Green and sustainable living for everyone, every day

    Tomasz Suchański
    CEO of Żabka Group

    A ‘glimpse in time’ of our
    sustainability journey

    Responsibility is a part of DNA of the Żabka Group. We want our actions to not only simplifying our customers’ life, but also make a positive impact on our stakeholders, the environment they operate, local communities, and ultimately, our planet.

    We want to make sustainable choices simple and convenient for customers and positive for our planet. We promote creating value over the long term, in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner. In order to be able to live up to these ambitions, we implemented a comprehensive Responsibility Strategy (ESG), which is made up of four pillars. Each of these describes the areas of our activities, as well as the quantitative and qualitative targets through which we are approaching the accomplishment of our mission.

    Anna Grabowska
    EVP, Managing Director
    of Żabka International

    To show that our Responsibility Strategy is not just words, but also comprises concrete actions, we have prepared the fifth Responsibility Report of Żabka Group, which summarizes the initiatives and results delivered in 2022

    Leadership on ESG Strategy

    Jolanta Bańczerowska

    Chief People Officer (CPO)
    of Żabka Group

    According to the Gallup Institute’s survey, in 2022 we were ranked among the 23% top employers in the world with the most engaging organisational culture.

    Tomasz Blicharski

    EVP, Chief Strategy &
    Development Officer

    We expand and complement our ecosystem of solutions that our customers may take advantage of at different moments of their everyday lives.

    Anna Grabowska

    EVP, Managing Director
    of Żabka International

    We have opened Żabka Eko Smart stores, where we test solutions combining ecology with the latest technology.

    Adam Manikowski PhD

    EVP, Managing Director
    of Żabka Polska

    We place great emphasis on developing long-term relationships based on cooperation and trust – 65% of our franchisees stay with us for more than three years and our NPS score increased by 13 points during 2022.

    Marta Wrochna-Łastowska

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    of Żabka Group

    In 2022 we signed six financial agreements that include a margin that’s dependent on the achievement of our ESG targets, including those relating to our decarbonisation plan endorsed by the SBTi.

    4 pillars of Żabka Group’s responsibility strategy

    01 Sustainable lifestyle

    We make it easy for customers to change their habits for better — for them and the planet.

    Our contribution

    Our efforts in this area can be divided into three main areas of impact:

    02 Mindful business impact

    We make impact on entrepreneurs and local communities to drive positive change.

    Our contribution

    Our work in this area can be divided into three main areas of impact:

    03 Responsible organisation

    We shape a purpose-led trusted organisation of empowered people.

    Our contribution

    Our work in this area can be divided into three main areas of impact:

    04 Green planet

    We minimise our environmental impact across the whole value chain.

    Our contribution

    Our work in this area can be divided into two main areas of impact:

    Aiming to implement the ESG strategy, we are undertaking
    the following activities:


    In line with our strategic commitment, we enhance our transparency and credibility by regular external verifications in the area of responsible management (ESG). We make every effort to work with entities that are recognizable and have transparent methodologies. Our ambitious Responsibility Strategy and the actions that bring us closer to achieving it have been recognized, confirming our contribution and positive impact on our customers, employees, business partners and local communities.

    See the full list

    ESG Report

    Publishing the ESG report of Żabka Group supports one of its values which is an openness and enhance its transparency. We are committed to the communication with various groups of stakeholders and therefore we are continuously improving our sustainability reporting process. The summary of our actions taken in the area of ESG performance in following years are presented in our reports.


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