09 Aug 2022 10:29AM

    90 seasonal stores of the Żabka chain operate in tourist destinations

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    90 seasonal stores of the Żabka chain operate in tourist destinations

    During this year’s summer holiday season, Żabka has launched 90 seasonal stores, most of which operate in coastal tourist destinations. This year, seasonal Żabka stores were created for the first time in the Baltic villages of Trzęsacz, Bobolin and Dąbki (all in West Pomeranian Voivodeship), as well as over the bays Siemianówka in Nowa Łuka (Podlaskie Voivodeship) and Sielpia in Sielpia Wielka (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship). Stores in this concept also operate on lakes, e.g. Mikołajskie in Mikołajki (Warmia-Masuria Voivodeship) or Białe in Okuninka (Lublin Voivodeship). These are both stationary facilities and those located in special pavilions. They not only provide convenience for tourists, giving them permanent access to the products and services offered by the chain, but also the possibility of additional development and income for franchisees, who run stores in standard locations daily.

    The first modular seasonal Żabka stores were established in 2016 by the sea – in Międzywodzie and Międzyzdroje. From the beginning, they are very well perceived by customers and franchisees cooperating with the chain, which is why every year Żabka develops this concept – this year launching as many as 26 modular seasonal stores and 64 stationary stores, also operating seasonally. Most of them can be found in resorts on the Baltic Sea.

    Modular facilities are comfortable and safe shopping points, fully air-conditioned so that our customers – on the way to the beach or during the walk – can make daily, quick shopping. To ensure their convenience in seasonal stores, we also increased the number of deliveries – they are carried out daily, 7 days a week, and in some locations even twice a day. In part of the locations, we also increased the number of checkouts and launched additional mobile checkouts – says Przemysław Kijewski, COO in Żabka Polska.

    More and more seasonal Żabka stores over lakes and bays

    The chain develops the concept by opening further seasonal outlets also on the lakes – they operate in Jedwabno, Mikołajki, Ruciane Nida (all in the Warmia-Masuria Voivodeship), and Okuninka and Zwierzyniec (both in Lublin Voivodeship). This year, the seasonal Żabka stores also visited for the first time tourist destinations located on bays. They can be found in Sielpia Wielka on the Sielpia bay (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship) and in Nowa Łuka on the Siemianówka bay (Podlaskie Voivodeship). To be as close as possible to customers, also during holidays, the Żabka chain is constantly searching for more attractive locations.

    Running a seasonal Żabka store in a summer tourist destination is a completely new but very interesting challenge for me. Agritourism has recently been blossoming in the Siemianówka bay, so in the store in Nowa Łuka we have many customers – young people, families with children, elderly people. Everyone is very happy that thanks to Żabka they finally have a store on site where they can find everything necessary during the holiday vacation. The location next to the beach is also attractive for the store’s employees, who can take a break by the water after their shift – says Anna Miłek, a franchisee running a seasonal store in Nowa Łuka.

    Convenience for holidaymakers, an additional opportunity for franchisees

    Seasonal stores are not only a convenience for tourists in their daily grocery shopping during their holiday but also an opportunity for additional development and income for chain-cooperating franchisees, who run a store daily in standard locations in the region. Moreover, a total of 13 stores, which were seasonal facilities, are now permanent ones. Among them, there are outlets in Charzykowy, Dziwnówek, Mielno, Niechorze, and Rewal. As a result, customers still have access to the products and services offered by Żabka, and franchisees can further develop their business with Żabka.

    As a chain, Żabka provides the franchisees running seasonal stores with a pavilion with all the equipment and enables them to operate such a point according to the chain’s standards. Franchisees, as independent entrepreneurs, make their own decisions about employment, including recruitment and possible benefits.


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