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    Żabka intră în lumea Fortnite

    Żabka intră în lumea Fortnite

    Given global trends and the growing importance of gaming as a channel to communicate with customers, Żabka’s presence in the Fortnite world is no coincidence. Today, the platform brings together almost 400 million gamers around the world, and many iconic brands target the young generation with their products. We could not miss it either –emphasises Sebastian Szaraniec, Marketing Communication & Innovation Director at Żabka Polska.

    Compete and learn about the legends of Poznań

    The way to face the tasks prepared by Żabka in the Fortnite world is extremely simple. All you have to do is take on the challenges prepared in the learning experience „Story Hunt: Poznan”. The player will have to help find one of the two goats after it gets lost in a crowd of tourists visiting the city. The animals are known from a local legend. The player will also encounter several other tasks in the game. One of them will be related to Żabka and will be handed over by Żabu, a virtual frog known from the game available on Żappka app. The challenge is based on an exciting race through the streets of virtual Poznań – the city where one of the largest convenience store chains was established over 25 years ago. While traversing the virtual streets of Poznań’s Old Town, the player will be faced with the task of winning as many virtual żapps as possible in the shortest possible time. On the route of the race, in addition to charming tenement houses and shops modelled on Żabka stores from the real world, the player will also meet people trying to thwart his or her plans to achieve the goal of the game. Other buildings, such as the company headquarters, will also appear on the map of the challenge.

    In addition to the race, players from all over the world will be introduced to elements of the history of Poland and of Poznań itself. Those who take on the challenges of „Story Hunt: Poznan” will learn about the history of the first king of Poland, as well as the well-known regional delicacy, the St. Martin’s croissant (Rogal świętomarciński). They will also come face to face with the evil cook Bartholomew.

    The realisation was prepared by Realtime Squad, a studio originating from the capital of Greater Poland and specialising in creating maps and challenges for Fortnite.

    When creating the virtual world of Poznań, we were guided by the vision of creating a place to reflect how we see and perceive the history and culture of this unique city. Our goal was to create an engaging, interactive story to entertain players while allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the history of Poznań. We welcome the opportunity to showcase the beauty of Poznań to a wider audience. We want the virtual replica of the city we are creating to be a place also for those who have contributed to its development. We think it is important to give recognition to companies that have developed in the local community and thus built it up. That is why we are very pleased to be working with Żabka, whose roots grow out of Poznań, and we are looking forward to presenting it on our virtual patch of land Realtime Squad points out.

    Communication in tandem with new technologies

    The placement of Żabka in Fortnite is not the only example of the strong involvement of new technologies in the company’s communication activities. In the last few months alone, lovers of virtual games have been given the chance to compete in competitions that await them in Żabu game available in Żappka app, or the game with educational elements „Żabka Run: Porcja DobreGO!” prepared as part of the „Porcja DobreGO!” nutrition programme on the Roblox platform.

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