Renewal“ project, implemented in cooperation with the Bydgoszcz City Hall, residents can donate disposable beverage packaging in all stores of Żabka, and there are more than 120 of them in the city. The collected raw material is used to create new packaging, so less waste ends up in landfills. The pilot project also aims to raise environmental awareness among consumers and develop the habit of returning plastic and metal beverage containers just as glass bottles are currently returned. Due in part to such initiatives, in 2022 Żabka achieved plastic neutrality for its own brand products. At the same time, the chain is already very close to achieving another target – by the end of 2025, it wants 100% of own brand products packaging to come from recycling, and be recyclable. By 2022, the company had already achieved this target at the level of 94%.

    Żabka Eko Smart, an eco-friendly innovation laboratory

    In 2022, Żabka opened its first Eko Smart store in Poznań, a laboratory of innovative solutions that are more environmentally friendly, enriched with solutions that facilitate the work of franchisees and their employees. Żabka Eko Smart uses one of the world’s first installations based on perovskite cells – this breakthrough technology has created price displays, so-called price tags, and shutters producing electricity. The facility is equipped with remote lighting management and Smart Shop Control systems, and next to the coffee stand there are tiles made of moss and coffee husks. Lockable, insulated with hemp mats, refrigerators allow for a great energy saving, just like glycol-filled shelves in the cooling cabinet.

    More information about Żabka Eko Smart, which is already open in Poznań and Łódź, can be found at:

    Żabka is one of the most engaging workplaces

    For years, Żabka Group has been consistently building an organizational culture based on values, taking care of its employees and their development. It is a place where every person employed is valued, respected and able to realize their full potential – regardless of who they are. The group ensures that all employees are equally remunerated for work of equal value and influence on the organization, as confirmed by the certificate of equal pay awarded by the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation, a Swiss foundation studying equal pay in companies. Żabka Polska is the first Polish company with this distinction based on the UN guidelines and recognized by the European Commission. The certificate strengthens the position of the company among the best employers, who not only speak about their commitment to equality, but also demonstrate this commitment through real action.

    Today, Żabka Group is also one of the most unique workplaces in the world – according to the Gallup Institute survey, it was among the 23% of the best companies in the world, which create one of the most engaging workplaces. Dynamic growth and large-scale expansion is impossible without committed teams and strong leaders, so continuously increasing the level of employee engagement is one of the company’s strategic goals.

    Responsibility Report for 2022

    The report „Comfortably and Responsibly“ is already the fifth Responsibility Report prepared by the company. The information contained in the publication summarizes the important results and selected activities carried out by Żabka Group in support of the implementation of the Responsibility Strategy in 2022. The information contained in the report is grouped into 4 strategic pillars: Pillar 01 – Sustainable lifestyle, Pillar 02 – Mindful business impact, Pillar 03 – Responsible organization and Pillar 04 – Green planet. The results of the activities were presented in a transparent manner and presented in the tables with results, as well as in the context of selected activities undertaken by the Group in the area of sustainable development and responsible business.

    The publication has been prepared in accordance with the latest standards of non-financial reporting of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). At the same time, the report includes climate disclosures, which follow the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFDs), and a value model based on the recommendations of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). In addition, the report includes information on reporting on the activities to implement the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, in accordance with the guidelines of the Communication on Progress (CoP), the recommendations contained in the publication of the World Economic Forum – Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism: Towards Common Metrics and Consistent Reporting of Sustainable Value Creation and information on the organization’s contribution to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The report has once again been subject to independent, external verification.

    Żabka Group Responsibility Report for 2022 is available electronically:

    Tomasz Suchański, President of the Management Board of the Żabka Group, was a winner of Hermes Handlowy in the Personality of FMCG category. This is an award granted by the monthly magazine „Poradnik Handlowca“ to outstanding representatives of the FMCG industry in Poland.

    The award to Tomasz Suchański coincided with the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Żabka chain of stores. Żabka is a leader in convenience – for 25 years it has participated in the construction of this sector in Poland, being close to customers and their needs. The mission of Żabka is to simplify life for customers and offer them convenient, comprehensive solutions. The chain already works with more than 8 000 franchisees, supporting entrepreneurship and creating more than 56 000 jobs.

    The President of the Management Board of Żabka Group received the statuette during the ceremonial Gala, which took place during the 23rd Spring National Meeting of the Leading Figures of FMCG and HoReCa World in Poznań. The conference was attended by leading representatives of the FMCG world: top managers of foreign and domestic producers, CEOs and members of the management of retail chains, representatives of wholesale distributors, and CEOs of trade organizations.

    As the organizers of the competition emphasize, the mission of the „Poradnik Handlowca” and „Poradnik Restauratora”  has been for years supporting independent traders and restaurateurs, as well as distinguishing those who by their attitude give an example to others, achieving not only sales successes in trade or catering, but also realizing extremely important social and ethical missions.

    Żabka received three awards in the prestigious competition for the best grocery stores in Poland – Market of the Year 2023. The jury awarded the chain with prizes in the following categories: Small Format, Most Innovative Concept, and Best Franchise Concept. In the Retail Business Awards poll, which is a joint project of Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze and Business Center Club, the jury also decided to award the prize to Tomasz Blicharski. The Executive Vice President of the Management Board of Żabka Group, Managing Director of Żabka Future received the award in the category of Visionary of Retail Business.

    The Market of the Year 2023 and Retail Business Awards ceremony took place on May 25, during the Retail Trends 2023 Congress organized by Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze.

    Market of the Year is a prestigious poll for the best food stores in Poland. Every year, in several categories, individual stores and retail chains fight for this title. The winners are selected by a jury composed of top managers of major food companies, representatives of research institutes, and industry organizations.

    As part of this year’s Market of the Year, Żabka received the award in the category Small Format for „being synonymous with a small store, combined with continuous improvement of the concept, setting new standards for the convenience market and being a benchmark for all commercial rivals not only within one format“.

    The jury also praised Żabka for the concept of Żabka Nano. The chain received the award for Most Innovative Concept ‚for having created the largest chain of unmanned stores in Europe, and soon to be the largest in the world while taking care not only of the technological facilities but also of the financial indicators of the project‘.

    Żabka, according to the judges, is also the Best Franchise Concept. The judges appreciated Żabka for „becoming the largest retail chain in Poland in the last year, with the simultaneous emphasis on technology development and innovation, which translates into benefits for franchisees“.

    During the gala organized at the MCC Mazurkas Conference Center & Hotel in Ożarów Mazowiecki, near Warsaw, also the results were announced of the Retail Business Awards poll, in which Tomasz Blicharski was awarded the prize in the Visionary of Retail Business category. According to the jury, the executive vice-president of the management board of Żabka Group, managing director of Żabka Future, is „a manager who understands current and anticipates upcoming changes and his business decisions shape the face of the sector and set the direction of the industry development“.

    Retail Business Awards are prestigious business awards for companies from the retail and wholesale sectors in Poland. The statuettes are awarded to companies and their managers for real actions that create real value for business partners, suppliers, employees, local communities, and consumers, as well as the economy and environment.

    Żabka eröffnet ein mit intelligenten Lösungen angereichertes Öko-Innovationslabor. Żabka Eko Smart verfügt über eine der weltweit ersten Perowskit-Installationen – mit dieser bahnbrechenden Technologie wurden Preisschilder und Perowskit-Zellenraster geschaffen. Der Laden wurde mit Fernsteuerungssystemen für die Beleuchtung und die Ladeneinrichtung (Smart Shop Control) ausgestattet, und am Kaffeestand wurden Fliesen aus Kaffeesatz und Kaffeeschalen verlegt. Verschließbare, mit Hanfsamen-Matten isolierte Kühlschränke sparen viel Energie, ebenso wie die mit Glykol gefüllten Regale in der Gefriertruhe. Żabka plant, in Kürze drei weitere Geschäfte dieser Art in verschiedenen Teilen des Landes zu eröffnen.

    Das neue Geschäft ist Teil der Verantwortungsstrategie der Żabka-Gruppe, zu deren wichtigsten Bereichen die Sorge um die Umwelt gehört. Dazu gehören das Erreichen der Klimaneutralität bis Ende 2025 und die Reduzierung der Emissionsintensität in den Geschäften um 70 % bis Ende 2026 sowie die Steigerung der Zufriedenheit der Franchisenehmer mit der Kette. Żabka Eko Smart ist die Fortsetzung eines Projekts, das seit 2020 umgesetzt wird, als die Kette ihr erstes zu 100 % mit grüner Energie betriebenes Geschäft in der Lewandów-Straße in Warschau eröffnete. Die Warschauer Außenstelle hat den Charakter eines Labors, in dem Żabka – oft als erstes Unternehmen der Welt – fast 20 umweltfreundliche Lösungen testet, die zeigen, in welche Richtung sich die Zukunft des Handels entwickeln wird. Ein  weiterer Schritt war die Einrichtung von Żabka Smart in der Półwiejska-Straße in Poznań im April 2022, wo neue technologische Lösungen zur Verbesserung der Arbeit von Franchisenehmern erforscht werden. Die Kette verbindet und bereichert beide Projekte – Es wird Żabka Eko Smart, mit dem Sitz in Poznań in der Powstańców Wielkopolskich Straße 2, gegründet.

    Auf der Grundlage der Erfahrungen aus den in unserem Labor in Warschau durchgeführten Pilotprogrammen haben wir neue Lösungen für das Netz eingeführt, die die Treibhausgasemissionen um mehr als 1 300 t CO₂ und den Stromverbrauch um fast 261 MWh reduziert haben. Wir treten derzeit in die nächste Phase des Projekts ein und führen Żabka Eko Smart ein, die erste Filiale in Polen, in der wir ökologische Aspekte mit modernen technologischen Lösungen verbinden, um die Arbeit der Franchisenehmer und ihrer Mitarbeiter zu verbessern. Indem wir neue Lösungen präsentieren, ermutigen wir auch die Kunden, ein völlig neues Einkaufserlebnis zu erfahren. Wir hoffen, dass wir auf diese Weise ihre Neugierde weiter wecken und sie zu umweltfreundlichem Handeln ermutigen können, sagt Anna Grabowska, stellvertretende Vorstandsvorsitzende für Verbraucherstrategien von Żabka Gruppe.

    Die in Żabka Eko Smart angewandten intelligenten Lösungen sind nicht nur energieeffizient, sondern verbessern erheblich auch die tägliche Arbeit des Franchisenehmers und des Ladenpersonals. 

    Sie „kommunizieren“ mit dem Franchisenehmer und den Verkäufern und „führen“ bestimmte Tätigkeiten in der Filiale aus. Technologie zastosowane w Żabce Eko Smart skupiają się wokół pięciu kluczowych kategorii: zielona energia, drugie życie, czyste powietrze, zielony transport oraz smart rozwiązania.  Sensoren für Wasserschäden, automatische Temperaturmessung in den Geschäften und Energiemessung sparen ihre Zeit, ermöglichen es ihnen, sich auf den Kundenservice zu konzentrieren und sind umweltfreundlich. Dies ist ein weiterer Schritt bei der Umsetzung der Franchise-Strategie, nach der Żabka innovative Lösungen entwickelt, um Unternehmern bei der Führung lokaler Geschäfte zu helfen, und dies auf möglichst umweltfreundliche Weise. Ohne die gute Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadt Poznań und dem städtischen Denkmalpfleger wäre es nicht möglich, unsere Ziele zu verwirklichen. Dank der Offenheit der Behörden für Innovationen und umweltfreundliche Lösungen können unsere Kunden, die Franchisenehmer von Żabka Eko Smart und ihre Mitarbeiter unsere Ideen in der Praxis testen, sagt Adam Manikowski, stellvertretender Vorstandsvorsitzender und Geschäftsführer von Żabka Polska.

    Die in Żabka Eko Smart eingesetzten Technologien konzentrieren sich auf fünf Schlüsselkategorien: grüne Energie, zweites Leben, saubere Luft, grüner Transport und intelligente Lösungen.

    Grüne Energie

    Die von Żabka Eko Smart in Poznań verwendete Energie stammt zu 100% aus erneuerbaren Quellen. Die Anlage verfügt über eine der ersten Perowskit-Installationen der Welt. Dabei handelt es sich um eine bahnbrechende Fotovoltaiktechnologie, die aus Sonnen- und Kunstlicht grüne Energie erzeugt. Eine Wand des Gebäudes wurde mit Jalousien verkleidet, und in der Verkaufsstelle wurden Preisleisten, Preisschilder, angebracht, um weiteres Papier zu sparen. Außerdem wurden fünfzehn Photovoltaikmodule auf dem Dach des Ladens installiert.

    Der Laden verfügt über moderne, verschließbare Kühlschränke, die den Energiebedarf für die Kühlung der Waren reduzieren und deren Isolierung aus Hanfmatten sehr gute thermische Eigenschaften aufweist. Dies ist eine vielversprechende Alternative zu dem üblicherweise verwendeten Polyurethanschaum, da Hanf – als natürliches Material – vollständig biologisch abbaubar ist. Die im Inneren der Kühltruhen installierten Glykolregale sind mit Glykol gefüllt, wodurch die Kälte gespeichert und in den kritischsten Momenten des Betriebs des Geräts wieder abgegeben werden kann, was die Sicherheit der gelagerten Produkte bei externen Störungen erhöht.

    Die Kunden können auch direkt von grüner Energie profitieren – vor dem Geschäft wurde eine Solarbank aufgestellt, an der sie ihr Handy aufladen können.

    Zweites Leben

    Die Wand neben der Kaffeemaschine war mit Fliesen aus Kaffeesatz und Kaffeeschalen, einem Abfallprodukt aus der Röst- und Brühphase des Kaffees, in Kombination mit Harz verkleidet.

    Vor dem Żabka Eko Smart in Poznań war der EKOmat, ein Gerät zum Sammeln von Flaschen und Getränkedosen, nicht zu übersehen. Die auf diese Weise gesammelten leeren Verpackungen werden zur Herstellung neuer Verpackungen für die Żabka-Eigenmarken (z. B. Od nowa, Dobra Karma, Foodini) verwendet, die einen um 33 % geringeren CO2-Fußabdruck hinterlassen als herkömmliche Verpackungen. Żabka hat mit Hilfe von EKOmatics bereits 600.000 Flaschen gesammelt.

    Żabka hat auch die Franchisenehmer und ihre Mitarbeiter nicht vergessen, für die T-Shirts aus 100 % Bio-Baumwolle, gefärbt mit zertifizierten Bio-Farben, hergestellt wurden.

    Saubere Luft

    Um die Menge an Staub und Schadstoffen, die in die Atmosphäre gelangen, zu verringern, wurde eine der Wände des Gebäudes, in dem sich der Żabka Eko Smart-Laden befindet, mit Pflanzen bedeckt. Sie produzieren nicht nur Sauerstoff, sondern absorbieren auch Staub und schädliche Stoffe aus der Luft. Insgesamt wurden 532 Pflanzen in 280 Töpfe gepflanzt.

    Der Effekt der Schadstoffbeseitigung wird durch den neben dem Gebäude verlegten Anti-Smog-Pflasterbelag noch verstärkt, der – im Vergleich zu Asphalt – die Konzentration von Stickoxiden in der Luft um durchschnittlich rund 50 Prozent reduziert.

    Grüner Transport

    Das Netz vergisst auch die Radfahrer nicht. Ein Fahrradständer ermöglicht es Ihnen, Ihr Fahrrad sicher vor dem Geschäft abzustellen, und eine Fahrradreparaturstation neben der Verkaufsstelle ermöglicht es, Bremsen und Kettenschaltungen schnell einzustellen, Räder aufzupumpen und Notreparaturen durchzuführen.

    Smart Żabka

    Die in der Filiale eingesetzten intelligenten Lösungen „kommunizieren“ mit dem Franchisenehmer und dem Verkaufspersonal und „führen“ bestimmte Tätigkeiten in der Filiale aus. Dank der Beschallungsanlage erhält das Ladenpersonal Durchsagen über mögliche Störungen oder Informationen über Situationen, die ein menschliches Eingreifen erfordern, z. B. wenn in der Kaffeemaschine der Kaffee ausgeht. Im Rahmen des Smart Shop Control and Hybrid System passt sich die Temperatur im Laden dank geeigneter Sensoren automatisch an die aktuellen atmosphärischen Bedingungen an, die Messung des Energieverbrauchs und die Integration zwischen den Systemen ermöglicht die Überprüfung des korrekten Betriebs der Anlagen, und die Überflutungssensoren erkennen Fehler in den Kühlanlagen, was letztendlich die Kosten und die Ausfallzeiten des Ladens reduziert.

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