Żabka Group is an organisation that, by developing a culture of equal opportunities, actively supports women. They can develop and successfully combine their professional and private lives – only in 2023, 273 female employees were promoted at Żabka. Currently, ladies account for 40.3 per cent of all employees at the company. They are in charge of such important areas as finance, legal department, logistics, human resources department, price analysis department, sales or adaptation. As of the beginning of 2024, 155 women are employed in managerial and executive positions – an increase of nearly 10 per cent compared to 2023. Żabka was one of the first organisations in the Polish market to achieve parity on the Management Board. Currently, due to changes in the Group’s management structure introduced as of February this year, three out of seven members of the Board are women (for comparison, in Q1 2023, on the boards of commercial companies in Poland, traditionally understood as companies, business women accounted for 25 per cent[3]).

    Gender balance in employment is very important to us. We have built an organisation that supports women and gives them the same opportunities for development and promotion as men, thanks to which they have a real impact on the shape of the business and social environment of our company. More and more women are using their competencies and potential to achieve responsible managerial and leadership positions within the Żabka Group –  says Jolanta Bańczerowska, Member of the Management Board, Chief People Officer.

    An important step in supporting women’s professional development was Żabka’s implementation of an equal pay policy, thus recognising that women and men must be treated and paid equally. Żabka is the first Polish company with EQUAL SALARY certification, indicating equal pay in the organisation regardless of gender. As part of its support for female employees, the company also runs a mentoring programme, ‘Super Babes from Żabka’, which aims to promote female energy in business and strengthen female leaders in the organisation.

    The woman at the helm of Żabka International

    It was Anna Grabowska, in the role of Executive Vice-President and Managing Director, who was entrusted with the extremely responsible task of managing a new organisational unit established at the beginning of February this year – Żabka International. It will provide operational support for the Group’s entities in foreign markets. Anna Grabowska has unique experience in retail management in areas such as consumer strategies, supplier relations, marketing communications and ESG, among others. Her knowledge of consumer needs and modern convenience helped build Żabka’s success in Poland. During her career path, she has also dealt with markets outside Poland, which is an asset in building new markets for the organisation.

    Women develop their own business with Żabka

    According to data from the CEIDG [the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity]in early 2023, approximately 1 million women are owners of actively operating sole proprietorships in Poland[4]. In total, women account for approx. 34% of all owners of sole proprietorships in Poland[5]. Among the franchisees cooperating with Żabka, the percentage of women is almost twice as high – ladies account for 65 per cent of the more than 8,800 entrepreneurs running stores under the chain’s banner.

    Women perform well as entrepreneurs because of their perseverance, creativity, but also their diligence. The report ‘Businesswoman of the Year: Polish Women and Entrepreneurship 2023’ shows that as many as 45 per cent of female respondents work more than 40 hours a week and 41 per cent devote more time to their professional duties than a year ago. Polish female entrepreneurs want to create inclusive teams: 75 per cent of respondents would hire a person over 50 and 58 per cent. – a person with a disability or neuroatypical condition. Women are constantly proving how ambitious and courageous they are – one in four respondents declares that they would like to develop their company internationally –says Olga Kozierowska, creator of Sukces Pisany Szminką and President of the WłączeniPlus Foundation.

    Żabka’s 5700 female franchisees are successfully developing their businesses in both metropolitan areas and small towns across Poland. Almost half of them are women aged between 26 and 39. And nearly 40 per cent of the franchisees come from towns with a population of up to 50,000.

    Żabka supports women in various ways to broaden their knowledge and acquire new competencies in the area of entrepreneurship. Regardless of their age, professional experience or background, it creates space for development and confidence building. It also helps them daily to run businesses under its banner.

    [1] Women in Business in Poland 2023 – Data and Statistics | by Transparent Data | Blog Transparent Data | Medium

    [2] Ibid

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    According to the Central Statistical Office (CSO), Poland’s population was 37.6 million at the end of 2023, down from 2022. Further forecasts are not optimistic – by 2050, more than half of our country’s population may be over 50, which will translate into a greater demand for economically active people. Negative data on our country’s shrinking population and ageing population are already influencing public discussion about the future of the labour market. Already today, an increasing number of foreigners are contributing not only to the employee market. Those with ties to Poland, who have lived here for a long time or who want to stay in our country for the long term, are developing their businesses.

    There are currently more than 8,600 entrepreneurs representing 8 nationalities in the chain. In total, more than 350 non-Polish nationals run their shops. The vast majority are from Ukraine and Belarus, but there are also entrepreneurs from Moldova, Romania and even Egypt.

    Natalia Vaitovich, a Belarusian who has been running the facility in Warsaw since September 2022, emphasises: – I came to Poland to study in 2014. I worked for a few years, also in a managerial position in a clothing shop. During this time I met my now fiancé – we wanted to change something in our lives and start something of our own. One of the things that convinced us to join Żabka was the low investment, the extensive support offered by the chain from the very beginning, including an almost turnkey store, as well as the support from recruiters who helped me complete the documentation necessary to start the business. My fiancé is Polish and I plan to start a family here. Therefore, by running a store in the capital, I am contributing to the development of a place I want to be associated with permanently.

    In turn, Olena Saroyan, a franchisee also from the capital, says: – I am glad that my parents connected with Poland – apart from being Armenian, I now also have Polish citizenship. One of my friends, who has been running a Żabka franchise store for 5 years, inspired me and recommended this business to me. In September 2022, I opened my outlet in Warsaw, while continuing my studies in management. This is my first professional job and thus my first business of my own. My family ran grocery shops in Ukraine, you could say we are a family with a tradition in trade. Those closest to me helped me to develop the shop, which was extremely valuable during the first months requiring the greatest effort. The smooth introduction to the role of a franchisee was also possible, thanks to a lot of support from the chain.

    Benefits of being part of a franchise network

    By opening a shop with Żabka, franchisees from outside Poland gain the same benefits as those with Polish citizenship. They receive an outlet from the chain ready to run, equipped with equipment, computer systems, furniture or goods. They are covered by the “Business Insurance Policy”, which, according to the terms and conditions agreed with the insurance company, protects them from various unforeseen situations that may arise during running their own business and ensures financial stability at the end of the cooperation. They can also count on access to the chain’s more than 25 years of experience, a package of free training, direct shop deliveries, IT, service and marketing support, as well as several modern tools (the Cyberstore application or the Optiplan package with Żabka Assistant) to make running their business easier. In 2023, more than 81% of franchisees achieved at least PLN 25,000 in revenue per month.

    Franchising with Żabka – Requirements for non-Poland residents

    People of non-Polish origin wishing to start a business with Żabka, like everyone else, must, among other things, undergo a recruitment and training process completed by an exam, register a sole proprietorship in Poland, and make their contribution of around PLN 5,000.

    An additional requirement for candidates who do not have Polish citizenship and come from non-EU countries is the need to have legal residence, which entitles them to establish a sole proprietorship (JDG in Polish). On the other hand, based on the “special law” (Law of 12.03.2022 on assistance to citizens of Ukraine in connection with the armed conflict on the territory of that country), citizens of Ukraine may set up a JDG and carry out economic activity on the territory of the Republic of Poland on the same terms as Polish citizens. However, the requirement in this case is that the Ukrainian citizen obtains a PESEL number and submits an application for a residence permit to the competent Office of the Governor. There is also a requirement for language certification at the B2 level, which is organised by the Żabka chain. Persons who have been legally residing in Poland for 2 years can take advantage of the promotional conditions for securing business in the form of a promissory note with 1 guarantor or a promissory note with a deposit of PLN 20,000 without a guarantor. Otherwise, they should present two guarantors for the bill of exchange or a bill of exchange with one guarantor and a deposit of PLN 25,000.

    Żabka gives young people and those with non-Polish roots a chance to develop. I develop under the chain’s banner personally and professionally. As an entrepreneur, I also have a micro-contribution to the Polish economy. I recommend this business to ambitious and hard-working people, regardless of their backgrounds. –concludes Olena Saroyan.

    During a meeting at the Foundation’s headquarters, Jerzy Owsiak summarised what equipment would be purchased with the amount that the Żabka Group donated during the heart auction. PLN 1 050 000. is the equivalent of 4.5 specialised ultrasound machines, almost 3 Digital PCR machines or 1 fluorescence microscope for FISH genetic tests.

    The motto of the 32nd Finale was: ‘Lungs after the pandemic. We play for children and adults, and the goal was to support pulmonology wards and provide them with appropriate equipment to fight the effects of the pandemic. The topic is very close to our hearts, as from the very beginning of the outbreak of the pandemic, Żabka Group has been heavily involved in activities to increase the safety of its customers, franchisees and employees, as well as supporting Polish hospitals on a large scale in the fight against Covid-19. Participation in the auction of the Golden Heart No. 1 was therefore a continuation of the company’s efforts to improve the quality of healthcare, as well as the crowning achievement of its long-standing involvement in the activities of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and highlighting Żabka’s 25th anniversary celebrated last year.

    The company has been involved in the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC – WOŚP in Polish) activities for several decades, creating, together with its franchisees, the most numerous staff in Poland. This year, colourful WOŚP moneyboxes were displayed in more than 10,000 Żabka shops; moreover, users of the mobile application could donate Żapps to the Foundation, and Żabu, the virtual hero, wore a special volunteer T-shirt for the occasion. Thanks to the commitment of customers and franchisees, the company donated a total of more than PLN 1,450,000 as part of the 32nd GOCC Finale.

    The Ambassador programme we have set up is an inspiring way to engage our franchisees in wider activities and activity in local communities. The selected entrepreneurs identify with the values of our business model and want to co-create a credible image for the franchise. They have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the cooperation and are aware of the support we offer and the difficulties that may arise in running a business under our banner. Honesty and truthfulness is their greatest advantage – says Przemysław Kijewski, Chief Operating Officer at Żabka Polska.

    The project involves 50 franchisees of different ages, with different life and work experiences, coming from both big cities and small towns, including from abroad. The initiative aims to facilitate direct contact with the Ambassadors for people who are considering setting up their own business and want to hear the opinion of an entrepreneur who knows the business inside out. Franchisees will be available to meet at many local or industry events. Many of them plan to build their brand through social media channels.

    Part of the initiative is a series of 25 interviews with franchisees, which are published every Wednesday starting from January 31, this year, among others on the YouTube channel Żabka Biznes, in podcast applications and on www.zabka.pl/podcasty. Each meeting is hosted by Jarosław Kuźniar. During the conversation, the well-known and respected journalist and entrepreneur often touches upon difficult issues related to running one’s own business, asks about breakthrough moments in professional life, and also finds out what their recipe for success is.

    The common denominator of all the talks is the drive of our franchisees to achieve the best possible results and the desire for continuous development. By listening to the conversation, the audience will be able to better understand the franchise model, get to know the people who decided to open their own business and the emotions accompanying them in their daily duties as a franchisee – adds Przemysław Kijewski.

    Currently, more than 8,600 entrepreneurs who run their stores under the chain’s banner already benefit from Żabka’s more than 25 years of experience, its partnerships and extensive support in business development from the start.

    Read more about Żabka franchise and the Ambassador Programme at: https://www.zabka.pl/franczyza

    Hot dog from Żabka best in blind tests

    During “blind” hot dog tests conducted in September 2023 as part of a survey of consumer preferences for these products, the hot dog from Żabka was rated best in terms of most attributes, including taste, smell and quality[1]. According to the respondents, its strengths are mainly: the crunchiness of the bun, the degree of seasoning of the sausage, its texture and meatiness. Żabka’s flagship hot snack also received the highest purchase intention index – as many as 92 per cent of those taking part in the tests expressed a desire to buy it.

    The favourite snack in standard, coloured and XXL versions

    Hot dogs can be bought in all stationary Żabka shops, they are also on offer in seasonal outlets and mobile Żabka stores – during concerts and cultural events. In two stores (in Warsaw and Poznań) this snack is also prepared by Robbie the robot. Żabka’s customers can try a dozen or so different flavour combinations of the hot dog, choosing the type of sausage and sauce they like and, if they are hungry, they can choose an XXL version of the hot dog. They can also choose unique, colourful hot dogs, which appear in the chain’s stores as part of temporary offers. These already include the Black Dog, a limited black version of this warm snack prepared for Black Friday, the pink Love Dog for St. Valentine’s Day, the Summer Dog – a “sunny” version for summer or the purple Prymus hot dog, offered in the first days of September.

    Crispy panini full of toppings

    Several variants of the delicious panini are available at Żabka Café, such as those with mushrooms, chicken, cheddar cheese or ham and jalapeño. The palates of fans of this crunchy snack have also been conquered by novelties in 2023: the panini Italiano, with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and chicken with basil sauce, and the mushroom panini with aromatic mushroom sauce, cheddar cheese and roast bacon.

    Żabka the leader of the gastronomy offer in Poland

    Żabka is the largest chain of food outlets in Poland. Its offer includes not only hot dogs and paninis but also pizza wraps and many sweets – from croissants to yeast cakes, donuts and doughnuts. In more than 3,000 selected Żabka shops, crunchy snacks from the #PROSTOzPIECA offer are also available: casseroles, fries, churros, nuggets, chicken pops and chicken strips, as well as products in sets: crispbox nuggets with fries, crispbox chicken pops with fries and crispbox strips with fries. There is also no shortage of hot coffee and other hot drinks.

    More information about the offer can be found at: https://www.zabka.pl/zabka-cafe

    [1] Survey “Hot dog evaluation”, carried out on 25-30.09.2023 by J. S. Hamilton Poland on a total sample of 300 people – hot dog consumers.

    The companies participating in Disrupt Retail are leading retailers in their home markets. In addition to Żabka Group, these are EDEKA – the largest retailer in Germany with more than 11,000 stores, MC – the market leader in food retail in Portugal with more than 1,400 stores, and Shufersal – the dominant retailer in the Israeli market with a network of more than 400 stores. The foreign partners bring their unique experiences and perspectives to the programme, creating a dynamic environment for startups to grow.

    Participating in Disrupt Retail will not only allow us to reach an even wider audience of innovation creators but will also enable us to exchange experiences and knowledge with international retail leaders. Together, we can allow innovation creators to present their solutions to a wide range of consumers in the region, thereby taking retail to the next level – says Karol Gajewicz, Head of Venture Studio, Żabka Group.

    A new dimension in retailing

    Within Disrupt Retail, retailers are looking for solutions with a particular focus on 3 main areas: In-Store Operations (solutions that will streamline in-store processes, increase employee productivity and improve the customer’s shopping experience), Retail Media (breakthroughs in advertising technology, digital displays, augmented reality and any other media that push the boundaries and realise the full potential of retail media) and Data & Customer Insights (innovative platforms or tools that can harness, analyse and transform the vast pool of data into actionable strategies).

    Opportunity to pilot in 4 international companies

    Participation in the programme is a chance for startups to pilot with four different companies. Each retailer will have the chance to work individually with a selected startup, which opens up new perspectives for both the retail sector and innovative entrepreneurs.

    Applications for Disrupt Retail are being accepted until February 4, this year, and the creators of projects that make it to the pilot stage will be informed of the opportunity to collaborate in March this year.

    More information about the programme can be found at: https://disruptretail.tech.

    To get a code for Spotify Premium, you need to create an account or log in Żappka app. Then exchange the żapps you have for a code from Spotify available in the “All for żapps” section. You can also get the free code in Żabu game, where it is available as one of the prizes.

    The voucher earned must be activated by joining Spotify Premium on the website https://www.spotify.com/pl/ppt/zabka/. Then enter the code you received in Żappka app in the “Verify your code” field. From then on, you can now enjoy 3 months of Spotify Premium for free[1]!

    The Spotify Premium with Żabka offer is valid until 22.12.2025 and applies only for new users of the Premium Individual plan. After the end of the trial period, the fee will be PLN 23.99/month. Cancellation of the service is possible at any time.

    What else do Żabka and Spotify have in common?

    Żabka chain, like Spotify, joined the Wrapped trend by providing users of Żappka app with a summary of their shopping year. They were able to find out from it which Żabka store they shopped at most often, how many times they visited the chain’s stores during the year and how many żapps they earned in 2023. The chain also reported in the summary that the most popular product picked up for żapps in the past year was the hot dog.

    All for żapps – how does it work?

    “All for żapps” is a special section in the ever-expanding Żappka app, featuring unique offers from external partners. It was launched at the end of April 2023. The offers in “All for żapps” are presented in Żappka app in the same way as the existing coupons that allow you to exchange żapps for products from Żabka range. Benefits from partners will be displayed directly after clicking on the coupon. Once it has been activated, the app user will be shown the coupon with the reward, i.e. with a promotional code and information on how to collect the benefit from the partner.

    Żappka and its “green currency”

    Loyalty points, or so-called żapps, are awarded to customers for shopping in Żabka stores with the Żappka mobile application. To date, Żappka has already been downloaded by more than 13 million users and is actively used by more than 7 million people.

    Information on how many żapps the customer currently has in his or her account and which products he or she can exchange them for is visible in the app in the “Coupons” section. Coupons can be activated when the number of collected żapps corresponds to their value. Products for żapps can also be collected in unmanned stores using special coupons designed for Żabka Nano (found in the “Nano” area of Żappka app). They are visible at the top of the app and marked with an ‘N’ next to the coupon.

    To have a say in what else should be included in the “All for żapps”, visit Żabka Discord server and enter the #co-za-żapps channel. The chain’s server has more than 17,000 users and there are several activations available there, where you can earn extra żapps to use in the benefits section as well. More about the application: https://www.zabka.pl/aplikacja-zappka

    [1] Premium Offer Terms – Spotify

    Given global trends and the growing importance of gaming as a channel to communicate with customers, Żabka’s presence in the Fortnite world is no coincidence. Today, the platform brings together almost 400 million gamers around the world, and many iconic brands target the young generation with their products. We could not miss it either –emphasises Sebastian Szaraniec, Marketing Communication & Innovation Director at Żabka Polska.

    Compete and learn about the legends of Poznań

    The way to face the tasks prepared by Żabka in the Fortnite world is extremely simple. All you have to do is take on the challenges prepared in the learning experience “Story Hunt: Poznan”. The player will have to help find one of the two goats after it gets lost in a crowd of tourists visiting the city. The animals are known from a local legend. The player will also encounter several other tasks in the game. One of them will be related to Żabka and will be handed over by Żabu, a virtual frog known from the game available on Żappka app. The challenge is based on an exciting race through the streets of virtual Poznań – the city where one of the largest convenience store chains was established over 25 years ago. While traversing the virtual streets of Poznań’s Old Town, the player will be faced with the task of winning as many virtual żapps as possible in the shortest possible time. On the route of the race, in addition to charming tenement houses and shops modelled on Żabka stores from the real world, the player will also meet people trying to thwart his or her plans to achieve the goal of the game. Other buildings, such as the company headquarters, will also appear on the map of the challenge.

    In addition to the race, players from all over the world will be introduced to elements of the history of Poland and of Poznań itself. Those who take on the challenges of “Story Hunt: Poznan” will learn about the history of the first king of Poland, as well as the well-known regional delicacy, the St. Martin’s croissant (Rogal świętomarciński). They will also come face to face with the evil cook Bartholomew.

    The realisation was prepared by Realtime Squad, a studio originating from the capital of Greater Poland and specialising in creating maps and challenges for Fortnite.

    When creating the virtual world of Poznań, we were guided by the vision of creating a place to reflect how we see and perceive the history and culture of this unique city. Our goal was to create an engaging, interactive story to entertain players while allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the history of Poznań. We welcome the opportunity to showcase the beauty of Poznań to a wider audience. We want the virtual replica of the city we are creating to be a place also for those who have contributed to its development. We think it is important to give recognition to companies that have developed in the local community and thus built it up. That is why we are very pleased to be working with Żabka, whose roots grow out of Poznań, and we are looking forward to presenting it on our virtual patch of land Realtime Squad points out.

    Communication in tandem with new technologies

    The placement of Żabka in Fortnite is not the only example of the strong involvement of new technologies in the company’s communication activities. In the last few months alone, lovers of virtual games have been given the chance to compete in competitions that await them in Żabu game available in Żappka app, or the game with educational elements “Żabka Run: Porcja DobreGO!” prepared as part of the “Porcja DobreGO!” nutrition programme on the Roblox platform.

    Together with Żabka franchisees and their employees, we are once again constituting the biggest staff of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Poland. We feel proud that our franchisees, customers and employees are so willing to get involved in helping those in need. We hope that thanks to this, we will once again donate a significant amount to the Foundation. In addition, our Żabu will also support us in the collection in the mobile app for the first time – says Adam Manikowski, Executive Vice President of the Management Board, Żabka Group, Managing Director of Żabka Polska.

    The 32nd Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity can be supported traditionally by throwing donations to colourful cans available in over 10,000 Żabka stores across Poland, as well as in Żappka app, which is already used by over 7 million active users. The donation of loyalty points (żapps) collected therein to the GOCC will be encouraged by Żabu, the hero of the chain’s virtual game, who will wear a Foundation volunteer’s T-shirt, especially for the occasion between January 24-28.

    Żabka has been supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation for many years, taking an active part in the collections. Last year, thanks to the involvement of customers and franchisees, the company donated PLN 2 million to the 31st Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

    This year’s GOCC Finale will take place on January 28 this year. Its goal is: “Lungs after the pandemic. We play for children and adults,” and the motto of the collection is ‘Everything is OK here!’. The funds raised will be used to purchase equipment for the diagnosis, monitoring and rehabilitation of lung diseases for patients in pulmonology wards for children and adults.

    When creating our private label product offerings at Żabka, we always do our best to respond to current nutritional trends and consumer needs. We are the first in Poland to allow customers to buy soup in a handy bottle, which can already be heated up by a salesperson in the store. Zupa na Drogę (Soup for the Road) is an innovative ‘on the go’ product – the packaging has been designed in such a way that it can be effortlessly held in the hand, which makes it possible to freely consume it during everyday activities such as a walk or a break at work or university –says Elżbieta Noga, Innovation and NPD Director at Żabka Polska.

    Unscrew, heat and drink!

    Zupa na Drogę (Soup for the Road) Szamamm is available in a 330 ml bottle for PLN 7.99/unit, with Żappka mobile app: PLN 6.99/unit (until January 16, 2024). There are two flavours to choose from: tomato and pumpkin. The soups contain no preservatives or artificial colouring.

    The only bottle in Poland allowing the product to be heated

    The new Szamamm soups are available in specially prepared bottles made of heat-resistant polypropylene. These are the only bottles in Poland that allow the product to be heated in a microwave oven. Their launch was preceded by a series of meticulous tests and trials. A prototype was made using a 3D printer. The shape and dimensions were refined to make the final product as convenient to use as possible. A series of laboratory tests were also carried out to confirm that the bottle was suitable for direct food contact.

    Szamamm product – another Porcja DobreGo! (Portion of Goodness!)

    The “Porcja DobreGO!” (Portion of Goodness!)programme aims to promote well-balanced and tasty meals that can be a quick solution for any time of day, offering a wide range of ready meals and snacks. Szamamm is one of Żabka’s private labels, under which the chain offers ready-made lunch dishes, with no added preservatives, in portions that are perfect all at once. They can be prepared in a flash, e.g. by reheating in the microwave oven and eaten comfortably at work or home. The range includes traditional dishes, such as soups, dumplings, pancakes or cutlets, as well as dishes inspired by world cuisines – from Italian to flavours of the Middle and Far East. Specially labelled meat-free variants are also available. More information about the brand: https://www.zabka.pl/tylko-u-nas/Szamamm

    With over 10,000 stores, door-to-door delivery, digital solutions, and servicing more than 3 million customers daily, Żabka Group stands as a leading name in modern convenience across Europe.

    Żabka Group’s entry into the Romanian market is the result of the consistent development of a convenience concept and ecosystem with a potential for expansion into European markets. International expansion aligns with the comprehensive growth strategy adopted by the Group in 2021. After obtaining regulatory approvals from Romanian authorities for the transaction, the priority will be to continue an accelerated development of DRIM, driven by the combination of the strong market position of DRIM with the convenience retail expertise and the financial strength of Żabka Group.

    We are building a partnership with the company that benefits from an immense trust from its business partners and customers in the domestic market, but it also grows adhering to the standards to which we are committed at Żabka. Shared values, mutual respect, and the trust form a solid foundation for a strategic partnership and the ambitious projects we have in our plans. We devoted the past quarter-century to a dynamic growth in Poland, and today we embark on the next stage, which involves commencing operations in a new European market – says Tomasz Suchański, CEO of Żabka Group.

    Track record of the growth and the future development potential of the Romanian market, coupled with the consumer profile similar to the Polish one, positions Romania as a natural geographic direction for the Group’s expansion. This groundbreaking step follows an in-depth analysis of the Romanian market and local consumer preferences studies. Through operational presence in this market, Żabka Group will gain knowledge and experience, enabling informed decisions regarding potential further investments in Romania and the selection of suitable areas for development from the wide portfolio of the Group.

    This is a strategic investment that provides the entire Group with a unique perspective for further development and access to the new market through a partnership with one of the largest local distributors of FMCG products. The partnership with DRIM will undoubtedly contribute to increasing our potential to offer innovative solutions to our customers and partners, enable further diversification of our operations, and provide the additional growth comments Tomasz Blicharski, Vice President of the Board, Managing Director of Żabka Future/EVP.

    – Me and my family are very enthusiastic about our partnership with Żabka Group. We believe it’s step which will take our organization to the next level. The foundation of this partnership is very solid, as we share very similar values, we are aligned on the opportunities on the Romanian market and we are driven by the enthusiasm needed to pursue those opportunities.

    What weighted very strongly in our decision to enter the partnership with Żabka are the immense possibilities available to our key stakeholders: Customers, Employees and Suppliers –says Radu Trandafir, Strategy Manager of DRIM Daniel Distributie FMCG.

    DRIM Daniel Distributie is a family-owned company with extensive experience in the industry, enjoying significant respect in Romania and currently managed by the second generation of founders’ successors. In nearly 30 years of operation, it has built an advanced logistics infrastructure and solidified its position as a reliable partner among suppliers and owners of traditional stores. As a result, it has become one of the largest distribution networks of FMCG products in the local market, employing over 800 people and supplying around 12,000 traditional retail stores.

    New augmented reality Żabu game scenarios have been prepared by startup Omniaz in collaboration with Apzumi for 200 test stores in Poznań and Warsaw. Żappka users in these cities have been able to test the new Żabu game functionality since December 18, this year.

    – Żabu XR is an innovative project by Venture Studio in collaboration with the team behind the Żabu game. With it, we are using virtual and augmented reality technology for the first time in the Żappka app. We see great potential in being able to showcase products and services in the game, developed by us in collaboration with partners. We hope that the exciting new adventures of Żabu XR will draw another group of our customers into the game,” says Karol Gajewicz, Head of Venture Studio.

    Żabu XR’s ground-breaking technology opens up a new marketing channel because XR in Żappka also means new opportunities for suppliers working with the chain. Thanks to this innovative solution, they have the opportunity to present their products in a more engaging and immersive way, and can also promote themselves in an innovative way in the game. For users of the Żappka app, Żabu XR in turn allows them to interact with these products.

    Żabu is the only game in the European retail market that is most popular among 20 to 24-year-olds. Growing and caring for their own Żabu has already been undertaken by nearly two million Żappka users.

    Żabu is a 3D-animated virtual frog that reacts to the customer’s behaviour: it evolves and gains levels depending on the purchases made by the player, including those realised thanks to the żapps collected in the account. Users can personalise their Żabu character by purchasing various accessories. The game consists of breeding and regularly caring for the Żabu character they have created. Upon reaching selected levels, prize boxes await players – free żapps, products or shopping discounts. The task for those playing Żabu XR is to earn as many points as possible and reach level after level to become the Żabu XR champion. By participating in the game, users also collect żapps – 10 points earned in Żabu XR equals 1 żapps they receive in the Żappka mobile app.

    Żabu XR is now available in the entertainment section of the Żabu game. You can find out whether a given store is participating in the test from the Żappka app based on your location.

    The Żappka app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play, Apple App Store and Huawei AppGallery mobile shops. Żabu XR is only available for players using AR-enabled Android phones.

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