15 Mar 2022 12:19PM

    Cargo Train with humanitarian aid for Ukraine from Żabka, CVC Capital Partners and Partners Group

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    Cargo Train with humanitarian aid for Ukraine from Żabka, CVC Capital Partners and Partners Group

    Civilian population receives food, water, and hygiene products. On March 13, a special cargo train arrived in Kyiv with humanitarian aid for the civilian population of Kyiv. 60 tons of long shelf life food, water, and necessary hygiene products were provided by the Żabka Group and its investors – CVC Capital Partners and Partners Group. This is another aid transport organized by Żabka, which together has transferred nearly 300 tons of food and hygiene products to border crossings, reception points, and Ukraine, among others to Kyiv, Sumy, Lutsk and Dnieper. The humanitarian aid train was organized in cooperation with the Warsaw City Council, which coordinates cooperation with the Kyiv City Council.

    The tragic situation in Ukraine requires exceptional mobilization and community action to meet the most basic human needs. We are intensifying our aid and in cooperation with the city council of the cities of Warsaw and Kyiv we are sending a humanitarian convoy – says Krzysztof Krawczyk, Partner at CVC Capital Partners, and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Żabka Group.

    The civilian population in Ukraine is currently in a dire situation lacking basic food products, thus we have sent another transport with humanitarian aid, organizing a dedicated freight train. We donated 60 tons of the most needed food, indicated by the Kyiv City Council, among others canned food, groats, pasta, sugar, ready made dishes in jars, and additionally water and hygiene products – says Tomasz Suchański, CEO of Żabka Group.   

    Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine at this incredibly difficult time. The country has an urgent need for humanitarian aid and Żabka is in a good position to help due to its business model and location. We are glad to be able to leverage the company’s resources in this way – says Stephan Schäli, Chief Investment Officer at Partners Group and member of the Supervisory Board of Żabka Group.

    Only joint actions can help the citizen of Ukraine, both there on the spot, and here in Warsaw. We work together with our partners, who like, e.g., Żabka show that “where there’s a will there’s a way.” The needs signaled from Kyiv are still huge: medicines, food, water, hygiene products, so we encourage everyone to join in. In view of this situation, our assistance and solidarity are essential. We are in constant contact with the authorities of Kyiv, who through us, thank all Warsaw residents who help Ukraine –says Michał Olszewski, deputy president of the capital city of Warsaw.

    The transport of 60 tons of food and necessary hygiene products to Ukraine is possible thanks to the cooperation between the owners of Żabka and the city councils of the cities of Warsaw and Kyiv. The Warsaw City Council provides transport to Ukraine, and the owners of Żabka pay for the goods transported.

    The humanitarian convoy is another contribution of the Żabka Group – owned by CVC Capital Partners and Partners Group – to the Ukrainian community. Żabka has already delivered nearly 300 tons of food and essential hygiene products to the border in cooperation with our partners: Podkarpackie Voivodeship Office, Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Polish Red Cross, and Polish Union of Ukrainians. Żabka franchisees are also involved in the relief effort – people running stores near the border distribute warm drinks and snacks, and in other cities organize collections and deliver goods in their cars to the border.

    As a responsible organization, Żabka also wants to encourage and provide space to help – listening to the appeals of the aid organizations, as well as implementing the assumptions of its strategy, the chain has launched a program of corporate volunteering. Employees may, inter alia, work for NGOs cooperating with Żabka, as well as help in the support and coordination of donations in the Company Headquarters building.

    At the same time, the chain enables its clients to financially support the humanitarian activities of the Polish Humanitarian Action and the Polish Red Cross in the face of the war in Ukraine.  Donations can be made by card or proximity payments – using a watch or phone. Donations collected in this way will be divided equally between the two charities.


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