The Żabka Jush app, enabling express online purchases, has established cooperation with portal. The joint action began on the occasion of the Poland-Netherlands match in the League of Nations and will last until the end of the World Cup in Qatar (November 20 – December 18). The brand will be present, among other things, in live streams that will be broadcast straight from Qatar.

    As part of the cooperation with, the Żabka Jush app will be visible in flagship programs of the portal on the YouTube channel, including: “Let’s talk about the football”, “Sports Morning”, as well as in “Reports from Qatar”, which will be conducted live straight from the studio in Qatar. In this way, the brand wants to reach potential users of the service, the main advantage of which is express delivery time. The whole process of making purchases – from the moment of placing an order to the arrival of the courier with the necessary products – takes up to 15 minutes, which is exactly what the break in a football match takes.

    At the beginning of the show, the hosts will announce that the partner of the episode is Żabka Jush. In addition, information about the cooperation will appear on special boards and graphics during the broadcast and on the screen in the studio. In addition, the brand will be promoted on the social services of the portal. Activations are also foreseen to encourage viewers of the channel to test the application. is one of the most important portals in Poland dedicated strictly to the sport. Every day, it provides its audience with the most important information from the football world. Poles live and breathe football and comment passionately on it. Therefore, the prospect of the upcoming World Cup is an excellent opportunity to present our service. We want to show that nobody has to lose their sports emotions to get the products they need to cheer. What you need is the Żabka Jush app, a few clicks and the courier with your order will appear in up to 15 minutes – says Kamil Bąkowski, marketing & eCommerce director w Lite e-Commerce. is one of the largest sports portals in Poland. Each month, the service receives an average of 5-6 million unique visitors, which generate more than 65 million views. The portal debuted on YouTube at the end of March. Since then, the channel has been subscribed by 86,000 users and has received over 13.5 million views. The core of the editorial team is Tomasz Włodarczyk, one of the most popular newsmen in the country, and the legend of Polish sports journalism Janusz Basałaj. Several renowned experts, including Lukasz Wiśniowski and Kuba Polkowski, known from the “Foot Truck” channel, also cooperate with the portal permanently.

    Shopping “na jush” [instant shopping] in six cities

    The Żabka Jush app, developed by Lite e-Commerce, operates in six cities in Poland. The service debuted less than a year ago in Warsaw, and since then it has expanded its scope to Gdańsk, Katowice, Kraków, Poznań, and Piaseczno. Żabka Jush customers can choose from over 1,500 different products – from groceries, including fresh fruits and vegetables and bread, to household chemicals and cosmetics. Busy people will appreciate a wide range of ready meals, including vegetarian versions.

    Autumn Promotion of Żabka Jush

    Every Żabka Jush user can save money with a „The more you pack, the more you gain” promotional campaign. Under it, the person who will make purchases through the app for a certain amount will get a discount. It depends on the value of the basket. The higher the value, the higher the discount. There are three price ceilings in the current promotion and each of them offers five coupons to customers:

    In addition, an attractive free delivery threshold is still valid, which is covered by any order above PLN 35.

    The promotion is valid until 31.09.2022, 10:59 p.m. The Terms and Conditions of the Promotion are available at:

    Żabka Jush decided to disenchant the image of Its warehouses. Start-up Lite e-Commerce met the expectations of residents and presented a new look for three sites. Colorful graphics, designed by young generation female artists, appeared in Warsaw, Poznań, and Kraków. In this way, the brand wants to permanently fit into the urban landscape.

    The app brought together three local artists who live in cities where Jush decided to change the image of the display windows. Thanks to this, the designed works reflect the spirit of a particular city and fit into the color of the neighborhood in which a given site operates. The unique atmosphere of the graphics is a combination of the style of each designer with the existing aesthetics of the service’s image communication. Therefore, in the illustrations presented we find a lot of greenery, and the appearing characters are drawn in a modern style.

    We want to fit in with the landscape of the cities in which we operate. That’s why we’re reinventing our warehouses’ display windows, or we’re reaching for such forms of advertising as large-format murals. We’re trying to get people to see us as an urban brand that is close to local communities. To best reflect the climate and color of a given place, we started working with artists from these specific cities. We are glad that we were able to cooperate with young and talented creators, and the results of our joint work please the eye of passers-by and local residents – says Kamil Bąkowski, Marketing & e-Commerce Director w Lite e-Commerce.

    The Lite e-Commerce activity aims to improve the aesthetics of urban space in the area of their warehouses. In the beginning, three locations gained a new face: in Poznań, Kraków, and Warsaw.

    A new beginning in Poznań

    The change in the look of the display windows began in mid-August. The visual design of the Poznań warehouse is the responsibility of Kinga Offert, a young generation artist from the capital of the Greater Poland region, who reached for the most characteristic vivid colors of Jush. Against their backdrop, the residents of Poznań will see unique graphics that combine to create a story about spending free time on things that are important to us, such as developing your passion or playing with your pet. The innovative approach to styling and eye-catching details create a coherent whole that reflects the character of the brand.

    The Vistula in the center of Kraków’s display window

    The most important hero of Kraków’s display window is the Vistula, presented as a center of activity of the inhabitants of Kraków. Bogna Brewczyk, an artist from the capital of the Lesser Poland region responsible for the project, showed the residents of the city spending their free time in the vicinity of the river. It is a direct reference to Jush’s slogan “Do what you want”, encouraging app customers to relax and spend their free time pursuing their passions. Therefore, on the display window of the warehouse on Sukiennicza Street, we will find people who are active in sports, but also walking with a dog or resting in nature. The most characteristic symbol of Kraków, the Wawel dragon, is also present.

    Also in the capital city, Jush disenchants the image of its site

    A walk accompanied by favorite music, immersion in reading a book, or exercising at home was shown on the Warsaw display window as examples of a moment of a break from everyday duties, in which the application from Lite e-Commerce will help us. As in the Poznań version, the whole is supplemented by food products packed in paper bags, in which Jush couriers deliver shopping. The concept of the display window is the responsibility of the Warsaw illustrator Karolina Woźniak, known for her cooperation with the Smyk brand.

    September Żabka Jush promotion

    Start-up Lite e-Commerce in early September launched a new promotional action The more you pack, the more you gain targeted at users of the Żabka Jush service. Under it, the person who makes purchases through the app for a certain amount will get a discount. It depends on the value of the basket. The higher the value, the higher the discount. There are three price ceilings in the current promotion and in each of them five coupons are waiting for customers:

    ● for purchases for min. 40 zlotys the user will get a discount of 10 zlotys;

    ● for purchases for min. 55 zlotys the user will get a discount of 15 zlotys;

    ● for purchases for min. 70 zlotys the user will get a discount of 20 zlotys;

    In addition, an attractive free delivery threshold is still valid, which is covered by any order above PLN 35.

    The promotion is valid from 01.09.2022 to 30.09.2022 until 22:59. The Terms and Conditions of the promotion are available here.

    If citizens of Poznań lack products to prepare Poznań dumplings, Polish cottage cheese dip or they want something to munch, they can order the necessary goods in the Jush app instead of a traditional visit to the store. Startup Lite e-Commerce after launching the service in Kraków took another step towards further expansion and debuted in Poznań. It is the sixth city where Jush started its operations.

    Since the launch of the pilot in Warsaw, the application has appeared in Gdańsk, Piaseczno, Katowice, and Kraków, and now also residents of Poznań can enjoy express online purchases within up to 15 minutes. For the time being, residents of the Center, the Old Town, and the Wilda district will be able to use the services of Jush in the city of two goats. Importantly, in each location, developers of solutions systematically expand the delivery area.

    We want to develop our service as quickly as possible. We are constantly analyzing the possibility of appearing in subsequent cities. We have decided to launch our service in Poznań, where we see very great potential for development and where the Żabka Group, of which we are a part, is located. – says Feym Fliegner, CPO Lite e-Commerce.

    Jush changes the face of storage

    The warehouse in Poznań is also one of the first in which the startup Lite e-Commerce presents a new look to the storefront. Kinga Offert, a local artist from the capital of the Greater Poland region, is responsible for the changing face of the Poznań site. The work she has designed is in Jush’s style. Thus Lite e-Commerce continues its cooperation with Polish talented creators.

    Everything you want today in 15 minutes

    The whole process of realizing purchases – from the moment of placing an order to the arrival of the courier with the necessary products – takes up to 15 minutes. Customers in Jush can choose from over 1,500 different products – from groceries, including fresh fruits and vegetables and bread, to household chemistry and cosmetics. People will appreciate a wide range of prepared dishes, including vegetarian versions.

    Jush promotion for Summer

    Jush’s holiday promotion is underway. Under it, each person using the application will receive in August another 200 PLN discount to use. Users can receive 10 coupons for orders over PLN 35 and 5 coupons for orders over PLN 50. With purchases over PLN 35, customers gain also free delivery.

    The promotional action is valid until August 31, 2022, until 10:59 p.m. The terms and conditions of the promotion are available at

    Żabka Jush will launch a special pickup point for orders placed using the app on the FEST Festival tent field. Lite e-Commerce has prepared a dedicated product range for festival participants. This way they won’t have to leave the venue to prepare their breakfast or grab a snack. In addition, each participant will be able to use special discount coupons, thanks to which they can save up to 200 PLN.

    The distance of music festivals from the nearest grocery stores is one of the biggest nuisances for participants. Who was on a tent field during such an event, knows that the morning trip to buy rolls and products for breakfast involves a long walk, which often – after evening concerts – can be too tiring. All those who will have fun in the Silesian Park in Chorzów on August 10-13, will be helped by the Jush app. A few clicks and mere 15 minutes will separate each festival-goer from the moment when they can satisfy their hunger and gain strength for another day of fun.

    We are excited to make it easier for festival-goers to enjoy their holidays. The mission of our brand is to be as close as possible to our customers, so it was a natural step for us to appear at selected points in Warsaw or now in Chorzów during the FEST Festival. With our service, participants won’t have to worry about losing their time on the way to the store. We will instantly bring them the products needed for breakfast or snacks to gain strength before the next concerts – says Kamil Bąkowski, Marketing & eCommerce Director in Lite e-Commerce.

    The Jush pickup point will be operational from the first day of the Chorzów festival and will be open until Saturday. App users participating in the event will be able to order their favorite products, including ready-made Tomcio Paluch sandwiches and fresh bread. During the event, the pickup point will turn into a chillout zone, where in addition to waiting for your order you will be able to relax from the hardships of festival fun, as well as comfortably eat your ordered products. There will be deck chairs, hammocks, and games such as table football, air hockey, and Bataka waiting for participants. Express online shopping with the Jush app will be possible from 10:00 to 18:00.

    The final stretch of Jush holiday promotion

    Wallets of the participants of the Fest will be saved by the promotion of Jush, thanks to which you can save money for the festival fun. As part of the action, each person using the application will receive in August up to PLN 200 discount to use. The users can collect 10 coupons for 10 PLN for orders over 35 PLN and 5 coupons for 20 PLN for orders over 50 PLN. With purchases over PLN 35, customers also get free delivery.

    About FEST Festival

    This is the third edition of the Festival FEST, which takes place in the Silesian Park in Chorzów. Last year’s event was attended by 35 thousand people, who had the opportunity to hear as many as 200 artists during 4 days of the festival. FEST Festival is not only music, but also artistic performances, social actions, meetings, and above all entertainment and a good time to spend time with friends.

    The upcoming event will feature more than 150 artists from both foreign and Polish music scenes. In 4 days you can listen to such stars as The Chainsmokers, Stromae, Scooter, Nothing but Thieves, Rudimental, Woodkid, JIMEK & Goście, Quebonafide, Woodkid, Sokół, Sanah, and Julia Wieniawa.

    Jush has joined the #RAZEMWIĘCEJ campaign of the Żabka Group, supports the citizens of Ukraine and makes this possible for customers. While shopping, customers may add basic necessities for refugees to their baskets. Startup Lite e-Commerce, responsible for the service, doesn’t earn on these products, so articles are offered at lower prices. Previously, Jush encouraging users to join the action provided nearly 4 tons of basic necessities to refugees.

    A special category of products under the name “Support Ukraine” is highlighted in the Jush app. This category lists 10 basic products that are most needed at the moment. Those items has been selected as the most urgent and will be updated depending on the demand for them. Lite e-Commerce forwent profits from the sale of those products, so their prices has been significantly reduced.

    Current events are a shock to all of us. No words can describe what we feel in case of war in Ukraine. Therefore, it was natural for us to take real actions – said Zuzanna Dębowska, Chief Assortment Officer at Lite e-Commerce.

    While shopping, customers may add to their baskets products intended to help refugees. Courier will bring the customer’s order to the door in 15 minutes and products bought for the Ukrainian citizens will be put away from the shelf and then collectively delivered to the collection point in Warsaw. Startup Lite e-Commerce is financially involved in the action. Therefore selected products are available at lower prices. In addition to being placed in a separate category, they are also specially marked with a “Donate to Ukraine” label. Importantly for users, the company will also take care of all logistics. When the basket doesn’t reach 35 PLN and doesn’t fulfill the requirements for free delivery, 3.99 PLN for transport of the order will be transferred to support refugees.

    It’s obvious action for us to enable our customers to support the citizens of Ukraine. We cover costs of delivery and forgo profit on the sale of these products. We are also responsible for the logistics, so products go directly to those people, who need them the most – Dębowska added.

    Earlier, Lite e-Commerce, due to Russian aggression in Ukraine, decided to withdraw all Russian and Belarusian products from Jush’s offer. On the occasion of Women’s Day, Jush also made a donation to the “EuroHelp” organisation, which currently focuses on supporting women and children from Ukraine.

    #RAZEMWIĘCEJ. These words have even more power in the current situation. We hope that our app users will be eager to use launched functionality. Together we can do much more  – Kamil Bąkowski added, Marketing & e-Commerce Director Jush, Lite e-Commerce.