We are the ultimate convenience ecosystem in Poland

    Conveniently and Responsibly. Żabka Group summarizes implementation of the Responsibility Strategy for 2022.

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    Żabka Group is a unique worldwide workplace. We are the first Polish organization with the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award 2023

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    Already 8000 franchisees run their local businesses under the Żabka logo

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    Żabka Group is the ultimate convenience ecosystem that aims to make people’s lives easier. We accompany consumers at every moment of the day, freeing up their time through the possibility of convenient grocery shopping, have a hot meal on the go, send a package, withdraw cash or take advantage of a dietary catering with delivery. We are one of the most recognizable brands in Poland, with nearly 3 million customers using our services daily.

    Żabka Group has a tailored structure consisting of two core business units: Żabka Polska and Żabka Future which are supported by Strategic Leadership defining customer, people and finance strategy and corporate functions. Żabka Polska, focuses on retail activities and is mainly responsible for the operational and commercial aspects of the Group’s business, including the running and development of the modern physical convenience store network and the Group’s nationwide logistics network. Żabka Future, on the other hand, aims to create new businesses and is also responsible for the development of AI driven technology tools, that support the growth of the group, such as autonomous stores. The Group also includes Maczfit, which is a market-leading direct-to-consumer meal provider; Dietly.pl, a direct-to-consumer meal marketplace offering the possibility to compare, select and manage boxed meals orders throughout Poland; and Lite, e-commerce start-up, which aims to develop a rapid grocery delivery services via Jush and Delio apps.

    With over 9,400 stationary stores, door-to-door delivery and digital solutions, our products and services are always at hand and available on demand, conveniently and instantly. Our Żappka app has been downloaded by over 10 million users. Together with our 8,000 franchisees (as of 2021), we have been supporting the Polish economy and local communities since 1998. We develop entrepreneurship, promote sustainable development and participate in creating more than 45,000 jobs. 

    Żabka Group is one of the most dynamically growing organisations in Central and Eastern Europe.  

    We are the change!
    3 stages of our transformation

    At Żabka Group, we know that we owe our position as the ultimate convenience ecosystem in Poland to a fundamental transformation that resulted in a change in our business approach, which was previously based largely on intuition, and today – mainly on data. We operate in a format that puts the customer at the center, providing a fast and convenient way to meet their needs.

    Organisational structure

    The largest units within Żabka Group are Żabka Polska and Żabka Future. Within the organisational structure of Żabka Group, there is also the area of Strategy and Central Functions, which includes: Consumer Strategy, People Strategy and Financial Strategy, led by the relevant Members of the Management Board, and the Central Functions area.

    Żabka Polska manages Żabka stores and teams related to the operation of the chain from expansion, adaptation, supply chain, to assortment and communication. The area is headed by Adam Manikowski.


    The organisational unit responsible for searching and creating businesses that aim to develop Żabka Group. The area is led by Tomasz Blicharski.


    More information

    The area is comprised of teams responsible for, among others, setting the development directions of Żabka Group and developing consumer strategies (Anna Grabowska), people strategies (Jolanta Bańczerowska) and financial strategies (Marta Wrochna-Łastowska). This area is also responsible for coordination of the Legal and Corporate Departments and day-to-day administrative matters.

    The Group is completed by brands that are key to the Group’s development. Their presence in Żabka Group enables the business to better respond to changing consumer demands. They include: 

    Market-leading direct-to-consumer-meal provider, which for years has been providing Poles with delicious, balanced meals that allow them to maintain a healthy, varied diet.


    Dietly is the leading online Direct to Consumer meal marketplace and SaaS provider:


    The company responsible for the development of rapid grocery delivery services (Żabka Jush app) and e-commerce (Delio app), including the development of dark stores network serving exclusively online orders.


    The organisational structure of Żabka Group is supported by organisational units.

    Żabka Polska’s role is to carry out tasks related to logistics and warehousing of goods of key importance to the Group’s development.

    A portfolio company concentrating all activities and competences in the area of real estate investment and asset management.

    The company’s task is to purchase functioning real estate in which the operations of the Żabka Polska store chain are or could be carried out.

    The company’s task is to purchase real estate on the developer market for future expansion of the Żabka Polska chain.

    The company’s task is to implement and develop the concept of autonomous stores in places where it is not possible to open a regular Żabka store.

    The company’s task is to implement the investment of Żabka’s automated logistics center close to Radzymin near Warsaw.

    The company’s task is to advise, develop and make equity investments in new technology companies.

    With a smile in our hearts! Our management structure

    Żabka Group is managed by specialists in various fields and experienced managers, who are supported by the Supervisory Board.

    Supervisory Board

    Executive Board

    The mission of Żabka Group is to create value by making people’s lives easier

    Our values define what we want to be and how we want to act. They form a coherent and ordered system of thoughts, attitudes and behaviors, which allows us to build a team guided by the same principles.


    I have dreams that I bring to life by setting ambitious goals for myself. The persistent pursuit of these goals makes me grow as a person and creates greater shared value. This way, I am able to leave behind something lasting.


    I am an open-minded person because I have the courage and willingness to go beyond the usual schemes. With a positive attitude I see the world around me in a broad perspective. In difficult situations, I can put aside my ego and accept defeat. Out of respect for the other person, in mutual relations, I can listen with interest and empathy, I believe in good intentions and accept differences.


    Every day I build a better Żabka for my employees, co-workers, business partners and franchisees. I take actions and decisions that I am proud of. I demand full accountability from myself and support the accountability of others.


    I am dependable in the eyes of employees, co-workers, franchisees and customers. I follow rules at my work and do not avoid communicating difficulties. I am authentic by aligning my intentions, values and actions. I fulfil my commitments to others, and if I cannot fulfil them, I honestly and proactively communicate this. In collaboration and dialogue with others, I show respect while openly communicating expected goals.

    What unites us above all are our corporate values, which are the foundation of our actions.  We discovered and chose them together, nobody imposed them on us, so they are naturally part of our daily work, decisions and processes. It is important to us that everyone who joins our company can share their personal perspective:


    Żabka Group’ s activities are recognized by industry organisations and business partners, expressed through numerous awards and distinctions.

    Other recognitions and awards received since 2021


    • Winner of the “Supermen of Quality 2021” competition, organised by TÜV NORD Polska. Żabka Polska awarded 1st place in the “Safety” category, 30.11.2021.
    • Finalist in the category “Digital Customer Experience” in the Digital Excellence Awards 2021, 18.11.2021.
    • BLIX Awards Consumers’ Choice 2020/2021 in the industry programme organised by BLIX Group, November-December 2021 AdRetail Inspiro Award in the programme of Interia.pl Group, 13.05.2021.
    • “The Best Product 2021 – Consumers’ Choice” in the survey carried out for Wydawnictwo Gospodarczy Sp. z o.o. by research center GfK Polonia Institute, 28.02.2021.
    • First place in the RoślinnieJemy competition in the category “The Best Vegetable Product of 2020”, 28.01.2021.


    • Grand Prize “Retailer of the Year 2022 – Chosen by Suppliers” in the category Small Format/Convenience Chain and special award Sustainable Retailer of the Year, in the competition organised by the company European Conferences United, 29.03.2023.
    • The Distinction Award in the Creators Ranking (original name: „Kreatorzy Polskiej Sceny Startupowej 2023”) for Żabka Group “for three different acceleration programs and efficient operation”, in the “Organizations & Innovations” category 26.02.2023.
    • Złota Mangusta (eng. Golden Mangusta) – the Distinction Award “for outstanding contribution to the promotion of universal sports, building a healthy society, but also for many activities for and on behalf of war refugees from Ukraine” for the Żabka Group by the Polish Olympic Committee. The individual Award in the same category for the CEO, Tomasz Suchański. 11.01.2023.
    • Grand Prize “Retailer of the Year 2021 – Chosen by Suppliers” in the category Small Format/Convenience Chain in the competition organised by the company European Conferences United, 8.04.2022.
    • Food & Retail Award 2021, The award was granted by the decision of the editorial board of portalspozywczy.pl, dlahandlu.pl and horecatrends.pl, 8.11.2021.
    • Golden Laurel of “Super Business” 2021 in the category of Supporting Business Development, awarded by the editors of “Super Business” magazine, a supplement to “Super Express”, 21.10.2021.
    • Grand Prize “Retailer of the Year 2020 – Chosen by Suppliers” and the title of “Retailer of the Year 2020 – Chosen by Suppliers” in the category Small Format/Convenience Chain in the competition organised by the company European Conferences United, 27.10.2021.
    • Date Drivers Award 2021 (Data Sharing Leader EMEA Award 2021), awarded in the annual competition organised by Snowflake, 12.10.2021.


    • Żabka Group is the first Polish organization with the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award 2023. Award recognizes the most engaging workplaces in the world. 30.03.2023.
    • The Best Quality Employer 2023 – Żabka Polska awarded by the Central Office of National Certification, 21.03.2022.
    • The Distinction Award in the “Best RPA or RPA & AI implementation in the last 18 months” category for chatbot Franek in the Computerworld Poland BEST IN RPA 2023 contest 10.02.2023.
    • The Main Award in the Supply Chain Designer 2022 for the Logistics Center in Radzymin. 23.11.2022.
    • The Award in the “Transformational Capabilities” category for the “Asystent Żabka ” application in the Digital Excellence Awards competition 17.11.2022.
    • The Food & Retail Award 2022 “for investments in the future of commerce and setting trends in the retail market” at the 5th Food Market & Retail Forum 8.11.2022.
    • The Title of “Investment of the Year” for the Logistics Center near Warsaw in the PROJECT OF THE YEAR category – Warehouse Project 28.10.2022.
    • The Golden Innovations of FMCG & Retail 2022 Award for Żabka Eko Smart in Poznań 26.10.2022.
    • The SAP Global Innovation Award 2022 for “The Summit of Digitization of Trade”, among other things, for the implementation of SAP Integration Suite – building a smart integration core. 12.10.2022.
    • The Title of “Investment of the Year” in the Prime Property Prize 2022 competition for the “7R” Warehouse in cooperation with Żabka 20.09.2022.
    • The Most Innovative Retail Implementation in Poland for Salesforce implementation in the Żabka Group, 21.09.2022.
    • In the Prime Property Prize competition, Żabka received the award for the Logistics Center near Radzymin in the category “Investment of the Year”, 19.9.2022.
    • As part of the Proptech Festival contest, Żabka received the award for the Żabka Nano concept, which was recognized as an innovative property technology, 19.9.2022.
    • Retail Innovation Award for Smart Stores for Żabka Nano, 13.9.2022.
    • Friendly Workplace 2022 Special Award for an organizational culture based on values aimed at mutual respect, openness, diversity, and inclusiveness, awarded by the editorial board of MarkaPracodawca.pl, 15.09.2022.
    • Żabka Polska was the first Polish retail company to receive the Equal Salary certificate indicating equal pay in the organization regardless of gender, 8.2022.
    • The Żabka Group received the prestigious Retail Business Award 2022 in the category of Architect of the Year. The jury awards this distinction to companies that have had the most impact on the commercial sector, business partners, consumers, and the economy. The award was presented during the gala crowning the Retail Trends 2022, 24.05.2022.
    • Żabka chain was awarded the Market of the Year statuette in four categories – Small Format, Most Innovative Concept, The Most Interesting Assortment Strategy, and The Best Franchise Concept. The awards were presented during the gala crowning the Retail Trends 2022, 24.05.2022.
    • Lite e-Commerce – the company responsible for creating e-commerce solutions belonging to the Group – was awarded in the category of Best Commercial Start-up. The award was presented during the gala crowning the Retail Trends 2022, 24.05.2022.
    • Żabka has been awarded in the XI edition of the Employer Branding Excellence Awards in three competition categories – the jury appreciated Żabka for the offline campaign “To żabkość!”, the internal campaign “Chwaling Days 2021” and the graphic creation of the project “Gallup study”. The award was presented during EB Summit 2022, 9.06.2022.
    • Żabka Wins Coveted NACS Technology Award recognizing the company’s fully autonomous Żabka Nano store concept. The award was presented on 2 June during the NACS Convenience Summit Europe in Berlin, 2.06.2022.
    • Żabka has been awarded the “Sustainable Economy Diamonds” in the category of Technology Leader for Sustainable Development. The project of autonomous Żabka Nano stores was awarded at conference Sustainable Economy Summit, 30.05.2022.
    • Żabka Polska was among the leaders of the Polish economy distinguished by the editors of money.pl. The company won the money.pl award in the Technology of the Year category for the project of autonomous Żabka Nano stores, 12.05.2022.
    • Honorary award of SAP Global Innovation Award 2022 for Żabka Polska and partner i2switch.com, 14.4.2022.
    • Best Quality Employer in Poland in 2022, award granted by the decision of the National Certification Chapter, 22.02.2022.
    • Anna Grabowska, Executive Vice President of the Management Board, Chief Commercial Officer responsible for the Consumer Strategy, on the second place in the prestigious ranking of the 50 most influential women in Poland organized by the Home & Market magazine, 10.02.2022.
    • CEE Retail Awards in Specialty Retailer category, 1.02.2022.
    • EcoVadis sustainability rating – Platinum Medal for Żabka Polska 2022, 21.01.2022.
    • Best Employer 2021 as ranked by Gazeta Finansowa, 3.12.2021.
    • Chief Digital of the Year award for Tomasz Blicharski granted by Forbes and Business insider, 9.12.2021.
    • Finalist for LinkedIn 2021 “Best Employer Brand” Żabka among Forbes’ TOP 200 Best Brands, Best Polish Brands is a new ranking of “Forbes”, created in cooperation with research company Minds & Roses. 30.09.2021.
    • Trade Hermes Award in the category “Trade Personality” for Adam Manikowski granted by the editors of “Poradnik Handlowca” and the Chapter of Trade Hermes, 7.09.2021.
    • Prime Property Prize 2021, awarded in a competition organised by Grupa PTWP SA, a publisher of PropertyNews.pl and PropertyDesign.pl portals, 23.08.2021.
    • Ragan’s Workplace Wellness Awards in the Social Initiatives category, 20.07.2021
    • Best Quality Employer in Poland in 2021, award granted by the decision of the National Certification Chapter, 5.07.2021.
    • Best Employer 2021 in Poland in the ranking of Gazeta Finansowa 30.04.2021.
    • Trustworthy Brand 2021 in the “Solid Company” category in a survey commissioned by the publisher of the “My Company Polska” monthly magazine and conducted by the Kantar Polska research institute, 29.04.2021.
    • Master of Innovative Transformation, title awarded in the competition organised by ICAN Institute in the category of “Technology and Organization”, 21.04.2021.


    • The Hallbars Awards 2022 – the Award for Żabka Group for the “Conveniently and Responsibly” Report for 2021 28.11.2022.
    • Żabka received the title of Zero Emission Leader from the editors of Forbes Magazine. The award was presented during the Sustainable Development Forum in Warsaw, 23.06.2022.
    • Żabka awarded with as many as two Polityka CSR Leaves, 31.05.2022.
    • 2nd place in the Poll “RoślinnieJemy” in the category “Game Changer 2021″, 10.02.2022.
    • Winner of the first edition of the “ESG Leaders” competition – 3rd place in the category “Innovation in the ESG area”. The organisers of the competition are: NN Investment Partners TFI, Warsaw Stock Exchange and PwC, strategic partner UN Global Compact Poland Network, 2.12.2021.
    • Laureate of the Eco Pillars award, awarded by MANAGER monthly, 24.11.2021.
    • Main Prize in the Sustainable Development Report category for the “Conveniently and Responsibly” Report in the Sustainable Development Reports Competition organised by the Responsible Business Forum Association and Deloitte, 4.11.2021.
    • Ecological Company 2021 in the report of Gazeta Finansowa, 30.07.2021.
    • CSR Letters of Polityka 2021 (distinction) awarded by the editors of Polityka “The Best Product 2021 – Consumers’ Choice” in the survey carried out on commission of Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze Sp. z o.o. by the research center GfK Polonia Institute, 28.02.2021.
    • 2nd place in the Poll “RoślinnieJemy” in the category “The Best Vegetable Product of 2020”, 28.01.2021.

    Responsibility Report 2022