04 Nov 2022 15:25PM

    Buy as you like in Żabka Nano… 24/7, no checkouts and no queues

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    Buy as you like in Żabka Nano… 24/7, no checkouts and no queues

    Żabka Nano, the largest chain of autonomous stores in Europe, launched an image campaign under the slogan “Buy as you like”. It aims to build brand awareness and encourage new customers to take advantage of the possibility of making quick and convenient purchases in autonomous stores and thus freeing their time. The campaign message is in line with the new positioning of the Żabka brand. The campaign is accompanied by a promotion for users of the Żappka app, thanks to which you can receive up to PLN 200 for daily purchases in the facilities of the Żabka Nano.

    The Żabka Nano is based on innovative technological solutions such as advanced imaging models, artificial intelligence, and innovative methods of authorization and payment for purchases. Thanks to them, the customer can shop in the simplest way possible – simply by taking products off the shelves, without having to scan and pay for them at the checkout. Shopping in Żabka Nano is a moment – the shopping process can take up to 1 minute. And it’s these advantages – 7×24 availability, speed, product matching, and innovation – that we show in the “Buy as You Like” campaign – says Andrzej Popławski, Nano Sales & Marketing Lead in Żabka Future.

    “Buy it as you like” campaign

    The campaign is implemented in the formula of 360 degrees (without TV) in Warsaw, in which the largest number of outlets of Żabka Nano is located. In other cities – Poznań, Kraków, Wrocław, Katowice, Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot – local communication is carried out, based on geotargeted digital and OOH. The campaign uses a variety of media, including citylight, digital citylight, billboards, parcel machines, and ATMs. There will also be advertisements in the capital’s subway stations, as well as on buses with dedicated paint schemes. Warsaw residents will also see murals in 4 locations in November and December, in the following streets: Waryńskiego, Rozbrat, Woronicza, and Dobra.

    Advertising spots show funnily the stories of two people who buy as they like. The first, “Buy as you like, whether you’re on a match break or at work” is set in the context of the upcoming World Cup, and its protagonist is a supporter who takes a break in a football match and swings by to Żabka Nano for quick shopping. The second, “Buy as you like, whether you’re a night owl… or Martha”, shows a person sleepwalking and shopping at night, taking advantage of the fact that Żabka Nano stores are open around the clock.

    Only in Żabka Nano up to PLN 200 for shopping

    The campaign is accompanied by a promotional campaign for users of the Żappka mobile app, under which you can receive 40 vouchers worth PLN 5 each, i.e. a total of PLN 200 for daily purchases in Żabka Nano. The first voucher – PLN 5 at the start – the customer receives immediately after activating the promotion in the application. Each subsequent voucher will be granted to the customer after shopping worth the total amount of PLN 15. The promotion works cumulatively – the required PLN 15 can consist of more than one purchase (e.g. transaction for PLN 5 and the second one for PLN 10). The voucher is generated after the funds are debited from the card and the receipt is generated. The customer receives a push message about granting the voucher. The promotion can be activated until December 6 and used for 40 days. Promotional rules are described at: https://zabka-nano.pl/

    The Żappla mobile app is available for free on Google Play, App Store, and Huawei AppGallery.

    Europe’s largest chain of autonomous stores

    The Żabka Nano is an innovative concept that changes and shapes the perception of consumer experiences. The first store started its activity in June 2021 in Poznań. Today, Żabka Nano is the largest chain of autonomous stores in Europe. It has nearly 50 of these facilities, and there are plans to open several dozen more. The Żabka Nano stores are located, among other places, in places where – due to limited space or legal requirements – the standard facility of the Żabka chain would not fit, for example, in office buildings, fitness clubs, or dormitories. They are also an important part of the urban fabric – they are present on important city streets or subway stations.

    More about Żabka Nano: zabkagroup.com/pl/convenience/nano/ i zabka.pl/zabka-nano


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