Diversity and inclusive organizational culture is one of the areas with a strategic dimension for Żabka Group. The company’s daily decisions are guided by an equality approach that is based on objective, fair, and unbiased evaluation. Creating an environment in which every person, regardless of age, gender, family situation, or economic status, has equal opportunities, feels safe, and is respected and appreciated for the quality and value of the work they do is an ongoing process. Żabka Group conducts, among other things, equality-inclusive training for male and female employees, organizes anti-discrimination webinars, as well as inclusive leadership training for male and female leaders. Employees and female employees are involved in educational campaigns, such as “Żabka is people”, in which their non-worker side was shown. Żabka Group was the first Polish company to obtain the Equal Salary certificate, which confirms that there is no gender pay gap. The company is also involved in external initiatives such as the Diversity Charter or Target Gender Equity. In this way, Żabka Group creates an organizational culture capable of recognizing and enhancing the potential of everyone, while creating an environment based on cooperation and sharing experiences.

    Diversity Leaders 2024 ranking, created by the UK’s Financial Times in partnership with research firm Statista, is the result of the most comprehensive research into diversity and inclusion standards in the workplace. The final list of 850 companies is the result of an independently conducted survey of more than 100,000 employees from 16 countries.

    Żabka is constantly looking for solutions that make its customers’ lives easier and free up their time. New store formats are an example of such initiatives. One of them is Żabka Non Stop, which opened in Warsaw. It is a hybrid formula that allows customers to shop 24/7. The second concept is the Żabka Drive store located in Piaseczno, which allows customers to order and pick up products from the Żabka Café offer without leaving their car. Both store formats were opened in a jubilee year for Żabka, in which the chain is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

    Two new Żabka formats have been launched in Warsaw and Piaseczno. Żabka Non Stop is a store that operates as a standard outlet of the Żabka chain between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. – customers will meet a well-known and well-liked salesperson there, the store offers a catering area, all convenient services and a full range of products. On the other hand, during the night hours, i.e. from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., the store turns into an autonomous Żabka Nano, which can be entered using a payment card or the Żappka mobile app with a payment card connected to Żappka Pay, and shopping is unattended and cashless. This means that during the night hours at Żabka Non Stop, all you have to do is take the products of your choice from the shelf and… leave. Regardless of whether we turn up at Żabka Non Stop at 7 a.m. or 1 a.m., there are products from Żabka private label range waiting for us, such as Szamamm ready meals, Tomcio Paluch sandwiches, Foodini liquid snacks, Wycisk juices and lemonades and hot, freshly ground coffee from the coffee machine.

    Another novelty is the Żabka Drive located in Piaseczno, where shopping can be done without getting out of the car. In this store, customers will find an extended range of snacks known from Żabka Café. Available among others are hot dogs, casseroles, burgers, wraps, and paninis, as well as sweet snacks such as cupcakes, doughnuts, and yeast cakes. Lovers of sweet desserts will be pleased to be able to purchase shakes and Italian ice cream. These products are sold in three flavors: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. There will also be a wide assortment of our customers’ favorite warm drinks, namely aromatic coffees, which can be drunk with both traditional and oat milk.

    For customers who appreciate the opportunity to do traditional shopping, there is a spacious car park adjacent to the store. At Żabka Drive, you will also find a special area where you can sit down, eat, and rest before continuing your journey, as well as a place to charge the batteries in your mobile devices.

    – For 25 years, Żabka’s priority has been to create value for our customers. The new store formats not only respond to their needs but also simplify their lives and free up their time. Żabka Drive and Żabka Non Stop are the results of the path we have taken from small, traditional stores to a modern convenience ecosystem that delivers products and services to more than 3 million customers every day,” – says Adam Manikowski, Executive Vice President of the Management Board, Żabka Group, Managing Director of Żabka Polska.

    New store concepts are created with the active participation of Żabka franchisees, for whom the possibility of running a store in a new format is an opportunity to develop their business. – I have been connected with the Żabka chain for almost 10 years, including 6 years as a franchisee. Initially, I helped my mother, but today I run my store. I have also been a member of the Franchisee Council and a Franchisee Change Partner. Professional and personal development is extremely important to me, hence the decision to run a Żabka Drive store. I am convinced that the new format will meet the expectations of customers on the go, who from now on can reach for their favorite product known from Żabka Café without leaving their car. What’s more, my outlet will be the first to boast delicious shakes, which will certainly have a group of fans of their own,” emphasizes Patryk Nogaj, franchisee of Żabka Drive in Piaseczno near Warsaw.

    The first Żabka Non Stop is located at 64a Wolska Street in Warsaw, and its sales floor area is 46 sq m. Żabka Drive, on the other hand, is located in Piaseczno at 44d Puławska Street, and its sales floor area is 140 sq m.

    A hot dog will be sold by Robbie the robot at Żabka in the Old Brewery

    The 10,000th jubilee Żabka was opened on October 27, this year in Stary Browar (Old Brewery), well-known to the people of Poznań. The shopping center is visited by around 9 million people every year, who from now on will be able to enjoy Żabka’s wide range of products and convenient services. Customers will also be in for a surprise – Robbie the robot – which will prepare and serve the iconic Żabka snack, the hot dog, with automatic precision. On the day of the grand opening, a commemorative mural is being created near the anniversary shop. A mosaic of 2,000 photographs is being created throughout Friday with the help of Stary Browar customers. The whole will form a specially designed logo for the 10,000th store.

    The opening of the 10,000th store is a milestone in the development of Żabka chain. We wouldn’t have reached it if it wasn’t for our franchisees who take care of customer relations and build a positive image of our brand daily. It is with them in mind that we develop our chain and make our franchise offer more attractive by adding more benefits and modern tools. Such activities are also expected of us by customers, for whom Żabka’s second heart beats. That is why we are constantly reaching out to new places and surprising them with innovative solutions to respond even better to consumers’ needs and make life easier for millions of them every day –says Adam Manikowski, Executive Vice President of the Management Board, Żabka Group, Managing Director of Żabka Polska.

    Norbert Kruk, who has been with the chain for several years, became the franchisee of the anniversary store. – Żabka stays ahead of market trends by responding to the changing needs of consumers as well as our franchisees. I have been cooperating with the chain for 6 years, running Żabka Eko Smart in Poznań and a store located in the company’s headquarters. I am glad that I will be managing the jubilee outlet, which combines technology with pro-environmental solutions increasing energy efficiency – emphasizes Norbert Kruk.

    A hot dog is prepared by a robot

    One of the innovative solutions used in the 10,000th store is a custom-made robot serving hot dogs for Żabka. Żabka Nano customers are already familiar with Robbie. The first such device was installed in an autonomous store in Warsaw at 54 Dobra St. Now this innovative solution has been used for the first time in a traditional store. Thanks to Robbie, customers of the outlet in Stary Browar, in addition to quick shopping or hot coffee from the coffee machine, can order a quick, hot meal prepared without contact. – Taking care of a positive shopping experience for consumers is a priority for me. I hope that the now-famous Robbie the robot, serving the iconic hot dogs, will provide my customers with a unique experience and that my store will stand out in the market thanks to it – adds the franchisee of the 10,000th store.

    Eco Smart solutions

    The 10,000th store also uses state-of-the-art fridges to reduce the energy required to cool the goods. The insulation of these fridges and the refrigerated counter next to the checkout is made of hemp seed mats, which have very good thermal properties. Inside the freezer cabinets and the refrigerated counter, glycol shelves have been installed to store the cold and release it at critical moments of the unit’s operation, such as during external breakdowns.

    The store also has the latest generation of air purification system – Safe Air – which cleans the air of harmful pollutants, also absorbing the smallest particles, including viruses and bacteria. The air conditioning installed in the store, through a centralized system, makes it possible to control temperatures, which reduces electricity consumption.

    Jubilee mosaic mural

    An attraction awaits the customers of the 10,000th Żabka store. On the day of the opening, they have a unique opportunity to create a mosaic mural from photographs taken in a special photo booth. The photographs taken by customers, printed in the appropriate color and pasted in a designated place, will form a jubilee logotype – 10 000 Żabek, TEJ! The composition will consist of as many as 2,000 photographs.

    Jubilee Żabka in Stary Browar shopping centre (Poznań, 42 Półwiejska St.), is located near the entrance from the car park and escalators (level 0, pavilion 207). The outlet is open from Monday to Saturday between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. and on Sundays between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

    Exceptional products with a touch of rose created by the singer are available only at Żabka

    Żabka loves to surprise its customers, it is a hallmark of the chain. This time it has prepared something that has never happened before in the chain’s history. It is a unique line of three products ‘sanah takeaway feast’, prepared in collaboration with one of the most popular artists as part of the next installment of the “Hungry” campaign. Original focaccini, sandwich, and salad with pearl couscous and courgette are united by the unusual taste note of rose. The offer is available in all Żabka stores from October 25, this year.

    This is the first collaboration of its kind established by Żabka. As part of it, sanah – involving herself in all stages of creation – created her line of products. She not only chose their types but also approved the ingredients and the taste so that the compositions were close to her preferences. She also participated in the process of designing the packaging, preparing the script for the spot, and planning the campaign. As a result, the products created in collaboration with the artist provide an authentic taste experience in line with sanah’s aesthetics and philosophy. They will be available in Żabka stores as part of a limited offer, from 25.10 to 21.11 this year or until stocks last.

    – We are delighted that the first collaboration of this kind was established with sanah, a top Polish artist. At Żabka we like to surprise our customers with novelties, including often unconventional flavor combinations – a seemingly ordinary ham sandwich becomes unusual through the use of such an unobvious ingredient as rose. This is why the ‘sanah takeaway feast’ campaign fits perfectly with our philosophy. By expanding our range of quick snacks with proposals composed by sanah, especially for our customers, we free up their time so that they can do what they like and, for example, go to a concert. We have something for Żabka fans and sanah fans – says Jarosław Serednicki, Marketing & Digital Director at Żabka Polska.

    A hint of rose in each of the products available

    Offered as part of the ‘sanah takeaway feast’, the focaccini, with mozzarella, ham, pineapple, mayonnaise-tomato sauce, and rose petals, is inspired by Hawaiian pizza, of which the singer is a big fan. Rose petals are also present in the Dobra Karma salad, with pearl couscous, courgette, cheese, peppers, and spinach-mint pesto. There was also a hint of rose in the Tomcio Paluch sandwich, created on protein bread, with turkey ham, cream cheese, and green cucumber – this time in the form of rose ketchup. The product packaging features a distinctive – also rose – design. The peachy-pink labels are decorated with flowers and rose petals and a special logo for the ‘sanah takeaway feast’ campaign.

    I love feasts, as you well know! The other day I thought, what if I could compose my products… with the addition of rose? And maybe you could also sense a hint of my beloved Hawaiian pizza? A crazy idea, but it worked! I invite you to feast, dear friends!sa – says sanah.

    Campaign for the ‘sanah takeaway feast’ action

    The name of the action ‘sanah takeaway feast’ refers to the musical feast[1], that the singer served her fans during her concert tour, as well as feasting with Żabka’s dishes whenever a customer gets hungry while on the run. “Takeaway”, on the other hand, is the DNA of the Żabka brand and the QMS offer, also associated with the artist’s biggest hit: “Ale jazz” [All that jazz] (“A takeaway coffee today accompanies me…”).

    In the action communication, sanah shows her various artistic incarnations – a reference to her ‘Uczta nad Ucztami’ [Feast of Feasts] tour, which summarises her work to date. The story depicted in the TV spot is to enter sanah’s magical world and meet all her artistic incarnations, who together – in an enchanted setting – prepare a Feast for customers.

    In addition to the TV spot, outdoor activities, and activities in Żabka’s social media, the campaign will also include activities in the Żappka mobile application, where one can win attractive prizes. In addition, on October 25-28, this year, Warsaw residents will have the opportunity to “immerse” themselves in the magical world of sanah live. At the Żabka at 81 Jerozolimskie Avenue in Warsaw, they can not only taste the products from the ‘sanah takeaway feast’, but also take a photo against the background of a display window decorated with flowers, looking identical to the setting of the campaign spot. In line with Żabka’s environmental policy and its Responsibility Strategy, the plants used for decoration, most of which are artificial, will get a second life – they will be reused by the florist studio cooperating with the chain on this campaign.

    Żabka the leader in catering offer

    Żabka is the largest chain of food outlets in Poland. Its offer includes hot dogs, panini, pizza wraps, breakfast sandwiches, focaccini, and many sweets – from croissants to yeast cakes, donuts, and doughnuts. The almost 2,500 selected stores also offer #PROSTOzPIECA crunchy snacks: fries, casseroles, chicken nuggets, or churros. There is also no shortage of coffee and other hot drinks.

    More information about the offer can be found at: https://www.zabka.pl/zabka-cafe

    [1] sanah album „Uczta” (‘Feast’), Magic Records, 2022.

    In October 2023, Żabka celebrates 25 years on the market. On this occasion, it has prepared a special information and image campaign dedicated to franchising entitled “You can take that… to Żabka!”. The communication uses diverse channels, including traditional advertising media, podcasts, and social media.

    A flexible approach and acting in accordance with the idea of franchise-centricity have accompanied Żabka chain in the development of Polish entrepreneurship for 25 years. Despite the changing market situation and emerging challenges, more than 8,600 entrepreneurs across Poland are successfully running their local businesses under its banner. The campaign “You can take that… to Żabka!” draws attention to the chain’s long-standing experience and the support offered to franchisees from the very beginning of cooperation. It presents franchising with Żabka as a proven and safe alternative to working as a salaried employee or running an independent business outside the franchise network.

    The motto “You can take that… to Żabka!”, which paraphrases the phrase “You can take that to the bank”, will be accompanied by slogans referring to the chain’s activities and support for franchisees. These will include: “Own business with an experienced partner”, “A proven location for a store?”, “Training and business support?” or “A well-known brand and customers from day one”.

    Żabka’s new campaign will include outdoor media, communication on the Internet, advertising activities, and social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YT). Additional activities have been planned as part of the project, including, among others, a series of interviews with franchisees, which will be published in the form of articles, podcasts, and video content on YouTube and podcast listening apps, among others.

    Garden of Words agency was responsible for developing the creative idea and social media activity. Zuzanna Dąbrowska, Art Director, supervised the concept and artistic consistency. The media house Spark Foundry Polska, in cooperation with the Performics specialist unit, was responsible for media purchase and the strategy implementation plan. The spot, podcasts, and photo shoot were produced by production house 8image. The new-look materials will be available in online channels, at Żabka outlets, as well as on outdoor media such as billboards and citylights.

    The campaign was launched on October 2, this year. Read more at: https://www.zabka.pl/franczyza

    Presence in major Polish cities, unobvious and distinctive communication, and a growing group of satisfied customers – after two years of operation, the Żabka Jush app has plenty of reasons to celebrate. And with it its customers, who are showing that the app has become a permanent fixture in their daily lives. Since the launch of the service, the most loyal customer has already placed 656 orders, while another fan of convenience and speed has been ordering from the Żabka Jush app for 574 days in the 2 years of its existence!

    Since the launch of the service in October 2021. Żabka Jush has covered more cities and now delivers ordered products in as little as 15 minutes for residents of Warsaw, Gdańsk, Sopot, Kraków, Poznań and Katowice. Thanks to the intuitive app and express deliveries, the group of customers who use this convenient solution to save time every day is also growing. In some cases, we can take this very literally, because since the launch of the service, the most loyal customer has already placed 656 orders, while another has ordered for a total of almost 600 days!

    We are celebrating not only our second birthday but also the fact that we have become such an important part of our customers’ lives during this time. Our service makes their everyday life easier and allows them to find more time for what is important to them – says Zuzanna Dębowska, Chief Commercial Officer at Lite e-Commerce. And since customers and their needs are at the heart of our business, celebrating our second birthday we have prepared an offer of products for just PLN 2 each. We hope that this will be a form of blowing out the symbolic candles on the Żabka Jush cake together with our customers.

    According to data from Żabka Jush, residents of Warsaw like bananas more than inhabitants of other cities, inhabitants of Kraków love Tomcio Paluch sandwiches, while inhabitants of Poznań love Sukcesiliana pizza. That is why Żabka Jush thought of different tastes when preparing its birthday promotion. Products at exceptionally low prices include drinks (e.g., Lipton, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Tiger), fruit, or sweet snacks (e.g., Kinder Bueno or Bounty). 

    The promotion runs from October 16 to 22 this year. Each day of the promotion, selected 3 products will be available for just PLN 2. From Friday to Sunday, the number of products covered by the promotion will increase – there will be as many as 5. Details of the products covered by the promotion on a given day can be found in the Żabka Jush app.

    Żabka, a leader in technological development among retail chains in Poland, together with its partners has implemented a modern Cisco SD-WAN network in its stores, integrated with the company’s business systems. In this way, it has provided unified internet access to all of the more than 9800 outlets operating under its banner. This is the largest implementation of its kind in the world on a single technology platform, enabling further dynamic growth of Żabka.

    Żabka stores, located almost all over the country, have so far used a VPN that allowed a maximum of 10,000 outlets to be connected. This limit would be reached later this year. At the peak, the stores were using the services of 300 different Internet providers, which offered different quality and technology of the connection.

    The dynamic growth of the Żabka chain makes it necessary for us to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of our franchisees. Nowadays, a store without stable Internet access loses its raison d’être, cannot provide extensive services to our customers or take advantage of the digital ecosystem we make available to our franchisees, so to maintain the dynamics of our development and ensure the comfort of work of the entrepreneurs cooperating with us, the implementation of this project was a priority for us. The implementation of a modern SD-WAN network, completed together with our partners, provides our stores with a stable connection to the internet, as well as opening up the possibility of implementing new services – said Jakub Masłowski, Director of Technology, Żabka Group.

    The SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) technology, implemented in Żabka stores in cooperation with Trecom and Cisco, allows for the unlimited connection of further devices and outlets, offers the possibility of integration with other systems, and reduces the time spent on maintenance and ongoing administration to a minimum.

    – Cisco SD-WAN is a software-defined and cloud-delivered wide area network that enables businesses and organizations to securely connect users to their applications. We are extremely pleased that Żabka has chosen to implement this state-of-the-art solution and are confident that it will help the company grow further. We are also very impressed by the competence and innovative approach of the Trecom engineering team, which proved crucial to the success of this implementation – said Przemysław Kania, General Manager of Cisco in Poland.

    In cooperation with Trecom, Żabka’s teams prepared the infrastructure together with the software, minimizing store unavailability during the migration to the new solution to a few minutes. Thanks to efficient coordination, distribution, instructions, notification, and communication to franchisees, the implementation took place simultaneously even in more than 250 outlets per day. The application developed by Trecom guided the franchisees step-by-step through the device installation process, automating configuration and testing. It also served to integrate the SD-WAN with Żabka’s main business systems: SAP and Salesforce, as well as the Power BI platform. The application also allows for the automation of chain management, including relationships with nearly 300 operators providing internet connectivity.

    The primary benefit of implementing an SD-WAN network integrated with business systems is the creation of a stable foundation for Żabka’s further development. This allows the company to smoothly pursue further goals: including increasing the number of outlets over the next few years.

    The Bronze Shield at the Responsible Film Festival ’17 Goals’ was won by a production made jointly by Żabka Group and the Independent Robinsons Foundation. The film depicting the “Good Internship at Żabka” project was awarded in the “Business” category. The competition jury appreciated not only the aesthetics of the 5-minute clip but above all the subject matter, which in a moving and inspiring way draws attention to today’s most important social problems. A total of 41 films qualified for this year’s 8th edition of the competition.

    “Good Internship at Żabka” is both the title of the film and the name of the program run in conjunction with the Independent Robinsons Foundation. It is aimed at young people from foster care institutions. The Żabka Group, together with its franchisees, enables young people to participate in paid internships in stores, thus giving them a chance to gain knowledge and experience and facilitating their start in professional life. The initiative has been running for 7 years. To date, more than 22,000 internship hours have already been delivered, i.e., a total of 280 internships lasting from 2 weeks to 3 months. Żabka’s franchisees who want to take care of the interns undergo training conducted by a representative of the Foundation and become mentors. The young people receive remuneration for their work. The internships are also supervised by a mentor appointed by the Independent Robinsons Foundation.

    The protagonists of the film ‘Good Internship at Żabka’ are this year’s interns and their mentors. Their stories, passions, and dreams are presented. The film gives a glimpse of what their work during the internship entails and tells what difficulties they had to face, what personal barriers they had to overcome, and with which new professional skills they will move on into the world. The film was directed and edited by the Poznań-based agency 8image.

    We are extremely pleased with the award given to the film about our ‘Good Internship at Żabka’ program. This confirms to us that our activities within the framework of the Social Involvement Strategy, aimed at ensuring a better quality of life for local communities, including equal opportunities in the labor market, are recognized and appreciated. Thanks to the program, young people at risk of social exclusion get the chance to gain their first work experience. We would like to thank our franchisees – mentors, for being actively involved in this program and sharing their knowledge and skills with the trainees –says Katarzyna Przewęzikowska, Manager of the External Relations and CSR Team at Żabka Polska.

    The Responsible Film Festival “17 Goals” is organised by the Res Severa Foundation in Poznań. It is the only festival in Poland dedicated to documentary and promotional films produced by companies, NGOs, and public institutions in the field of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The name of the festival directly refers to the UN Agenda and the 17 Global Goals contained therein. The winners will be announced on September 29, 2023.

    Nearly 70 franchisees running Żabka stores received a special certificate for completing the Entrepreneurship Academy, which the chain, together with the Faculty of Management at Warsaw University of Technology and experts from the franchise market, inaugurated in March 2023. Thanks to the project, franchisees expanded their knowledge of issues related to entrepreneurship, running their own business and store under Żabka banner – including finance, organization, and management of the outlet, and human resources. Due to the extremely positive reception of the Entrepreneurship Academy, it will become an important part of the training series dedicated to franchisees. The certificate presentation ceremony took place on September 22 at the Warsaw University of Technology.

    The goal of the Entrepreneurship Academy is to improve the skills of entrepreneurs operating in Żabka chain and candidates for franchisees in the field of store management, and team management, as well as gaining sales competence. The training cycle allows for self-realization and personal development. It provides new business knowledge and helps develop specific skills. The initiative is led by Żabka as part of its Strategic Partnership with the Faculty of Management at the Warsaw University of Technology and franchise market experts.

    The Faculty of Management at the Warsaw University of Technology, together with its partner I’GS In Good Strategy, has confirmed that the Entrepreneurship Academy educational and development program is conducted following the Franchise 2.0 model. This is the result of many months of joint work when we audited the entrepreneurship learning system so far offered to franchisees by Żabka chain, and built and implemented a new model for raising the competence of franchisees. During the certificate presentation ceremony, we received many warm words from franchisees about the Entrepreneurship Academy, its usefulness in running a business, and its importance in personal development. The certificate is subject to renewal every year to ensure the high quality of the program and its transformative nature –says Eryk Głodziński, Ph.D., Professor of the Academy and deputy Dean of the Faculty of Management at Warsaw University of Technology.

    As part of the 1st edition of the initiative, a total of nearly 200 classroom trainings and over 60 online trainings were conducted. The certification program included 3 desktop meetings (6 h) on Effective Management of a Small Team, Conscious Leadership, Shaping Organizational Culture, and Entrepreneurial Finances, as well as 3 online meetings (3 h) on topics such as Entrepreneurial Mindset and Ownership Approach, Processes in an Organization and Information and Communication Technologies. More than 1,400 franchise candidates were trained in “Entrepreneurial Basics.” Open training sessions of the Entrepreneurship Academy, in turn, were attended by nearly 800 entrepreneurs in total.

    Participation in such a project is not only an opportunity to strengthen or develop skills in the areas of human resources management, organizational culture, or finance. It’s also a chance to exchange insights and share knowledge among franchisees. For me, as a franchisee and a training trainer at the same time, it’s a chance to broaden my horizons and gain knowledge, which I share with more franchisee candidates. It is extremely important that Żabka invests in such ventures. After all, people with different backgrounds and needs start businesses with the chain – thanks to the training offered by Żabka, including the Entrepreneurship Academy, they get a good start in their development in franchising says Beata Świerczyńska, a franchisee of Żabka store from Warsaw and a training trainer.

    To receive a certificate of completion of the Entrepreneurship Academy’s education and development program, it was necessary to pass all the training courses available in the program, culminating in a final test, as well as to develop an individual entrepreneurial development proposal for their franchise (the so-called Entrepreneurship Development Map). Nearly 70 franchisees were certified. – Preparing a development map for the business allowed me to reflect on my current competencies and think about the ones I would like to develop. This task allowed me to look at my business from a broader perspective and contributed to setting goals that I would like to achieve – adds Beata Świerczyńska.

    To improve the program and further address the expectations of franchisees and candidates for the role, the chain regularly conducts satisfaction surveys and interviews participants, in which they present their expectations and preferences regarding the form and scope of training. Positive opinions about the Entrepreneurship Academy and the desire to further improve the competence of franchisees influenced Żabka’s decision to extend the initiative to all new entrepreneurs joining the chain.

    Żabka focuses on franchisee education

    Prospective franchisees already undergo a 15-day training course at a coaching store in their or a nearby location as part of the recruitment process. It is tailored to the individual needs and business knowledge of the candidate. During the training, issues of HR, sales, finance and taxes, management, and customer service are addressed.

    Since starting cooperation with Żabka chain, entrepreneurs can use a special educational platform. It includes, among other things: a knowledge base about the chain, news from the life of Żabka, as well as a series of training courses and webinars, which are updated and expanded on an ongoing basis. Employees employed by franchisees also have access to it.

    The free training is just one element of the support offered by the chain to candidates and then franchisees to help them develop their businesses. They receive an equipped and stocked store at the start and further benefit from technological innovations, logistical, IT, or service support, as well as special “Business Policy” insurance.

    Read more at https://www.franczyza.zabka.pl

    In September, the second stage of this year’s round of the “Good Internship in Żabka” program will be launched. It is implemented by the chain together with the Independent Robinsons Foundation. It is addressed to young people at risk of social exclusion. Together with its franchisees, Żabka enables young people to participate in paid internships in stores, thus giving them a chance to gain knowledge and experience and facilitating their start in professional life. So far, 280 internships have been carried out, lasting from 2 weeks to 3 months.

    The “Good Internship in Żabka” program has been implemented for seven years. Since the beginning of the program, over 22,000 internship hours have been carried out. The partner of the project is the Independent Robinsons Foundation, dealing with comprehensive support for young people from foster care institutions (orphanages, foster families, family orphanages), who are at risk of social exclusion. Franchisees of Żabka, who want to take care of the interns, undergo training, led by a representative of the Foundation and gain the title of a mentor. Internships last a minimum of two weeks, and their course is also supervised by a supervisor appointed by the Foundation. Young people are paid for their work.

    As part of our Social Involvement Strategy, we take part in many actions aimed at ensuring a better quality of life for local communities, including equalizing opportunities in the labor market. Thanks to the “Good Internship in Żabka” program, young people at risk of social exclusion have a chance to gain their first professional experience. Our mentors – franchisees are eager to get involved in this program, sharing their knowledge and skills with interns –says Katarzyna Przewęzikowska,  Manager of the External Relations and CSR Team at Żabka Polska.

    The “Robinsons” (as we call them) need support in terms of both social skills and emotions. Due to a lack of self-confidence, support from the family and relatives, and fear of another failure, they often withdraw from situations requiring perseverance and give up opportunities that can change their fate –says Anna Żelazowska-Kosiorek, Leader of programs implemented by the Independent Robinsons Foundation.– Thanks to cooperation with franchisees all over Poland, young people learn what work is, develop communication skills, learn responsibility, and build their confidence – she adds.

    Film about “Good Internship in Żabka” in the Responsible Film Festival „17 Goals” competition

    The film about the “Good Internship in Żabka” program qualified for the competition of the 8th edition of the Responsible Film Festival “17 Goals”, devoted to documentary and promotional films produced by 3 sectors in the field of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The protagonists of the film are this year’s interns as well as their mentors. Their stories, passions, and dreams are presented. In the film, you can see what their work during the internship is about and find out what difficulties they had to face, what personal barriers they had to overcome, and which new professional skills they will move further into the world with.

    The Responsible Film Festival “17 Goals” will be held in Poznań on September 24-29 this year in a hybrid formula. Internet users will also be able to vote for the best film.

    Social Engagement Strategy of Żabka Group

    In recent years, Żabka Group has revised its approach to social involvement, defining areas important for local communities and emphasizing activities that contribute to real and long-term changes. The adopted Social Engagement Strategy is based on three pillars and supports the implementation of five UN Sustainable Development Goals, i.e.: Good health and well-being, Sustainable cities and communities, Quality education, Decent work and economic growth, and Reduced inequalities.

    As part of the first pillar – “Well-being” – the company encourages employees to undertake physical activity, engages in the organization of sports initiatives, and popularizes a healthy lifestyle. The second pillar – “Neighborhood” – is activities aimed at supporting local communities. Each employee has the opportunity to devote eight hours of work per month to volunteering. The company not only creates various volunteering opportunities for employees (including forest planting, cleaning green squares, restoring the park at the Provincial Hospital in Poznań, or caring for animals in shelters) but also encourages them to find local initiatives on their own that they could support. Żabka is also eager to engage in various charity and social campaigns. The third pillar is “Equal Opportunities” and it is within its assumptions that the program “Good Internship in Żabka” is implemented.

    The game with educational elements “Żabka Run: Porcja DobreGO!” available on the Roblox platform

    Żabka continues to surprise and focuses on innovative forms of communication with its customers. Wishing to build even more effective awareness of healthy and balanced eating among younger consumers, the chain joined the global community of the Roblox platform. From August 28, platform users can discover the virtual world of Żabka by joining the game “Żabka Run: Porcja DobreGO!”. The game with educational elements was created as part of the nutrition program “Porcja DobreGO!”.

    In Żabka, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to communicate with customers and activate them. We use the latest technologies and global trends, including investments in gaming. An example of our activities in this area is the currently ongoing test of the Żabu game and our latest implementation, i.e. the game “Żabka Run: Porcja DobreGO!” on the Roblox platform. In the virtual world created by us, players will find a futuristic version of the Żabka store and the well-known from our program “Porcja DobreGO!” tasty and nutritious products marked with A and B notes on the Nutri-Score scale. Through gamification, we want to build awareness of healthy and balanced eating among younger consumers who spend their free time looking for entertainment on the Internet –says Sebastian Szaraniec, Marketing Communication & Innovation Director atŻabka Polska.

    Virtual world of Żabka on Roblox

    Users of the game “Żabka Run: Porcja DobreGO!” enter the futuristic world, the central place of which is the Żabka HQ skyscraper, created with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). In the company’s headquarters there is a Żabka store from the future with a special machine, thanks to which you can learn how to consciously use the Nutri-Score system in everyday shopping. In addition, on store shelves, users will find virtual equivalents of products available in Żabka, marked with A and B notes on the Nutri-Score scale.

    The main axis of play in the first season is endless gameplay – players move to the tunnel, where they move uing a jet backpack, and their task is to avoid obstacles and acquire items that will make their gameplay easier. The further a player leads her/his character, the more points they will receive. In the event of hitting an obstacle, the players have a chance to return to the game – to make it possible, they must correctly answer one question about a balanced diet. Earned points can be exchanged for clothes for virtual avatars.

    The concept of the game was created by the Żabka chain in cooperation with the Game Changer agency, which is also responsible for the production of the game. BeLoud is responsible for selecting influencers for the game campaign.

    The game is available at: https://www.roblox.com/games/14348914311/abka-Run-Porcja-DobreGO

    Nutrition program “Porcja DobreGO!”

    The “Porcja DobreGO!” program aims to promote well-balanced and tasty meals that can be a quick solution at any time of the day, offering a wide range of ready meals and snacks. These are both well-known and liked classics, as well as more exotic flavors and cuisines. The products covered by the program are created out of passion for taste, in cooperation with a dietician who knows best the nutritional deficiencies of Poles and wants them to feel the benefit of “DobreGO!” meals without remorse. The aim of the initiative is to show that good nutrition does not have to go hand in hand with the time-consuming process of planning and preparing meals – changing the diet on your own conditions can be simple and convenient. A special “Porcja DobreGO!” designation on private label products, such as Shamamm, Haps, Dobra Karma or Tomcio Paluch, allows you to make more conscious shopping choices – both for yourself and for your loved ones. More information on: https://www.zabka.pl/sprobuj-dobrego

    Enjoy coffee from 1,99 zł as part of the Kawonament!

    A reusable cup for your favorite hot freshly ground coffee or another hot drink to take away is an environmental benefit because it helps to reduce disposable waste. It is also a saving for pockets – a hot drink, like coffee, with its cup costs 1 PLN less. Żabka has introduced green reusable cups to its offer. Since August 30, the company has also expanded its coffee subscription offer. Customers will be able to choose from three new options available in Żabka Kawonament.

    Żabka with coffee offer has been present on the market for many years. The chain serves coffee and other hot drinks in more than 9,700 stores, selling 24 million cups of coffee annually. The record is 72 pcs sold in a minute!

    Hot, aromatic, freshly ground coffee for takeaway is one of the key distinguishing features of Żabka’s offer. Consumers appreciate its taste, as well as the possibility of quick and convenient purchases. With them in mind, we are constantly preparing new offers. Cheaper coffee with its cup or “Kawonament” stole the hearts of our customers. We hope that they will also be happy to use a reusable #zielonykubek [green cup], designed to serve as long as possible. In this way, we want to encourage our customers to foster a culture of reusing objects and reduce the use of these disposable items. It is a simple way to actively participate in the fight against environmental pollution and promote circular solutions. By supporting such initiatives, as consumers, we can also contribute to changing behavior and raising awareness about environmental protection – says Joanna Kasowska, Director of Quality and Food Management Standards in Żabka Polska.

    By promoting reusable cups, we support the circularity area in achieving the adopted goals, defined in the Responsibility Strategy of the Żabka Group.

    #green reusable cup

    Available in Żabka, the reusable cup is made of natural raw materials and FSC® certified wood – it is safe for food and fully recyclable. Thanks to the use of double walls, it maintains the appropriate temperature of your favorite drink for a long time.

    The cup has a capacity of 400 ml. It is handy, durable, and comfortable – it can be washed in a dishwasher. It also has something that other cups do not have – it is Żabka-like and stands out with its original design and slogans. You can shape the #dobrynawyk [good habit] with it and fill it  #dopełna [to the full]! 

    It is available for regular sale in all over 9,700 stores of the chain at the price of 49.99 PLN/piece. Customers who decide to buy a coffee or another hot drink with their cup will receive a discount of PLN 1.

    New options for the Kawonement

    Żabka also extends the offer of the Kawonament. Starting August 30, the chain’s customers can choose from as many as three coffee subscription options:

    The coffee subscription in Żabka, or Kawonament, appeared in the Żappka app at the end of October last year. The offer aroused great interest, fitting perfectly into the needs of coffee lovers and regular customers of Żabka. The development of subscriptions and the addition of new offers result from the desire to provide mechanisms tailored to a wider group of customers. MIDI and MINI offers can be particularly interesting for people who expect a more flexible solution. Currently, the group of people who use the subscription remains stable. It is very diverse in terms of demographics, but most of them are people aged 25-34.

    Coffee from Żabka

    The coffee from Żabka is 100% arabica. It is roasted in Italy, and the average degree of roasting brings out the fullness of taste and aromas. The mixture contains unique coffee from the plantation Bob-o-link. It produces the best quality coffee while maintaining the principles of sustainable development in agriculture. It is also certified by the Rainforest Alliance. By purchasing products with this label, customers support the rights and well-being of farmers, and protect natural resources and nature, as well as the environment.

    According to consumer research, latte coffee and coffee with milk are the most popular in Żabka. Its perfectly milky taste and power are judged best against the competition. According to the testers, this hot drink from Żabka also has a sufficiently intense smell and aroma.

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