27 Oct 2021 23:19PM

    Carlsberg and Żabka jointly limit the use of film and carbon footprint.

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    Carlsberg and Żabka jointly limit the use of film and carbon footprint.

    Carlsberg Poland and the Żabka chain of stores have joined forces to offer consumers an environmentally friendly packaging solution – Snap Pack for the first time in Poland.

    Starting on October 27, six-packs of Carlsberg beer cans will appear on the shelves in the Żabka stores, in which innovative technology has been used instead of the film connecting the cans. Snap Pack is a pioneering multipack that connects cans together using glue points. The use of Snap Pack reduces film consumption by as much as 82% compared to a standard multipack wrapped in film and thus reduces CO2 emissions. Only the necessary amount of foil forming the handle remains, which allows convenient carrying of the six-pack to any place.

    On the six-pack handle there is a manual that indicates how to use the Snap Pack. It is simple and intuitive; it suffices to:

    1. 1.Peel the handle
    2. 2.Separate rows of cans
    3. 3.Twist the can

    … and you’re done! Now you can enjoy the taste of Carlsberg Pilsner beer.

    – Carlsberg’s DNA is all about the environment. We constantly strive to make probably the best beer in the world, and also the best beer for the environment. Our innovative Snap Pack significantly reduces the amount of film in care for the environment. We believe that this solution will find recognition among our consumers as well – emphasizes Anita Matuszewska, Junior Brand Manager of the Carlsberg brand.

    – In Żabka we pay great attention to environmentally friendly solutions. Snap Pack prepared by Carlsberg Polska is a packaging solution that meets our high standards and at the same time meets the expectations of our customers, who care about the environment – says Anna Gorączka, Green Officer in Żabka Polska.

    Snap Pack multipacks were produced locally, in Carlsberg Poland brewery. Carlsberg Pilsner Snap Pack will be available in 6x330ml can format in Żabka stores from October 27 to November 23, 2021 or while stock lasts.

    The introduction of Carlsberg beer multipacks into the Żabka chain will be accompanied by social media communication and display campaign.

    Carlsberg, Żabka and common goal – carbon footprint reduction

    In the face of the climate crisis, any action that has a positive impact on the environment is necessary. Reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere is currently the main global climate challenge. The European Union’s climate targets aim to reduce CO₂ emissions by 2030 by 55% and to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Business community is a significant driving force and is involved in activities that support this goal.

    In the sustainable development strategies of both Żabka and Carlsberg Poland, one of the key objectives is to reduce the carbon footprint. Snap Pack is an innovative solution developed for the Carlsberg Group and used for the first time in the brewing industry. By significantly reducing the use of multipack film, it also significantly reduces the carbon footprint.

    – We are proud that Carlsberg Pilsner beer multipacks with the Snap Pack solution will finally reach the Polish consumers. This is possible thanks to close cooperation with our partner – the Żabka chain. The use of the Snap Pack is one of the steps that supports the Carlsberg Group’s sustainable development strategy “Together Towards Zero”. Packaging solutions are a very important step in this direction. We believe that consumers will appreciate its pro-ecological qualities and we will jointly take care of the environment, while enjoying the taste of great beer – says Beata Ptaszyńska-Jednak, Director for Corporate Affairs in Carlsberg Poland.

    – In the framework of the new Responsibility Strategy adopted this year, as Żabka Polska, we committed to engaging our business partners in joint actions for the planet, among others in the area of reduction of primary plastic consumption. In addition, we have declared that plastic neutrality will be achieved after 2025 and thanks to such actions as the project implemented with Carlsberg Poland, we fulfill our obligations – says Anna Gorączka, Green Officer in Żabka Polska.

    It is worth mentioning that Snak Pack was recognized at the World Beverage Innovation Awards 2018 in the category Best CSR/Sustainability Initiative. The jury highlighted that this innovation is a long-awaited, smart and inspiring solution to the problem of too much plastic.


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