In 2022, Żabka initiated the “Entrepreneurship Study” program. The project is primarily aimed at young people, including university students and governmental and non-governmental organizations that promote non-formal education. Within this framework, the chain has established cooperation with several universities in the country, academic and local Incubators of Entrepreneurship, as well as NGOs. The study includes classes taught by Żabka experts from different areas of entrepreneurship. The meetings aim to improve the competencies of the participants and to build knowledge about their activities.

    Entrepreneurship is an extremely important area that is worth developing from an early age. As various studies or analyses show, a large part of society is perceived as not very entrepreneurial, while at the same time dreaming of running their own business. In fact, this is an attribute that many have, but you need to help them discover and strengthen it. It not only determines the functioning of companies but also has a huge impact on the career development of young people. That is why education is so important. We are keen to engage in our projects and will continue to actively develop them and participate in external initiatives in this area –emphasizes Przemysław Kijewski, COO at Żabka Polska.

    In 2022, the chain carried out cooperation with 14 universities and one post-secondary school, among them the University of Economics in Poznań, the Pomeranian Academy in Słupsk, the Higher School of Entrepreneurship and Administration in Lublin, the Vistula Academy of Finance and Business in Warsaw, the University of Technology and Humanities in Radom, the University of Bialystok, the University of Economics in Wrocław, the Old Polish Academy of Applied Sciences in Kielce and the Koszalin University of Technology. The classroom and online classes were conducted by specialists from the Development Training Department of Żabka, mainly in the field of soft skills, as well as building knowledge about the franchise business model.

    The cooperation took the form of various events. Representatives of the chain were present at nationwide meetings supporting entrepreneurship and talent development, including Game for Career, National Career Week – “Take the controls for your career” or Global Entrepreneurship Week.

    Both at universities and in cooperation with other entities, there was an initiative in the form of Open Days with Żabka with special stands, where everyone interested in the franchise system and the activities of the chain could obtain more information on this subject.

    Entrepreneurship education in 2023

    This year, Żabka plans to continue cooperation with Career Offices and organizations that are guided by the idea of developing entrepreneurship in Poland, including in the student community. The chain is engaged in the 2nd edition of the Incubator of Entrepreneurship, which began in January and will take place at the Academy of Business in Wrocław and the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Wrocław. In March, the Incubator of Entrepreneurship was launched at the Poznań University of Economics, and at the end of the month will start a course within the Incubator of Entrepreneurship at the Higher School of Entrepreneurship and Administration in Lublin.

    Żabka expands franchisee competence

    The chain also attaches great importance to the business education of its franchisees and the development of their managerial competencies. This year, it launched the “Academy of Entrepreneurship”, whose goal is to improve the skills of entrepreneurs cooperating with the chain in the scope of running a store, managing a team, commercial competencies, and entrepreneurship as such. The initiative is implemented as part of a Strategic Partnership with the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University of Technology and Monika Ferreira, author of the Franczyza 2.0 project and methodology for building network systems, Founding Partner in the practice of strategic consulting I’GS In Good Strategy. Completion of the project will entail obtaining a special certificate by franchisees. The program is currently aimed at franchisee candidates and current franchisees cooperating with Żabka.

    Each new entrepreneur joining the chain, as part of the recruitment process, undergoes several days of training in the coaching shop, tailored to the individual needs and knowledge of the candidate. It covers the areas of finance, management, sales, customer service, IT, and HR. Throughout the cooperation, franchisees use a special development platform containing a set of training courses and webinars to expand their knowledge and business skills and to keep up with the changes implemented in the chain.

    Żabka willingly supports educational initiatives. The company’s experts share their knowledge and experience with students through employee volunteering, especially in the areas of new technologies, logistics, and advanced analytics. As part of the “Roads to Business” project, implemented jointly with the Adam Mickiewicz 8th High School in Poznań, Żabka took patronage over the economic academic class and worked together with its students on a project promoting equal pay for society. The cooperation also aims to raise young people’s entrepreneurial awareness and stimulate pro-entrepreneurial attitudes.

    Working with universities and schools, we build the image of a socially responsible leader and reach people willing and ready to link their professional future with our company. This is one of the goals of the “Roads to business” project implemented with the 8th High School in Poznań. We also hope that thanks to the “Entrepreneurial Thursday” or the “Patronage Class” we will be able to awaken entrepreneurial attitudes among young people, broaden their knowledge about this subject and encourage them to pursue their professional dreams without fear in the future, including those about their own business – says Jolanta Bańczerowska, Member of the Management Board, Chief People Officer in Żabka Group.

    A patronage class, expert meetings, and workshops

    As part of the project “Roads to business”, Żabka took the patronage of the academic 3d class and experts of the chain support its students in the implementation of the social project “Equal pay in business organizations”. The project also includes “Entrepreneurial Thursdays”, i.e. monthly meetings of high school students with representatives of Żabka. During the workshop, chain experts share their knowledge and experience with students and set out a career path. Two expert meetings have already been held: with Katarzyna Słabowska, Logistics Department Director at Żabka Polska, and Paweł Grabowski, Head of Unmanned Solutions at Żabka Future.

    On February 23 and March 9, representatives of Żabka met students of Adam Mickiewicz High School in Poznań. “Entrepreneurial Thursday” was led by the Logistics Director at Żabki – Katarzyna Słabowska, who professionally, competently, and at the same time in a way that is understandable to young people explained the secrets of the company logistics, while Paweł Grabowski spoke about the unique concept of Żabka Nano autonomous stores. The students listened with interest to the speakers, and the thunderous applause at the end was an expression of their recognition. I am convinced that each of those present has learned valuable practical lessons from these meetings – says Dorota Koźlik, project supervisor, and teacher at the Adam Mickiewicz 8th High School in Poznań.

    The project also plans an “Entrepreneurship Day with Żabka”, a workshop for students organized in the headquarters of Żabka, and a visit to one of the chain’s logistics centers. Żabka’s digital and IT experts will also be looking after a group of passionate students who carry out digital projects.

    8 hours a month for volunteering

    As part of the employee volunteering, each Żabka employee can spend up to 8 hours a month helping others during working hours. Żabka’s employees have already been involved in volunteering for the Polish Humanitarian Action, the Polish Red Cross, and in aid activities for refugees from Ukraine. They also had the opportunity to participate in the unique “Parcel with a Smile” action, packaging parcels with gifts for children in need under care, among others, of the Bone Marrow Team Foundation, the Happy Kids Foundation, the In_Spire Foundation, the Association of the Center for the Promotion and Development of Citizens’ Initiatives, as well as small patients in Poznań hospitals.

    Żabka has been joined by the 8,000th franchisee who will run her store in Dobieszowice (Silesian Voivodeship) with less than 2,000 inhabitants. This proves that Żabka attracts entrepreneurs with its business model. More and more people are starting up stores under its name also in smaller towns and rural areas. In 2022, the first stores of the chain were established in 154 new locations.

    The intensive development of our model across the recent years has contributed to gaining unique experience and developing proven solutions especially in demanding times for business. Żabka franchise system is so built that it helps to eliminate any possible danger associated with running your own business and because we share the knowledge developed over the years even a novice entrepreneur has a chance of success. Therefore, today we can enjoy the fact that our chain is joined by another, 8000th franchisee – emphasizes Przemysław Kijewski, COO at Żabka Polska, and adds: – The participation of franchisees in our business is very important – they are the ones who care about customer relationships and build the image of our brand. We are constantly developing our chain with them in mind, making the franchise offer more attractive, by introducing further benefits and modern tools – he adds.

    The 8,000th franchisee of Żabka is Izabela Wilgos. For most of her professional life, she worked in the banking and insurance sectors. Among others, she was the director of one of the branches of a bank and of an insurance company in Bytom and Gliwice. At that time her husband changed the character of his business and opened a Żabka store.

    – And it was a stimulus for me. After many years of working in the banking and insurance industry, including in management positions, I began to feel burnout. I knew I wanted to make a difference in my life, but I didn’t know where to go. In July 2022, my husband decided to open a Żabka store. As much as I could, I tried to help him. First in the opening of the facility, then I watched closely how it was run. My decision to follow my spouse was the result of his inspiration, his announcement of support, and also our deeper analysis of this business. Żabka is a well-known brand and store in Poland, where customers will always be happy to come. The broad support offered by the chain, including low own equity contribution requirement, is also important. Both my husband and I, even before the opening of the outlets, liked Żabka and were happy to shop in its stores – emphasizes Izabela Wilgos.

    Smaller towns with great potential

    Last year, in Boguchwałowice, Silesia, a Żabka was established in the smallest settlement so far, with a population of just over 700. In 2022, the chain launched a total of almost 1100 stores, including 154 points in locations where there had been no green-label stores before.

    Entrepreneurs developing their businesses with Żabka in small towns and rural areas can count on additional support from the chain. Among the solutions offered is a car enabling access to the facility as part of the “A car to start” program – aimed at entrepreneurs operating in towns of up to 30 thousand residents and living in other locations daily. Another benefit is the relocation package – that is, monthly financial support for franchisees, who decided to move to start up stores in towns of up to 50 thousand inhabitants. Importantly, Żabka meets the needs of local consumers, whose lifestyle is increasingly similar to that characteristic hitherto of the inhabitants of large cities – they value the time and convenience of shopping, as well as the ability to arrange many things in one place.

    As the 8000th franchisee, who started running a business in a town with less than 2000 inhabitants, emphasizes: – For me, Dobieszowice is the perfect location for a Żabka store. It will be the first chain facility in this small town. Moreover, there is no well-equipped grocery store nearby, and there is no pharmacy, post office, or café. Thanks to our offer, local residents will be able to make comfortable shopping, drink fresh coffee, eat a warm snack, send a parcel, or play Lotto. My facility will respond perfectly to the needs of the local community.

    Diversity of Żabka

    Desiring to be a friendly and safe place for everyone working in the chain, Żabka has established an internal Equality Policy in 2021. It sets out key principles for fair treatment of all employed and cooperating persons and outlines objectives and guidelines for the creation of an inclusive organizational culture. The chain’s wealth is also created by its franchisees. Among them are people of different experiences, education, age, marital status, and also origin – besides Poles, these are citizens of 14 different countries.

    Among the entrepreneurs cooperating with us there are people of different experiences, education, and origin – all of them are characterized by high motivation, diligence, and willingness to develop – emphasizes Przemysław Kijewski, COO in Żabka Poland.

    The chain is also a Signatory to the Diversity Charter in Poland, which is a written declaration obliging the organization to prohibit discrimination in the workplace.


    Benefits of the franchise with Żabka

    The franchisees who join the chain get a fully equipped and furnished facility in a place that is previously analyzed for many aspects, such as the potential number of customers. From the very beginning, entrepreneurs receive substantive, service, and technological support. They also receive a wide training package, preparing them to run the facility, as well as the opportunity to participate in 6-month onboarding tailored to individual needs. Throughout cooperation, they have access to a special development platform, and recently they can increase their competencies by participating in a project implemented within the framework of the Strategic Partnership with the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University of Technology. The chain also provides them with innovative, often novel solutions, such as Optiplan or Cyberstore app for remote store management via smartphone, including placing orders, generating reports, or verifying delivery times. Franchisees also can run stores in various modern formats, such as Żabka Eko Smart.

    Currently, people who start their business with the chain by the end of April this year receive an additional PLN 10,000 at the start. Franchisees, thanks to the support of the chain, gain space for stable development, including finances. Between April and June 2022, more than 77% of them achieved monthly revenues of at least PLN 22,000 or more. Importantly, to protect franchisees against the possible failure of their businesses, the chain offers them the possibility of benefiting from the unique collective insurance, the so-called Business Policy, on preferential terms.

    More at:

    Żabka Polska is preparing to open a new logistics center in Małopole by Radzymin near Warsaw. It will be one of the largest and most innovative logistics centers in Europe. The launch of the new facility with an area of approximately 60 000 m2 is planned for the second quarter of 2023. Thanks to this investment, more than 600 people will find work in the region – employed directly by Żabka or in companies cooperating with it. Almost 200 people have already been recruited and are now involved in launching the storage areas. The next stage of recruitment has just begun.

    We invariably repeat that modern and automated logistics are a guarantee of the highest quality, as well as fast and efficient delivery service for franchisees running Żabka stores. Under this principle, we have been creating solutions in our new logistics center in Małopole by Radzymin near Warsaw. Of course, for the center to work well, it needs, first and foremost, a skilled and well-connected workforce. We invite everyone who wants to join our team in our new center. We guarantee stable and competitive working conditions, a good atmosphere, and the opportunity to develop and participate in building the visible market success of Żabka. I am convinced that working in such a modern facility, for such an innovative company, is an opportunity to fully demonstrate the skills, competencies, and potential –says Katarzyna Słabowska, logistics department director in Żabka Polska.

    More than 400 workers wanted

    In total, the new center will employ more than 600 people, including more than 200 employed directly by Żabka and 400 in companies cooperating with the chain. So far, about 140 employees and 50 associates have been recruited and are participating in the launching of the storage areas.

    Currently, the search is mainly for automation specialists, maintenance operators, mechanics, warehousemen, and forklift operators, as well as managers shift coordinators and shipment area managers. Current job offers in the logistics center of Żabka near Radzymin are available at Praca Radzymin ( You can also send apps to 

    Attractive working conditions

    Employees can count on favorable employment conditions, including a non-probationary employment contract, competitive pay, an attractive bonus system, and a transport allowance for commuting to work. They can also benefit from a wide range of competency-enhancing training and additional benefits in the form of private medical care, sports cards, life insurance, or Christmas gifts.

    In the logistics center, employees, co-workers, and suppliers will also have a canteen, where everyone will be able to eat a warm meal.

    Employees recommend working in the logistics centers of Żabka

    As an employer, Żabka is open to innovative ideas and non-standard solutions, and its employees drive each other to implement them, to build its brand together. For organizations, the real values of working in a group are key – openness, which gives room for action; ambition, which allows for incredible results; credibility, which gives a sense of meaning; and responsibility, which allows for a large degree of autonomy.

    The current employees of the chain’s logistics centers indicate several elements that are an asset for them in their work for Żabka. They highlight the atmosphere – an attitude towards cooperation and good understanding in teams, a rich package of non-wage benefits and development daily, i.e. the possibility of participating in additional projects. They also value autonomy in terms of their tasks, the possibility of change, understood as a real chance for promotion, and stability, that is job security.

    Tailor-made investment

    The logistics center in Małopole by Radzymin with a total area of approximately 60,000 m2 is a BTS (built-to-suit) project, which is prepared according to the individual needs of the Żabka chain and optimizes all its logistics operations. In addition to the so-called “dry” part, an automatic high-bay warehouse with a height of nearly 40 meters, chambers of the cold room and freezer in five different temperature zones, and an office part are also planned.

    The warehouse is equipped with innovative automatic solutions that will not only accelerate the logistics service of stores and improve the quality of service for franchisees, but also minimize the impact on the environment. The facility will be 100% powered by electricity from renewable sources.

    The new center will supply 3,500 stores. The project also includes the possibility of expanding the warehouse and automation, which will allow for an increase in the service of up to 5,000 stores. Up to 70% of shipments will be completed and palletized using storage automation.

    Innovative and efficient logistics

    Żabka Logistics is a distributed distribution network consisting of 8 logistics centers and 19 transshipment terminals. Deliveries to the chain’s facilities are carried out six days a week throughout Poland. More than 80% of stores receive logistics support every other day.

    Żabka Polska awarded scholarships for research, sports, and artistic activities to the most gifted children as well as charges of its franchisees, employees, and co-workers. Under the Żabka Scholarship Program, they will receive annual financial support of PLN 10,000 per person. Young artists, athletes, and scientists can use them to develop their passions, interests, and talents. This is the twelfth time the program has been implemented by Żabka.

    The Żabka Scholarship Program is aimed at students of primary schools, technical colleges, and high schools who, among their peers, are distinguished by extraordinary scientific achievements, extraordinary sports skills, exceptional artistic sense, or high ecological sensitivity.

    Żabka focuses on education and personal development, and at the same time wants to help where this help is needed. We are proud to support young, exceptional people to further develop and follow their passions. Our scholars have worked hard for the scholarships they have been awarded and have shown outstanding skills, abilities, and achievements. We chose them because they have great passions, they aim high, they dream courageously, and at the same time, every day, step by step, they pursue their goals in various fields: sports, science, and art. Thanks to their determination, they were among a very small group of winners, whom Żabka Polska will help to fulfill their dreams for the next year. These young people will be able to develop their passions and talents with greater freedom thanks to the scholarships granted – says Jolanta Bańczerowska, Member of the Management Board, Chief People Officer of the Żabka Group.

    This year, as many as 73 talented and ambitious young people applied for Żabka scholarships. Each candidate had to present his or her skills originally and prove that he or she was creative, active, committed, and hardworking. The Commission has selected 22 fellows, including 14 athletes, 5 artistic personalities, and 3 science lovers. Each scholarship holder will receive 10,000 PLN per year from Żabka to develop her or his passion.

    I train in horseback riding, love animals, and love staying with them and taking care of them. I’ve also been working as a volunteer for a few years. The grant will help me develop my passion, and pay for training and training camps. It’s also a great honor for me and motivation for further work –says Antosia Truszkowska, the 13-year-old daughter of a franchisee from Olsztyn.

    The ceremony of awarding the scholarships took place on February 24 this year in Żabka headquarters. During the event, the scholars took part in creative workshops organized by the actors of the Animation Theater in Poznań and visited the company headquarters.

    Since January 26, as part of the pilot project “Green Renewal”, customers of the Żabka chain have had the possibility to return disposable beverage packaging in all of over 120 Żabka stores located in Bydgoszcz. They can be returned directly to sellers or in ECOmats. The raw material collected will be used to create new packaging, so that less waste will end up in landfills. The project will not only benefit the planet but will also benefit customers – for every returned plastic bottle or can they will receive 50 żapps.

    Ecological actions make sense if we can achieve the right scale. To be effective, we need to design them in a simple, clear, and easy way for the recipient. That is why we are introducing the possibility of returning disposable beverage packaging in all Żabka stores across Bydgoszcz as part of the “Green Renewal” action. It aims to create environmental awareness among customers and to develop the habit of returning plastic and metal beverage packaging as we have managed to do for glass bottles. Our advantage is the proximity of stores, i.e. collection points, the ease and speed of the process of returning packaging, as well as the reward in the form of żapps for a pro-ecological attitude. With this collection, we will be able to recover valuable raw material and return it to the reproduction of packaging. Such measures make sense not only in terms of reducing plastic production and environmental pollution but also in terms of minimizing CO₂ emissions, which are the direct cause of climate change. I encourage customers to take part in our green transition towards a circular economy! – says Joanna Kasowska, Director of Quality and Food Management Standards in Żabka Polska.

    The “Green Renewal” project is implemented in cooperation with the Bydgoszcz City Hall.

    Proper waste collection, segregation, and the circular economy are the way to use raw materials and reuse them in the end. The implemented project is a step towards a circular economy, but in this regard, it is necessary to implement the relevant comprehensive legislation. We are pleased that the Żabka action, promoting good ecological behavior, in cooperation with the City, is implemented in Bydgoszcz –says Michał Sztybel, Deputy President of Bydgoszcz.

    How to take part in the Green Renewal campaign?

    Just find any store in Bydgoszcz and bring empty beverage packaging to it. Remember not to crush, damage, or tear off labels.

    Under the “Green Renewal” action, plastic PET bottles with a capacity of up to 2l and metal cans with a capacity of up to 1l can be returned (milk beverage packaging is excluded from the collection). Packages must have a clear barcode to be scanned. It is not necessary to wash them, but the remains of the beverages should be poured out from the brought packages.

    Customers who take part in the action will be rewarded with bonus loyalty points in the Żappka application, i.e. the so-called żapps – they will receive 50 żapps for each returned plastic (bottle) or metal (can) packaging. Purchases can be paid for with the collected żapps.

    Two ways to return – in ECOmat and to the seller

    In 54 stores in Bydgoszcz, it is possible to return packaging in EKOmats, which are special machines for separate collection of waste. In the remaining 67 stores in Bydgoszcz, you can return the packaging directly to the seller, who will also calculate the bonus żapps due for return. In this case, the limit applies – you can return up to 15 beverage packs at a time.

    For more information on the “Green Renewal” action, please visit:

    Social Responsibility of Żabka

    Żabka continues its social responsibility efforts, taking further steps and promoting recycling as one of the ways to reduce the production of primary plastic. In Poznań, Warsaw, and Łódź, it is already testing 29 EKOmats, thanks to which a total of almost 320 thousand aluminum cans and more than 701 thousand plastic beverage bottles were collected and received a second life. In addition, Żabka places information on how to properly assemble used packaging on the packaging of private label products. It also makes sure that as many of them as possible are made from secondary raw materials – bottles made of 100% recycled material (so-called rPET) are used for beverages of all Żabka private labels – Foodini, Wycisk, S! and mineral water OD NOWA.

    The second edition of the Żabka’s initiative the “League of Quality Champions” has ended. Over 2,400 franchisees were awarded as part of the competition. The 8 regional winners with the title of Quality Champions were announced during a gala ceremony held on January 19. The ranking of entrepreneurs operating under the name of the Żabka chain took into account the quality of management of establishments, maintaining high standards in stores and customer service, and consequently achieving the best sales results. The prize pool amounted to PLN 5 million.

    2nd edition of the Żabka Quality Champions League

    – The common denominator of all our activities is quality, which is expressed, among others, in the product offer, the high technological level of our services and solutions, as well as cooperation with franchisees. We also appreciate this aspect very much in their attitude. The League of Quality Champions competition was created to distinguish concretely the commitment of entrepreneurs who run stores with us. How the store, its staff, and the quality of service are managed in a real way translates into building a competitive advantage of the chain and a high level of customer satisfaction, which consequently leads to an increase in turnover and thus also in the income of entrepreneurs – notes Przemysław Kijewski, COO at Żabka Polska.

    The second edition of the Program began in July 2022 and lasted until the end of December last year. Nearly 90% of businesses under the green label participated. They competed for the title of Quality Champion within their Sales Regions. The awards went to over 2,400 franchisees, while the Champion title was awarded to the best 8 entrepreneurs from each region. The winners received financial awards. Depending on the place occupied, the “Quality Champions” gained – for the 1st place PLN 15,000 zł, for the 2nd place – PLN 13,000 zł, and the 3rd place – PLN 10,000.

    What were the winning Franchisees of Żabka awarded for?

      With such initiatives, the result is influenced primarily by the committed and trusted team. I try to manage my staff skillfully and motivate the staff accordingly. By sharing the prize in the competition with them in the form of bonuses, I wanted to emphasize how much I appreciated their commitment, and it is of course also extremely important to maintain high standards of management and service of the store and strive to raise them further. I am glad that I managed to deliver on the decision to be among the winners of this edition of the “League of Quality Champions” – emphasizes Patryk Pundyk, a franchisee of Żabka for 15 months, who runs a Żabka store in Warsaw.

    The ranking took into account the results related to, among others, the maintenance of high standards in stores, visits of a mysterious client, or the implementation of recommended e-training (e.g. in the area of sales or finance). Żabka has maintained permanent Regional Quality Rankings, individually for each of the 8 Sales Regions. The Competition Jury was responsible for the proper conduct of the competition and the announcement of the winners, and it included representatives of the chain from the Sales Support Department and the Franchisee Development Department.

    The third edition of the “League of Quality Champions” project started in early January and will end in June this year. Due to the high interest in the initiative, as well as the dynamic development of the Żabka chain and the increasing number of franchisees cooperating with it, the number of prizes will increase and the prize pool will reach PLN 6 million. The next Gala will take place in July.

    More about the Żabka franchise on:

    Żabka has offered an unusual auction in support of 31st Grand Finale of GOCC. Fans of the chain can bid on the Allegro platform to participate in an advertisement spot and spend a day full of attractions on the movie set with a marketing team. The auction is available at: Żabka and its franchisees play with the GOCC every year and collect donations in over 9000 stores throughout Poland. The company also encourages donations via the e-Piggy Bank available at

    This is another time when together with our franchisees we are comprising the largest Staff of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC) in Poland. We are engaged in this extraordinary action, which moves the hearts of people all over Poland, because we want to engage and encourage joint action for the benefit of those in need. We will collect donations in all our 9,000 stores up to 31st  Grand Finale of the GOCC – January 29, this year. Our franchisees, customers and employees have often shown great willingness to help, for which we are extremely proud and grateful. It is thanks to them that we can do so much good and we are counting strongly that we will donate as much money as possible this year too! – says Adam Manikowski, EVP, Managing Director of Żabka Polska.

    Bidding for the participation in Żabka spot will last until 5.02.2023. It can be found at:

    At the GOCC auction you can bid on participation in one of the Żabka spots, carried out as part of the new campaign “Free Up Free Time”, in which – often with a grain of salt – we show how we accompany our customers at every moment of the day, simplify their lives and thus free up their time so that they can spend it on their passions. I encourage everyone to participate in the auction, because it is a unique opportunity to spend time with us on the movie set and take part in the advertisement of Żabka, and thus do something good for others – says Jarosław Serednicki, Marketing Director at Żabka Polska.

    The chain’s website has traditionally also featured an e-Piggy Bank, which can be used to donate to the fundraiser. The Żabka does not forget about the possibility of supporting the objective of the 31st Grand Finale of the GOCC in the traditional way, i.e. putting cash into colorful cans, which are available in all over 9000 Żabka stores throughout Poland.

    The Żabka has been supporting the Grand Finales of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for many years, taking an active part in fundraisers. Last year, thanks to the involvement of customers and franchisees, the company donated to 30th Grand Finale of the GOCC 3 million PLN. Part of this amount was collected thanks to users of the Żappka app, who were happy to exchange loyalty points collected during their purchases, i.e. so-called “żapps” for charity bricks.

    This year’s 31st Grand Finale of the GOCC will be held on January 29 under the slogan “We want to beat sepsis! We play for all – the little and the big ones!”. Sepsis is a syndrome of symptoms caused by an uncontrolled, rapid response to infection. It is essential for the survival of the patient who has experienced it to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. This is why the GOCC wants to equip hospitals with devices to speed up the diagnosis of infections – this will enable better treatment of sepsis through faster implementation of targeted and effective antibiotic treatment.

    Żabka is proud that it can grow in Poznań, where its first stores appeared almost 25 years ago. It is in this city – on a global scale – that the company develops new technologies and employs a wide range of experts, including those in the field of BIG DATA and artificial intelligence. Żabka is also eager to share its knowledge and establish cooperation with local universities. The company has partnered with the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Adam Mickiewicz University and High School No VIII in Poznań to share knowledge and inspire high school students and university students to develop and get to know business even better. In total, Żabka already cooperates with 26 universities from all over the country.

    – Synergies between business and science are essential if the two parties are to set the course for development, implement innovation and, at the same time, strengthen their position and competitiveness. In Żabka, as a socially responsible company, we can see changes and challenges in the labor market. We focus on developing our teams and building the commitment of our employees. We are proud that Adam Mickiewicz University chose Żabka to reach students who would like to associate their future with us. The first stage of our cooperation with the Adam Mickiewicz University will include dedicated courses for students in the field of “Data analysis and processing”, and in the longer term we plan to extend our activities to other fields – says Marta Wrochna-Łastowska, Member of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer of Żabka Group.

    Apprenticeships, first job, scientific cooperation

    Under the agreement signed with Adam Mickiewicz University, students will be able to practice in Żabka, one of the most technologically advanced retail chains, and the best graduates have the chance to start their professional careers here. The two institutions have also committed to sharing experiences and scientific cooperation.

    – When I talk to my students, I often hear how important it is for them that the competencies acquired during their studies are useful in their work, so I am glad that we will be able to support students of Adam Mickiewicz University in gaining knowledge and skills that will allow them to build careers in companies making decisions based on data, such as Żabka. Cooperation with Adam Mickiewicz University, however, goes much further. We already see the potential for scientific collaboration today, where we can use innovative methods to deal with the analytical problems of the future – says Dr. Bartłomiej Przybylski, Data Science & Analytics Product Owner, Żabka Polska.

    Thanks to the cooperation agreement, the so-called Employers’ Council of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Adam Mickiewicz University, i.e. the consultative and advisory body of the university, was formally enlarged and strengthened with the addition of another partner – Żabka Polska. The strengthening of the Council will have a real impact on the development of the Faculty’s education policy and on the adaptation and implementation of study programs.

    – The objectives of any such cooperation carried out at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science are to exchange information and experience in the field of activities of both communities (science and practice), to initiate activities of common interest, and to identify possible fields of cooperation. We hope to implement joint research projects, carry out mutual advisory and consultative activities, and provide other forms of support in solving specific problems. Thanks to cooperation with Żabka, the skills of the graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Adam Mickiewicz University will be even more in line with the expectations of the labor market – said Tomasz Kowalski, Ph.D., Plenipotentiary for cooperation with external entities, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

    Patronage class in High School No VIII

    Żabka willingly supports educational initiatives. As part of the project “Roads to Business”, implemented jointly with the Adam Mickiewicz High School No VIII in Poznań, Żabka took the patronage over the economic academic class and worked together with its students on the project “Equal money” promoting social equal pay.

    The project also includes “Entrepreneurial Thursdays”, i.e. regular meetings with representatives of Żabka, who will share their knowledge and experience with students and will also outline the path of professional development. There is also an “Entrepreneurship Day with Żabka”, where students will take part in workshops organized in the headquarters of Żabka and visit one of the logistics centers. Żabka experts on digital and IT will also look after a group of passionate students realizing digital projects.

    Working with universities and schools, Żabka builds an image of a socially responsible leader and constantly reaches people willing and ready to associate their professional future with Żabka.

    From December 22 this year, customers traveling on the Wielkopolska Motorway will be able to make quick purchases in two Żabka stores located in motorway service areas, the so-called MOPs – Gnilec (the last rest stop before the German border) and Sosna (the first rest stop point after entering Poland from Germany). The new format includes the 9000th and 9001st jubilee stores. The new format is tailored to the needs of travelers, who can benefit from an extended range of hot snacks, coffee, and sandwiches or salads.

    – We are a chain close to the needs of our customers. That is why for several years we have been creating new formats of stores, adapted to the location and expectations of consumers, but we also give our franchisees the chance to run a good, local business. Today we open a new chapter in our development and debut with a unique concept in the country. Responding to the needs of travelers on the A2 motorway, we set up two jubilee stores nos 9000 and 9001 in rest areas for drivers. Our new concept is a friendly place for travelers, where not only can they eat a tasty hot dog or drink coffee, but also take advantage of a wide range of sandwiches, salads, or plant-based products – says Adam Manikowski, EVP, Managing Director, Żabka Polska.

    Responding to the needs of travelers

    The average time travelers (except professional drivers) spend staying at the motorway service areas (MOPs) varies from 15 minutes to 1 hour.[1] This is the time to make small purchases, eat and rest before continuing their journey. The establishment of Żabka chain stores in these locations, whose products and services are well known to consumers, adds value to the MOPs’ offer. As these stores are open around the clock and additionally equipped with self-service checkouts, shopping in them is quick and convenient and avoids standing in queues. Żabka stores at MOP Gnilec and MOP Sosna are therefore an interesting proposal for people who have little time, looking for a healthier meal alternative (including plant-based food), as well as professional drivers looking for basic supplies and a home-cooked meal.

    As a responsible partner of motorists, Wielkopolska Motorway takes care not only of the comfort and safety of travel but also of providing additional services that drivers can use. Rest areas on motorways and expressways are extremely important from the point of view of safety – during a long journey, drivers can rest on them, refuel, eat a meal and prepare for the further road. Cooperation with Żabka is the result of our proactive approach to travelers and their needs – we take into account their opinions and introduce solutions that make the rest areas more attractive places – saysSebastian Joachimiak, Board Member in Autostrada Wielkopolska S.A.

    Modern design

    Pavilions, in which Żabka stores operate in the rest areas, are modern and dynamic structures. The shape of the pavilion was designed for easy recognition on expressways and motorways. The store is based on a structure composed of containers, the outer skin of which is formed by a grid of metal lamella. In the openwork facade made of vertical elements, the architects played with cut-outs referring to Żabka branding. 

    The interior of the store has a dining area with tables where customers can enjoy a meal and rest during the trip. The total area of each store is approx. 135 sqm and the sales room area is approx. 90 sqm.

    The concept of pavilions is the work of designers from the model:lina™ office – a Polish design studio from Poznań, which has been awarded many times in international and national competitions. The designers have created a lightweight and open-to-the-environment pavilion, which finds its form directly in the logo of the brand itself. Architectural and construction design and technical design were made by the boutique studio maKa Architects. 

    Family business

    The Żabka stores in the MOPs on the concession section of A2 are also unique since the franchisees who run them are a married couple from Krosno Odrzańskie who has been cooperating with the Żabka chain for several years.

    – For years I have been successfully developing my own business in cooperation with the Żabka chain. The distinction for me is that I can run, together with my wife, the 9,000th store in such an unusual location. Thanks to the wide range of products and services I have the opportunity to reach a new group of customers – travelers – both from home and abroad. I believe that my store will be a place for them, where they will not only quickly and conveniently make the necessary purchases, but also rest in a relaxed atmosphere before the next stage of the journey – says Tomasz Rogowski, the franchisee of the 9000th Żabka store.

    Żabka – new locations and store format development

    For Żabka the year 2022 is a period of dynamic development and investment in unique solutions, which change the purchasing experience of customers and increase the comfort and efficiency of franchisees’ work. Currently, over 7600 franchisees work with the chain, which operates more than 9000 stores in the whole country. Wanting to be closer to customers, Żabka reaches new locations and develops the format of stores to match new types of locations and ambitious expansion goals. In February the 8000th store in Sieraków was opened, being the first Żabka in this village with several thousand inhabitants. In April, Żabka Smart was launched at Półwiejska Street in Poznań, where new technological solutions aimed at improving the work of franchisees are being researched. In the summer, customers were able to shop in 90 seasonal establishments in tourist villages, and modern mobile Żabka facilities served consumers during many cultural events. The chain’s portfolio in the past year has also been joined by Żabka Eko Smart, a laboratory of eco-innovation enriched with smart solutions optimizing the work of franchisees. The first of its kind was opened in September in Poznań, and the second in November in Łódź. Thanks to the proximity of stores, as well as a tailor-made offer of products and services, Żabka simplifies the life of customers and frees their time.

    [1] IQS survey for Żabka, 2022.

    The search for Żabu is over! Żabu – a virtual frog who loves apples and frequent showers and stays in the Żappka app, waiting for users who will want to take care of it. Żabu loves to play games and hopes that there will be people with whom it will be able to share its passion. Do you want to take care of Żabu? From December 12 to December 19 this year[1] register at: You will have the chance to join the 5,000 exceptional players who will be the first to get to know Żabu and test the only retail game on the European market available only in the app of the Żabka chain of stores.

    Żabka continually deploying digital solutions to make life easier for consumers; it is now expanding this range with a tool to provide them with entertainment and entering the mobile gaming market. The project was based on research involving users of the Żappka application – they were among others involved in the creation of the Żabu character. The test version of the game will reach up to 5 thousand players, while the final product will be available for all users of Żappka in 2023.

    It will soon be four years since the launch of the Żappka app. More than 10 million people have already downloaded it. We continuously make sure that it is innovative and stands out from other applications of its type. Now we are starting with the test of the new functionality, which is Żabu. Why a game? Because the gaming industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. The global market for mobile games is growing steadily, it is estimated that in 2022 it will reach USD 196.8 billion.[2] We believe that Żabu will be a hit among both older and younger gaming fans; it will provide our customers with entertainment, and at the same time it will be a modern communication tool for our offer –says Dino Metaxas, director of digital acceleration in Żabka Polska.

    In December, the chain will launch the Żabu test, which will allow us to gain a thorough knowledge of the expectations of lovers of electronic entertainment, and the collected information will set the directions for modifying the functionality used in the game. In this way, Żabka wants to get a product that fits the expectations as much as possible.

    180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT agency is responsible for the development of the solution:

    We are excited to implement projects combining communication, business, and technology, which is why we believe in the expansion of the world of Żabka. This is not just a mobile game, but a novel business solution that we have developed together with the customer. The creative part of the game – the character and its nature, name, language, mechanics, and scenarios – is thoughtful and designed in accordance with the idea of the Żappka, which we cared most about. The character is designed in 3D because this technique allows not only attractive animations but also gives the perspective of exploiting the Żabu outside the virtual world. We hope that, like us, everyone will like it – says Jacek Karolak, Business Director 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT.

    Adventure in the world of electronic entertainment

    The main character of the game is Żabu, a virtual frog that is about 4 cm tall. It loves apples, frequent showers, and should not stay unattended for too long. And most of all… it likes to play games!

    Made in 3D animation Żabu reacts to the customer’s behavior. It develops and gains further levels in the game, depending on the purchases made by the player, including those made through the loyalty points collected in the account called żapps. Users will have the opportunity to personalize their Żabu character by purchasing different types of accessories.

    The game involves breeding and regular care for the character of the Żabu created by the player. To complete it, you must pass 100 levels, and when shopping in the stores of the chain, get additional points – for each zloty spent – 5 flies, which are a favorite delicacy of the Żabu and guarantee its survival.

    Once you reach certain levels, you will be faced with a reward box containing free żapps, products, or discounts on purchases. Participants who pass all 100 levels and complete the game will receive a surprise.

    Żappka users chose Żabu

    Developing the game was preceded by research among users of the Żappka application – the most highly rated idea was just the implementation of the game (as much as 85% of indications). The research was also aimed at selecting the features that are most attractive to the chain’s customers – respondents rated the gamification very highly. During the testing process, the player was also asked about the optimal appearance of the game and its name. As many as 80% of the target audience chose Żabu.

    The global market for mobile gaming is growing

    According to Spicy Mobile’s analysis, the mobile gaming market is currently the largest and fastest-growing segment in terms of revenue. By 2023, it is expected to exceed US$100 billion, and the number of mobile gaming users will reach over 3 billion.[3] By that time, as many as 43% of all active smartphones will be 5G-compatible, which will have a significant impact on consumer behavior.

    According to IQS research, men are more often the players in Poland – the percentage of women among players is 47%. However, if we consider only the market for mobile games, then in this segment the majority of women is already decisive – that’s as much as 61%![4]

    Poles spend PLN 2.4 billion a year on buying games. Compared to other countries, this is not a large amount, but it is more than we spend on books, cinema or VOD services.

    Żappka is one of the most popular mobile applications in Poland – it has already been downloaded by 10 million people. It allows you to accumulate points (żapps) and exchange them for products available in stores. In addition, Żappka provides users with unique experiences of using personalized promotions, challenges, or services, facilitating their daily functioning. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play, Apple App Store, and Huawei AppGallery. For more information, see:

    The creative concept and co-creation of Żabu are handled by 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT, the project’s technology partners are Future Mind, Synerise, and Netguru. The service in social media is provided by the Cukier Agency.

    [1] Until 19.12.2022 or until reaching the limit of 5000 players.




    Żabka introduces the “Strategic Education Project”, whose aim is to increase the business competencies of franchisees and to meet the educational needs they report. It is also intended to improve the competence of the Żabka’s training partners and trainers so that they will play the role of internal educators in a methodical and modern way. The project is implemented as part of a Strategic Partnership with the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University of Technology and Monika Ferreira, the author of the Franczyza 2.0 project and methodology for building network systems, Founding Partner in the practice of strategic consulting I’GS In Good Strategy. The implementation of the program is part of the Żabka Group’s Responsibility Strategy, one of the objectives of which is to increase franchisees’ satisfaction with the cooperation with the chain.

    Żabka wants to develop the competencies of its franchisees and certify their progress in three main areas: development of store running skills, development of team management competence, and development of entrepreneurship. It is about providing knowledge and upgrading the skills of running a shop and – in the next stage – in the development of business and entrepreneurship. The chain aims to help franchisees scale up their business and improve their financial performance, focusing their efforts on creating a space for personal and professional development.

    – Żabka’s business model based on franchise allows the development of own business already to more than 7600 entrepreneurs throughout Poland. Business education of franchisees and the development of managerial skills are crucial for us, which is why we provide comprehensive training and development programs for entrepreneurs running Żabka stores, including the program prepared in cooperation with the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University of Technology and franchise market experts. We believe that a franchise model based on franchisee-centricity, supported by education and a focus on the development of franchisees, will strengthen our strategy and the sustainability of the chain, and to the franchisees themselves it will guarantee greater capabilities and achievement of even better business performance – stresses Adam Manikowski, EVP, Managing Director, Żabka Polska.

    At the Warsaw University of Technology, we implement various educational and development programs for the franchise industry, aimed at developing entrepreneurial competencies. We are pleased that our experts can support Żabka in the implementation of the “Strategic Education Project”, whose task is to systematically and thoughtfully transfer to the chain’s franchisees the knowledge and skills of a modern entrepreneur. We believe that the development of franchisees through education, the competent preparation of trainers and sales partners for their roles, is a way to a well thought out, scalable business model – says Eryk Głodziński, Ph.D. Eng., Prof. of the University, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Management at the Warsaw University of Technology.

    The implementation and improvement of modern work tools, innovative solutions facilitating the management of stores, effective communication within the company and with customers, and the use of artificial intelligence in business decision-making, enable Żabka to compete perfectly in the market. The chain, implementing the “Strategic Education Project”, despite the huge scale of its activity, wants to focus on the individual and unlock her/his enterprise and together with franchisees build added value for the business– says Monika Ferreira, Franczyza 2.0 project author, Founding Partner and Strategic Advisor in the practice of strategic advice I’GS In Good Strategy.

    Development of competencies and opportunity for promotion

    The test of the program began in October. It is attended by nearly 30 new franchisees who signed cooperation agreements in August and September this year. It includes 3 online training courses and 3 on-site training courses conducted by experts from the Management Department of the Warsaw University of Technology. The meetings are also attended by mentors, i.e. training partners, who, after obtaining certification, from 2023 will independently conduct training for franchisees, supervised by the University’s experts.

    The program is currently aimed at franchisee candidates and new franchisees. Ultimately, it will also cover current franchisees who will be trained in human resources management. Obtaining a certificate opens up the possibility for franchisees to further advance in the chain’s structures – they can act as training partners or franchisees for trainers.

    Franchise with Żabka

    There are more than 8,900 Żabka stores in the whole country. Today, more than 7600 entrepreneurs run their stores under the green label. To join the chain, all candidates must complete the stage of recruitment and training, as well as make their contribution, currently amounting to approx. PLN 5 thousand. The franchisees receive a fully equipped and furnished store in a location that is evaluated, among others, in terms of the potential number of customers. They also gain the know-how and ability to operate under a commonly known brand. They can count on technical support, service support, or training. Żabka rents a place for them covers the rent and gas charges. Entrepreneurs cooperating with the chain are also protected in case of business failure, being able to use the so-called Business Policy – it is special insurance that allows avoiding termination of cooperation with the chain with a negative balance, in case of possible losses occurring, those losses in a significant part are covered by TUW PZUW.