Every year, 100 GOCC Gold Hearts are auctioned during the finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The heart with the number 1 is considered to be the most valuable one and it was the one auctioned by Żabka Group for PLN 1,050,000. Participation in the auction was the crowning achievement of the company’s long-standing commitment to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, as well as highlighting the Group’s 25th anniversary celebrated last year. In addition, the motto of this year’s 32nd Finale was: ‘Post-pandemic lungs. We play for kids and adults alike!’, and it was our goal to support pulmonology wards and provide them with the right equipment to fight the effects of the pandemic. From the very beginning of the outbreak of the pandemic, the Żabka Group became heavily involved in activities to increase the safety of its customers, franchisees and employees, as well as providing large-scale support for Polish hospitals in the fight against COVID-19. In total, we donated more than PLN 1,000,000 for these activities at the time. The Golden Heart of this year’s campaign is therefore a kind of symbol of social commitment for the chain.

    The Żabka Group has for years formed the most numerous staff of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Poland. Colourful GOCC collection boxes stood in over 10,000 Żabka stores. In addition, users of the mobile app were able to donate Żapps to the Foundation, and Żabu wore a special volunteer T-shirt for the occasion.

    Thanks to the commitment of its customers and franchisees, the company donated a total of more than PLN 1,300,000 to the 32nd GOCC Finale.

    On the day of the 32nd Finale, i.e. January 28, this year, the chain’s franchisees also organised a ‘Warm up Volunteer’ campaign, which included free hot drinks for all fundraisers. In total, the company handed out nearly 35,000 teas, coffees and hot chocolates. This means that every third Volunteer in Poland was hosted by Żabka. They were most willing to treat themselves to coffee with milk (over 12 thousand drinks collected), hot chocolate (over 7.7 thousand) and cafe lattes (over 5.6 thousand).

    Good composition and excellent taste do not have to be mutually exclusive. The new food program „Porcja DobreGO!” from Żabka is aimed at making good nutrition easier. The chain offers well-balanced ready meals and snacks that not only respond to different taste preferences but are also adapted to different lifestyles. Analyzing the trends and expectations of consumers regarding rational nutrition and at the same time their anxieties related to insufficient knowledge or lack of time, Żabka wants to provide them with easy access to good, ready-made meals from a rich portfolio of private labels. All in cooperation with a qualified nutritionist.

    Żabka stores are visited by about 3 million customers every day. Many of them associate good nutrition with the labor-intensive process of preparing and planning meals. The „Porcja DobreGO!” program is designed to change this perspective. Tasty and healthy food can now be at your fingertips, also when it comes to the category of ready meals, which according to our research are purchased by 70% of adult Poles. The initiative follows a new approach to good nutrition that the chain defined in 2022. After the pandemic and in the face of rising inflation, fewer and fewer people are choosing to “eat in restaurants”, so the popularity of ready meals is increasing. Being aware of this, the chain wants to offer its customers full-fledged products that they can reach for regularly. Thanks to this, the consumer no longer has to think about how to eat tasty and healthy, because the Żabka did it FOR Them.

    Tasty and for every occasion

    Dishes and snacks marked with a special sticker “Porcja DobreGO!”, selected from the range of private labels, are distinguished by the highest quality in all aspects. Each product covered by the program is carefully selected, taking into account the knowledge of the dietician and the various consumer habits. The mission of good nutrition also includes the portions of the product themselves – which in terms of volume and composition constitute a full-fledged meal for every occasion. In this way, access to good food and a change of diet on own terms with the Żabka chain becomes extremely easy.

    Good food should not be difficult to access or time-consuming. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy fully-fledged meals that fit their expectations and circumstances. We would also like to confirm that ecology understood through sustainable food is one of the pillars of our activity and fits into all the chain’s development plans. Initiatives such as the „Porcja DobreGO!” program are designed to make life easier for our customers without increasing our negative environmental impact. We know that we are on the verge of a global food transformation, and the Żabka wants to be always where the needs of consumers are”. –  says Anna Grabowska, Executive Vice President of the Management Board, Chief Commercial Officer of the Żabka Group.

    Good composition, good taste – just „Porcja DobreGO!”

    Żabka consistently strives to develop its private label segment. It works with both the largest suppliers of ingredients and finished products, as well as with small local producers. It watches over ingredients, recipes, and the production process. „Porcja DobreGO!” is another step of this strategy – the program offer includes products from all the private label brands available in the Żabka chain – Plant Hunter, Shamamm, Tomcio Paluch, or Dobra Karma.

    „Most of us are aware that rational nutrition affects our health, condition, and well-being. On the one hand, we try to listen to the advice of nutritionists, experts, and specialists, but every next tip introduces us to even more information confusion – we do not know exactly what products to choose at the store shelf, how to prepare tasty meals on their basis and how to compose a daily menu to provide all the necessary nutrients – says Agnieszka Piskała-Topczewska, nutritionist, Good Nutrition Manager in the Żabka Group. – That’s why the Żabka chain makes good nutrition much easier. In our private label range, we find products in which “tasty” and “healthy” are not in opposition, we took care of the best quality of ingredients, their proper proportions in ready meals, nutritional and health benefits, which are increasingly expected from ready-made products. Although we are different, we like different tastes, and we have different eating habits and beliefs, today the Żabka connects everyone at one table with the common denominator, which is „Porcja DobreGO!” – she adds.

    As the program continues, more and more products with the indication „Porcja DobreGO!” will appear in the Żabka stores. The key to their choice is the Nutri-Score system, which is located on 100% of the private label products. It communicates the nutritional profile of a meal and is excellent navigation for the intuitive balancing of the daily menu. Meals and snacks with a special sticker have the highest possible scores, namely Nutri-Score A and B. Among the currently available options, for those looking for a quick breakfast, the Tomcio Paluch sandwich with leek and egg in two versions – cooked and in the form of paste will be perfect. In turn, it is worth betting on filling and aromatic Shamm soups, e.g. tomato cream with cream or Ukrainian borscht, during lunchtime. Whether you prefer light vegetarian dishes or perhaps meat meals, the offer will include ready-made main dishes – Caesar salad or pasta with juicy chicken, as well as falafel from the Good Karma brand. For fans of more classic items, the traditional Russian dumplings Shamamm will work. The whole is complemented by appetizers in the form of cashew nuts and HAPS! almonds.

    The initiative started on July 5 with the action „Spróbuj DobreGO!” and will last until August 29, accompanied by an extensive 360 degrees campaign. To make it easier for customers to recognize the dishes and snacks present in the program, selected of them are marked with a special sticker. For holders of the mobile app Żappka – products are available at a promotional price – more than 25% cheaper.

    Good nutrition in every aspect, for every occasion and lifestyle – it is just „Porcja DobreGO!”.

    Żabka Group is among the top 25% of the best companies in the world, which managed to create one of the most engaging workplaces, as confirmed by the Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award 2023. The Żabka Group is the first Polish organization with such a prize. The Gallup Institute is the world’s oldest public opinion research institute. The award is preceded by a meta-analysis covering data of over 2 million employees in 276 organizations in 54 industries and 96 countries. This is the most comprehensive study of the workplace ever conducted.

    The development of the company and large-scale expansion is impossible without committed teams and strong leaders, therefore, raising the level of employee involvement is considered one of the strategic goals of the Żabka Group. When in 2017 we created the company’s development plan for the next years, we knew that the key to its implementation is to build an engaging organizational culture. Our actions bring tangible results, which is proven by the development of the company in recent years. Today, with the Gallup Award, we can also proudly say that we have created one of the most engaging workplaces in the world – says Jolanta Bańczerowska, Member of the Management Board, Chief People Officer in Żabka Group.

    The Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award (GEWA) recognizes the most engaging workplaces in the world where employees feel they belong to the company, and identify with its values and mission, for which work is a real passion. The winners of the award are organizations that create unique workplaces changing for the better. According to Gallup data, as many as 72% of the people employed in the GEWA-winning organizations are committed workers, whereas the global average is only 21%.

    Żabka regularly surveys the involvement of the Employees.

    Companies that put employees’ engagement at the center of their business strategy and integrate this engagement into their organizational culture achieve better results, and employees are more motivated and more willing to recommend an employer. That’s why Żabka has been regularly surveying the commitment and satisfaction of its employees for five years.

    According to the latest results of the Gallup Institute survey, Żabka was among the TOP 25% of companies in the world with the most engaging organizational culture, reaching the 77th percentile among companies worldwide.

    The teams involved are tangible benefits, because the employees involved work with passion, are more efficient, and achieve high, stable results in their work. They innovate and contribute to the development of the organization.

    Engagement drives concrete business indicators. According to Gallup, organizations with high levels of involvement also show 41% less absence, 59% less staff turnover, and 10% higher levels of customer engagement. The level of commitment also affects job security. Companies that maintain high levels report as much as 70% fewer security incidents.

    The Gallup study is anonymous and includes all Żabka employees and associates. The turnout in the last study was a record 92% (compared to the average for all Gallup studies of this type at 82%).

    In Żabka, the annual results of Gallup’s engagement survey are discussed with the board and top managers, and then with the teams. Such meetings aim to present the results and main conclusions of the analysis. It is also an excellent opportunity to discuss and set priorities for the next year. Thanks to Gallup’s questions, managers know, among other things, what is important for the team, what they can be proud of, and what else requires work, so that everyone can develop and release their potential. The involvement of the board and top managers guarantees the implementation of changes and cascades them to managers and their teams.

    Other activities undertaken by Żabka to develop diversity and inclusive organizational culture, the company describes in the report “Comfortably and Responsibly” published in June. This is the fourth overview of the activities carried out under the Responsibility Strategy published by the Żabka Group. It is available electronically: Responsibility Report

    Żabka Jush will launch a special pickup point for orders placed using the app on the FEST Festival tent field. Lite e-Commerce has prepared a dedicated product range for festival participants. This way they won’t have to leave the venue to prepare their breakfast or grab a snack. In addition, each participant will be able to use special discount coupons, thanks to which they can save up to 200 PLN.

    The distance of music festivals from the nearest grocery stores is one of the biggest nuisances for participants. Who was on a tent field during such an event, knows that the morning trip to buy rolls and products for breakfast involves a long walk, which often – after evening concerts – can be too tiring. All those who will have fun in the Silesian Park in Chorzów on August 10-13, will be helped by the Jush app. A few clicks and mere 15 minutes will separate each festival-goer from the moment when they can satisfy their hunger and gain strength for another day of fun.

    We are excited to make it easier for festival-goers to enjoy their holidays. The mission of our brand is to be as close as possible to our customers, so it was a natural step for us to appear at selected points in Warsaw or now in Chorzów during the FEST Festival. With our service, participants won’t have to worry about losing their time on the way to the store. We will instantly bring them the products needed for breakfast or snacks to gain strength before the next concerts – says Kamil Bąkowski, Marketing & eCommerce Director in Lite e-Commerce.

    The Jush pickup point will be operational from the first day of the Chorzów festival and will be open until Saturday. App users participating in the event will be able to order their favorite products, including ready-made Tomcio Paluch sandwiches and fresh bread. During the event, the pickup point will turn into a chillout zone, where in addition to waiting for your order you will be able to relax from the hardships of festival fun, as well as comfortably eat your ordered products. There will be deck chairs, hammocks, and games such as table football, air hockey, and Bataka waiting for participants. Express online shopping with the Jush app will be possible from 10:00 to 18:00.

    The final stretch of Jush holiday promotion

    Wallets of the participants of the Fest will be saved by the promotion of Jush, thanks to which you can save money for the festival fun. As part of the action, each person using the application will receive in August up to PLN 200 discount to use. The users can collect 10 coupons for 10 PLN for orders over 35 PLN and 5 coupons for 20 PLN for orders over 50 PLN. With purchases over PLN 35, customers also get free delivery.

    About FEST Festival

    This is the third edition of the Festival FEST, which takes place in the Silesian Park in Chorzów. Last year’s event was attended by 35 thousand people, who had the opportunity to hear as many as 200 artists during 4 days of the festival. FEST Festival is not only music, but also artistic performances, social actions, meetings, and above all entertainment and a good time to spend time with friends.

    The upcoming event will feature more than 150 artists from both foreign and Polish music scenes. In 4 days you can listen to such stars as The Chainsmokers, Stromae, Scooter, Nothing but Thieves, Rudimental, Woodkid, JIMEK & Goście, Quebonafide, Woodkid, Sokół, Sanah, and Julia Wieniawa.

    The online delio supermarket comes out of the virtual world and goes into the city. From this weekend, residents of Warsaw, Piaseczno, Józefosław, and Konstancin will have the opportunity to meet in the most popular parks a mobile café organized by delio. Anyone interested will be able to drink coffee for free and also, thanks to QR codes… make delio purchases.

    Every weekend until mid-September, the mobile café will appear on popular walking routes in places where the online delio supermarket works. Its range is growing day by day and now stands at over 5000 products. Walkers at the coffee cup will be able to see the delio potential that the hostess will tell them about. In some locations, the online supermarket will present the breadth of its offer with the help of a refrigerator and QR codes.

    Scan, review, and buy

    In some locations at the mobile café will stand a special fridge with the slogan of the action “Full fridge at your fingertips”. It will be filled with examples of food products from the numerous categories that are found in delio. Each of them will have a QR code – after scanning it, the user will move to the page with the given article. In the next step, simply add it to your cart and continue shopping via dedicated codes or only through the site. An assistant will also be present to help you make your first purchases on the delio website and to discuss the possibilities offered by the service.

    Our action lasts five weeks, until September 11. You will be able to meet us in locations where Poles are most eager to spend their free time. We want to get out of the Internet and show that with us they can save the most valuable currency in the world, which is time –says Maciej Nowakowski, COO of Lite e-Commerce.

    On the first weekend of August, the mobile café of the online supermarket delio will visit Piaseczno. Residents will come across it both on Saturday and Sunday in the Dukes of Mazovia City Park. Next Saturday, the café will not leave Piaseczno yet. It will be encountered by people who rest in nature on August 13 in the area of the Szymon Hills. A day later, the café will visit Nivea Park in Józefosław. On the other hand, the last two weekends of August are an opportunity for Warsaw residents, who will be able to familiarize themselves with delio possibilities first at the Brzozowy Woods Park in Ursynów and then at the Brustman Ponds in Bielany. Information about the next locations will be available on delio Instagram.

    delio – assistant in daily shopping

    delio argues that the service offered is based on simple assumptions – it wants to respond to the needs of customers who appreciate high quality, look for a wide range of products, and at the same time faced by a multitude of duties they want to find time for what is important to them. Solution developers compare delio to a daily assistant that not only delivers what customers need but also makes shopping easier and much faster. Among other things, this will ensure the fastest delivery of products in this market segment, which, combined with a large selection of articles, will ensure that users do not have to plan their purchases a few days ahead. What’s more, delio offers a special promotion, which next to time will save you money.

    For both new and old users, there is a special code “SUMMER” (remember the capital letters), thanks to which they can save up to PLN 400. To activate the promotion, it is enough that the value of the ordered products exceeds PLN 100. After entering the code in the cart, the discount will be automatically calculated. The action lasts until September 30 this year. The Terms and Conditions of the Special are available at delio.com.pl

    Orders are delivered daily from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., also on Sundays and holidays. What’s more, during the purchase process we can choose the optimal delivery date, even within an hour of placing your order.

    Orders can be made at: www.delio.com.pl.

    Plant Hunter, the first 100% plant-based brand created by Żabka, was ranked 2nd in the 2021 Plant Game Changer category in the RoślinnieJemy poll. This category rewards companies that are changing the food industry to a more environmentally friendly one. In total, more than 150 products were submitted to the competition, and 70 were eventually nominated in six categories: New Plant Brand, Best Plant Debut in Catering, Chefs for Change Award for Best Plant Product for Catering, Best Plant Marketing Strategy, Plant Game Changer and Best Plant Product of the Year.

    This year the plebiscite was organized for the fourth time. For food producers, this is an important distinction because it comes directly from consumers, the people for whom they create their products.

    – We are pleased that our efforts to develop meat-free products are being recognized by an increasing number of consumers. Due to the scale of our activity – 8 000 stores throughout Poland, both in agglomerations and small towns – we can be a company that democratizes plant products and gives Poles access to them. Plant Hunter stands for the highest quality fully plant products. Last year we enjoyed the success of the 100% plant-based burger Wegger, which won second place in the category for Best Plant Product of the Year, in this year’s edition we celebrate the success of Plant Hunter, i.e. Plant Game Changer of the year 2021. Consumers will soon be able to enjoy an even greater choice of goods in this category. – says Jarosław Serednicki, Marketing Communications Director at Żabka Polska.

    Plant Hunter products have 100% plant-based composition. They do not contain preservatives and palm oil. They have been prepared in collaboration with chefs and provide a delicious alternative to animal products. They are also ideal for people who live fast and do not have time to cook tasty and well balanced meals on their own. They are suitable for consumption offhandedly or, in the case of lunch dishes, after a short heating in a microwave.

    Plant Hunter offers lunch: Bolognese-like Spaghetti, Chicken-like Strogonow or Chicken-like Cream Tagliatelle, which instead of meat have a plant replacement based on soy (without GMO). Customers can also be tempted to taste Greek-like Salad, Scratchings-like Lard or Ham-like Slices or Ham-like Slices with Mushrooms. Sweet snacks are also a great treat: cream bar with a taste of salty caramel or nuts.

    Żabka chain, by creating its offer, tries to respond to current nutritional trends and needs of modern consumers. The introduction of Plant Hunter private label is another step in the development of the range of 100% plant-based products, of which several dozen already exist in the offer of Żabka. These include plant-based beverages and smoothies (under such brands as Foodini, Alpro, Starbucks), desserts and yogurts (brand Ave Vege Bakoma), ready meals and burgers (Shamamm, Dobra Kaloria), as well as a warm and fast snack – hot dog without meat (Żabka Cafe).

    From now on, the residents of Gdańsk can order products through Żabka Jush. Distinctive couriers dressed in green will deliver them shopping to them wherever they are – at home, office or park. Even in 15 minutes. In October the service was launched in Warsaw, and less than two months later it is launched in another city. New customers registering in the app by the end of the year can count on a special promotion, thanks to which they will pay less for five orders. 

    December is associated with the coming Christmas and gifts under the Christmas tree. Lite e-Commerce decided to give the residents of Gdańsk an early Christmas gift by launching its service in the city, thus maintaining a fast pace of development. For the time being Żabka Jush “jumps” in part of Orunia and Chełm. However, the startup operating within the Żabka Group has announced that the offer of shopping “delivered in no time” will soon appear in further districts and other parts of the Tricity.

    By developing the Żabka Jush we focus on achieving the best possible shopping experience for our customers. During the pilot phase we confirmed the needs of consumers in the area of q-commerce services. Our strategy works and we see very high rates of returning customers who have made more than one order. At the moment, we plan to gradually expand our business and launch the application in the next locations. After Warsaw we arrived in Gdansk, we analyze the possibilities of launching the service in more cities. – says Wojciech Krok, CEO of Lite e-Commerce.

    Over 1.2 million inhabitants of Warsaw within reach of Żabka Jush

    Żabka Jush is a solution prepared by the Polish start-up Lite e-Commerce, which is part of the Żabka Group. Through the app, customers can benefit from instant shopping home deliveries. The company will transport them in 15 minutes from its own warehouses, so-called dark stores. In Warsaw, more than 1.2 million inhabitants in several districts are already within the service’s reach. From December 25 also Gdańsk residents can take advantage of Żabka Jush and order the needed products. Without leaving home or office, which is especially important in the morbidity season.

    We want to make a permanent contribution to the lives of Poles. Our goal is to revolutionize the way we shop, combined with unprecedented convenience. Therefore, from the very beginning we offer a wide selection of goods and focus on the high quality of fresh products. The core of the operation of Żabka Jush service are continually developed categories. We had over 1,300 products at launch, and this number is still growing. We supplement our offer so that it includes the most necessary things from all categories – adds Zuzanna Dębowska, Chief Assortment Officer in Lite e-Commerce.

    Jush offers fresh vegetables, fruits and breads, as well as drinks and ready meals, including vegetarian version. Thanks to cooperation with the Żabka Group, customers can order products known from the chain, including: Wycisk juices and lemonades, Dobra Karma valuable meals, ready-made Tomcio Paluch sandwiches, Foodini snacks and dishes prepared by Maczfit. Delivery within the service costs only PLN 3.99, but when the value of the basket exceeds PLN 35, it is free. You can place your order daily, from Monday to Sunday, from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

    Express purchases with express payments

    The popularity of express payments is growing rapidly. No wonder Lite e-Commerce decided to add them to Zabka Jush. One of the added methods is BLIK, the most popular mobile payment system in Poland. At the end of the third quarter of 2021, 8.6 million users were actively using it. From July to September, the operator registered 194 million transactions worth nearly PLN 27 billion. In addition to BLIK, Jush users can also pay for their shopping through Apple Pay. So finally the express purchases are matched by express payment.

    Pocket up to PLN 100 – special promotion for new users

    One of the gifts from Lite e-Commerce is also the action “Pocket up to PLN 100”, which will last until the end of the year. Under it, every person who registered in the application will get PLN 20 discount for five orders. There is only one condition. Cart value must exceed PLN 40. Customers will also get free delivery. The promotion can save up to PLN 100. The promotion campaign is valid until 31.12.2021. The Terms and Conditions of the Promotion are available at: www.jush.pl/akcje-promocyjne.

    The Jush Android app can be downloaded here and more information about the service itself is available on the official website. iOS users can download the Jush app from the App Store

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