“I am proud that Żabka Group has been placed on the podium of the prestigious Top 100 Global Most Loved Workplaces 2024 ranking. Our organisation is made up of people who want to change the surrounding reality, and their commitment is reflected today by the high market position of Żabka Group. Together, every day, we build a working environment based on respect, cooperation and sharing experiences, and thanks to this we can create innovations on an international scale.  The award is the crowning achievement of our 6-year cooperation with the Gallup Institute, thanks to which our organisation has become one of the best places to work in the world,” says Tomasz Suchański, CEO of Żabka Group.

    The ranking is based on the results of satisfaction surveys of more than 2 million people from companies with between 30 and more than 10,000 employees. The list recognises companies that put respect, care and appreciation for their employees at the heart of their business model, and in doing so have earned the loyalty and respect of those who work for them.

    “As workplaces continue to shift, it’s clearer than ever that fostering collaboration, embracing a positive outlook, and aligning values are essential. The companies celebrated on the 2024 Global Most Loved Workplaces® list truly embody these principles. They show us that by championing respect and team oriented outcomes, they’re not just building great workplaces, they’re shaping a brighter future for all.” – says Nancy Cooper, Global Editor in Chief of Newsweek.

    “I started Most Loved Workplaces out of inspiration from my community of people who consciously place love for their employees at the center of their business model,” said Louis Carter, the founder, and CEO of BPI and a social/organizational psychologist, thought leader, entrepreneur, and author.

    For the full Newsweek list of 2024’s Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces®, please visit: https://www.newsweek.com/rankings/global-most-loved-workplaces-2024 Żabka Group’s Responsibility (ESG) Report is available at: https://zabkagroup.com/esg/

    Thanks to the dynamic growth and innovation of Żabka Group, we can have a positive impact on the Polish economy. This translates, among other things, into creating favourable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship, increasing the number of jobs we provide, which currently stand at more than 63,000, and making a difference in the shopping experience of the over 3 million customers who visit our more than 10,000 stores across Poland every day. The actions we took in 2023 have been recognised for the second consecutive year in the prestigious EcoVadis rating, and today we are ranked among the 1% of companies worldwide that best integrate ESG factors into their strategies and operations –says Tomasz Blicharski, EVP of the Management Board, Chief Strategy & Development Officer of Żabka Group.

    The 2023 Responsibility Report

    The “Conveniently and Responsibly” Report is the sixth Responsibility Report prepared by Żabka Group. The publication was prepared in line with the latest non-financial reporting standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

    In line with our strategic approach to social and environmental responsibility, we integrate ESG aspects into all relevant Group plans and activities. Achieving the objectives set in this area requires proper management, commitment, time and resources and, above all, teamwork –says Rafal Rudzki, ESG Director at Żabka Group.

    The cover of the report features a poster designed by Katarzyna Panek. The Żabka Group recognised this as the most accurate visual interpretation of the guiding slogan of its Responsibility Strategy, “Conveniently and Responsibly”, in the the 24th edition of the AMS Poster Gallery’s annual competition. Żabka Group was the main partner of the competition in 2023.

    Żabka Group’s 2023 Responsibility Report is available electronically: https://zabkagroup.com/esg/#raport-ESG

    Żabka Group’s strength lies in building and nurturing relationships between employees. We listen very carefully to the needs of every one of them so that each person employed by our company has a sense of meaning in the tasks they perform and opportunities for professional and personal development. This builds trust in the organisation and translates directly into a high level of involvement of our employees in the execution of daily activities, as evidenced by the second Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award 2024 – says Jolanta Bańczerowska, Member of the Management Board, Chief People Officer.

    Employees have once again recognised Żabka. It is one of the best places to work in the world

    Żabka Group has been measuring the level of engagement of its employees for 6 years now. Thanks to the feedback it receives regularly, the company has prepared changes whose consistent implementation has enabled Żabka’s transformation as an organisation. For the second time in a row, the company, as the only Polish organisation, was ranked among the world’s top 60 companies (out of 276 surveyed) in which more than 70% of employees were involved in the company’s activities last year (the world average was only 23%).

    The Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award 2024 for Żabka Group clearly shows that employee engagement makes a huge difference to the company’s growth. Their work to continuously increase the commitment of their teams deserves the highest recognition. We congratulate everyone at Żabka on this exceptional achievement – points out Jon Clifton, CEO of the Gallup Organization.

    Conducted by the Gallup Organization – the world’s oldest polling institute – the meta-analysis included data on more than 2 million employees working in 276 organisations worldwide, from 54 industries and 96 countries. This makes it the most comprehensive analysis worldwide. In anonymous questionnaires, employees indicate, among other things, whether they feel their manager/supervisor cares about them; whether they have been appreciated during the past week; whether they are encouraged to develop at work; and whether they feel the importance of their duties. In all these aspects, Żabka was rated highly, confirming its position among the world leaders in terms of an engaging organisational culture.

    Equality and inclusiveness as a basis for building lasting relationships

    A Gallup Organization study confirms that Żabka has been actively supporting its employees at every stage of their development within the organisation. To this end, in 2022 the company implemented an equal pay policy, recognising that women and men should be treated and paid the same. Confirmation of the fact that at Żabka it is not gender but experience and competencies that influence pay is the awarding of the EQUAL-SALARY certificate to Żabka as the first Polish organisation.

    The organisation also realises that the springboard for building engagement and stabilising teams is inclusivity. Satisfied employees who derive satisfaction from their work are less likely to think about changing jobs. This, in turn, provides the opportunity to focus on challenging and long-term projects.

    Effective internal communication between teams results in greater productivity in key areas. As a result, new ideas, concepts and ideas from employees at every level of the organisation can be implemented efficiently. Thus, Żabka Group employees have a sense of influence on the direction of the organisation and know that their ideas are appreciated.

    Importantly, the values on which Żabka’s organisational culture is built, i.e. ambition, responsibility, openness and reliability, have not been imposed from above but developed jointly. As a result, they are a compass in everyday work and people employed by the organisation easily identify with them.

    Building a credible organisation based on strong and committed teams is part of Żabka Group’s Responsibility Strategy (ESG), one of the four pillars of which is “Responsible Organisation”.

    We welcomed the news that the formal process of merging DRIM Daniel Distributie with the Żabka Group has been completed. This is another step towards the development of the convenience ecosystem in the European market and our further expansion. We hope that the strategic cooperation with DRIM will influence the further dynamic development of this company –says Tomasz Suchanski, CEO of Żabka Group.

    DRIM Daniel Distributie is one of the largest distribution networks for FMCG products on the Romanian market, currently employing more than 800 people. Throughout its 30 years of activity, the company has created an extensive logistical structure, allowing it to supply around 12,000 traditional trade stores today.  The formal acquisition of a majority stake in DRIM Daniel Distributie enables the further accelerated growth of the company announced by Żabka Group, taking advantage of DRIM’s market position, local reputation, know-how in the convenience area and capital commitment.

    Established in 2021, Żabka Group was created with multi-directional development in mind. In more than two years, the Group incorporated entities from the market into its structures and built new areas of operation from scratch. As a result, in addition to its existing sales in the convenience segment, it built a leading position in the q-commerce and diet catering sectors. At the end of 2023, the Group confirmed its ambitions to go beyond the Polish market by declaring its intention to acquire the Daniel DRIM Distributie FMCG distribution company in Romania. Due to the intensive growth, the Management Board with CEO Tomasz Suchanski decided to appoint another member to its board and to change the areas of responsibility.

    In his role as Executive Vice President, Tomasz Blicharski will be responsible for the strategy and development of the entire Group. Tomasz brings to these areas many years of experience in managing different areas of the Group, from finance to innovation to the creation of new business areas.  He has previously become known as a leader in digital transformation and managing M&A processes. The value built through these activities is an important part of the Group’s strategy.

    A new organizational unit was also established within the Group – Żabka International, which will be headed by Anna Grabowska in the role of Executive Vice President and Managing Director. The unit will provide operational support to Group entities in foreign markets. Anna Grabowska has unique experience in managing multiple areas. Consumer strategies, supplier relations, marketing communications and ESG are just part of this experience. She has also dealt with markets outside Poland for many years, which is an asset in building new markets for Żabka Group. Her knowledge of consumer needs and the convenience area has contributed to building the Group’s success in Poland.

    Wojciech Krok, as a new member of the Management Board, brings experience backed by numerous achievements in the digital and technological areas, which are key to the Group’s operations. He previously created and developed the Żabka Jush and delio services. Recently, he started the process of consolidating external digital solutions for franchisees and customers. He has extensive experience in leading large teams, which he has used successfully within the Żabka Group for several years.

    The Żabka Group is an extension of the activities of the Żabka brand, formerly known as a convenience store chain. As part of the implementation of the multi-directional development strategy, the structure was based on specialised units, such as Żabka Polska or Żabka Future, supported by central and strategic functions. Such an organisation makes it possible to concentrate competencies and responsibilities in clearly defined and specialised teams. One dimension of multidirectional growth was the inclusion of new entities in the Group’s physical channels and digital channels, i.e. Maczfit and Dietly. Thanks to the technological transformation, innovative concepts developed: q-commerce Żabka Jush and Żabka Nano, which is Europe’s largest chain of autonomous shops.

    The Group led by Tomasz Suchanski in the role of CEO invariably comprises Żabka Polska, for which the Executive Vice President, Managing Director Adam Manikowski, is responsible, as well as the areas operating from 2021: Human Resources Strategy, headed by Jolanta Bańczerowska in her role as Member of the Management Board, Chief People Officer, and Financial Strategy, headed by Marta Wrochna-Łastowska, Member of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer.

    The expanded organisational structure will help manage the expansion of Żabka Group even better in new areas, and the new functions have been entrusted to people whose many years of experience and broad competence have contributed to the development of the organisation and are a guarantee of further success.

    Today, Żabka Group is a modern convenience ecosystem, and with more than 10,000 stores, digital solutions, and an extensive catering offer with door-to-door delivery and services used by more than 3 million customers every day, it is one of the most dynamically growing organisations in Europe. More information on https://zabkagroup.com/pl/#struktura-zarzadcza

    Żabka has not only achieved significant and visible business success but has also demonstrated an exceptional and sustained commitment to supporting the community and activities for the general good. The main aspect that deserves attention is the systematic and effective work of Żabka for the benefit of the local community (…) It is also worth emphasizing that Żabka operates sustainably and cares for the environment. The business practices it adopts are aimed at minimizing its negative impact on nature, which is an important contribution to the long-term development of the economy and society. In addition, Żabka actively engages its employees in social activities, which builds a strong sense of community within the company. Through volunteer programs, supporting employees to get involved in momentous projects, Żabka creates a work environment based on social values,” the award’s justification says.

    The PTG Azimuths in seven categories were presented on February 3 this year in Warsaw, during the Entrepreneurs’ Ball of the Polish Economic Society. The award was received on behalf of Żabka Group by Damian Rybak, Head of Franchisee Development & Support.

    Żabka Group’s Social Engagement Strategy

    In recent years, Żabka Group has revised its approach to social engagement, defining areas of importance to local communities and emphasizing activities that contribute to real and long-term change. The adopted Social Engagement Strategy is based on three pillars and supports the implementation of the five UN Sustainable Development Goals, i.e.: Good Health and Well-being, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Quality Education, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Reduced Inequalities.

    Under the first pillar – “Well-being” – the company encourages employees to engage in physical activity, engages in the organization of sports initiatives and popularizes a healthy lifestyle. The second pillar – “Neighborhood” – includes activities aimed at supporting local communities. Each employee has the opportunity to dedicate eight hours of work per month to volunteer activities. The company not only provides employees with a variety of volunteer opportunities (including a forest planting campaign, cleaning up green squares, renovating the park at the Provincial Hospital in Poznań, or caring for animals in shelters), but also encourages them to find local initiatives they could support on their own. Żabka is also eager to get involved in various charitable and social actions. The third pillar is “Equal Opportunities”, which includes the “Good Internship at Żabka” program.

    The companies participating in Disrupt Retail are leading retailers in their home markets. In addition to Żabka Group, these are EDEKA – the largest retailer in Germany with more than 11,000 stores, MC – the market leader in food retail in Portugal with more than 1,400 stores, and Shufersal – the dominant retailer in the Israeli market with a network of more than 400 stores. The foreign partners bring their unique experiences and perspectives to the programme, creating a dynamic environment for startups to grow.

    Participating in Disrupt Retail will not only allow us to reach an even wider audience of innovation creators but will also enable us to exchange experiences and knowledge with international retail leaders. Together, we can allow innovation creators to present their solutions to a wide range of consumers in the region, thereby taking retail to the next level – says Karol Gajewicz, Head of Venture Studio, Żabka Group.

    A new dimension in retailing

    Within Disrupt Retail, retailers are looking for solutions with a particular focus on 3 main areas: In-Store Operations (solutions that will streamline in-store processes, increase employee productivity and improve the customer’s shopping experience), Retail Media (breakthroughs in advertising technology, digital displays, augmented reality and any other media that push the boundaries and realise the full potential of retail media) and Data & Customer Insights (innovative platforms or tools that can harness, analyse and transform the vast pool of data into actionable strategies).

    Opportunity to pilot in 4 international companies

    Participation in the programme is a chance for startups to pilot with four different companies. Each retailer will have the chance to work individually with a selected startup, which opens up new perspectives for both the retail sector and innovative entrepreneurs.

    Applications for Disrupt Retail are being accepted until February 4, this year, and the creators of projects that make it to the pilot stage will be informed of the opportunity to collaborate in March this year.

    More information about the programme can be found at: https://disruptretail.tech.

    With over 10,000 stores, door-to-door delivery, digital solutions, and servicing more than 3 million customers daily, Żabka Group stands as a leading name in modern convenience across Europe.

    Żabka Group’s entry into the Romanian market is the result of the consistent development of a convenience concept and ecosystem with a potential for expansion into European markets. International expansion aligns with the comprehensive growth strategy adopted by the Group in 2021. After obtaining regulatory approvals from Romanian authorities for the transaction, the priority will be to continue an accelerated development of DRIM, driven by the combination of the strong market position of DRIM with the convenience retail expertise and the financial strength of Żabka Group.

    We are building a partnership with the company that benefits from an immense trust from its business partners and customers in the domestic market, but it also grows adhering to the standards to which we are committed at Żabka. Shared values, mutual respect, and the trust form a solid foundation for a strategic partnership and the ambitious projects we have in our plans. We devoted the past quarter-century to a dynamic growth in Poland, and today we embark on the next stage, which involves commencing operations in a new European market – says Tomasz Suchański, CEO of Żabka Group.

    Track record of the growth and the future development potential of the Romanian market, coupled with the consumer profile similar to the Polish one, positions Romania as a natural geographic direction for the Group’s expansion. This groundbreaking step follows an in-depth analysis of the Romanian market and local consumer preferences studies. Through operational presence in this market, Żabka Group will gain knowledge and experience, enabling informed decisions regarding potential further investments in Romania and the selection of suitable areas for development from the wide portfolio of the Group.

    This is a strategic investment that provides the entire Group with a unique perspective for further development and access to the new market through a partnership with one of the largest local distributors of FMCG products. The partnership with DRIM will undoubtedly contribute to increasing our potential to offer innovative solutions to our customers and partners, enable further diversification of our operations, and provide the additional growth comments Tomasz Blicharski, Vice President of the Board, Managing Director of Żabka Future/EVP.

    – Me and my family are very enthusiastic about our partnership with Żabka Group. We believe it’s step which will take our organization to the next level. The foundation of this partnership is very solid, as we share very similar values, we are aligned on the opportunities on the Romanian market and we are driven by the enthusiasm needed to pursue those opportunities.

    What weighted very strongly in our decision to enter the partnership with Żabka are the immense possibilities available to our key stakeholders: Customers, Employees and Suppliers –says Radu Trandafir, Strategy Manager of DRIM Daniel Distributie FMCG.

    DRIM Daniel Distributie is a family-owned company with extensive experience in the industry, enjoying significant respect in Romania and currently managed by the second generation of founders’ successors. In nearly 30 years of operation, it has built an advanced logistics infrastructure and solidified its position as a reliable partner among suppliers and owners of traditional stores. As a result, it has become one of the largest distribution networks of FMCG products in the local market, employing over 800 people and supplying around 12,000 traditional retail stores.

    The role of the CFO has been changing dynamically for years. As emphasized by the experts invited to contribute to the report, today, to perform this function, one needs a multitude of various competencies. This includes soft competencies, which are very important in management. These are undoubtedly possessed by the CFOs distinguished by the editorial team. They represent various industries, and their educational and professional career paths are versatile, but what they have in common is the need for constant development,” wrote the editors of “Gazeta Finansowa” about the list of “Top CFOs 2023”. It included 8 people, and among them, the only woman was Marta Wrochna-Łastowska.

    Marta Wrochna-Łastowska manages a team responsible for internal and external financial and non-financial (ESG) reporting, budgeting and control, treasury and financing, working capital management, internal auditing, risk management as well as business analysis and data science. She has over 16 years of experience in strategic financial management and successfully combines analytical and strategic competencies with soft skills in effective team management.

    She has been working at Żabka Polska since 2018, when she held the position of financial director. She has been responsible for maintaining the financial liquidity of the organisation and for the effective and efficient management of the company’s finances. Her tasks also include planning and forecasting, as well as the area related to business analysis and internal audit. She also gained professional experience during many years of work at Ernst & Young Corporate Finance in Poland and abroad. During her 12-year presence in this company, she provided transactional advice on mergers and acquisitions (with a focus on the perspectives of the buyer and the seller) and restructuring advice. She has experience in the audit department, where she was involved in audits of financial statements, and in analysis of controls and internal processes.

    Marta Wrochna-Łastowska graduated from the Finance and Accounting Faculty and the Marketing and Management Faculty at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics. She also completed finance management, strategy and leadership programmes held at Harvard Business School, Stanford University and INSEAD. She holds an ACCA title (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

    Diversity and inclusive organizational culture is one of the areas with a strategic dimension for Żabka Group. The company’s daily decisions are guided by an equality approach that is based on objective, fair, and unbiased evaluation. Creating an environment in which every person, regardless of age, gender, family situation, or economic status, has equal opportunities, feels safe, and is respected and appreciated for the quality and value of the work they do is an ongoing process. Żabka Group conducts, among other things, equality-inclusive training for male and female employees, organizes anti-discrimination webinars, as well as inclusive leadership training for male and female leaders. Employees and female employees are involved in educational campaigns, such as “Żabka is people”, in which their non-worker side was shown. Żabka Group was the first Polish company to obtain the Equal Salary certificate, which confirms that there is no gender pay gap. The company is also involved in external initiatives such as the Diversity Charter or Target Gender Equity. In this way, Żabka Group creates an organizational culture capable of recognizing and enhancing the potential of everyone, while creating an environment based on cooperation and sharing experiences.

    Diversity Leaders 2024 ranking, created by the UK’s Financial Times in partnership with research firm Statista, is the result of the most comprehensive research into diversity and inclusion standards in the workplace. The final list of 850 companies is the result of an independently conducted survey of more than 100,000 employees from 16 countries.

    – As a responsible organization, Żabka Group attaches great importance to food quality and safety. Concern for maintaining the highest standards in this area is a fundamental element in building consumer trust. We are sure that the products we offer are reproducible, tested, and verified as a result of a multi-stage inspection. The guarantee of the highest quality means that customers come back to us for more products –says Marta Urbaniak, Head of Quality & Environmental Management, Quality Management Representative for ISO, Żabka Polska.

    “Product testers” decide what’s good

    Żabka’s goal is to provide customers with nutritious and convenient meals, snacks, and beverages that are ready to eat or heat up immediately and that cannot be purchased anywhere else. Żabka’s innovation lab is constantly developing new solutions as it expands its family of private labels. By the end of September 2023, the chain had already introduced more than 110 new private label product launches, the same number as in the whole of 2022.

    All private-label products undergo numerous sensory analyses and laboratory tests. They are also tested by Żabka employees, co-workers, and franchisees as part of the “Product Testers” program. Testers share their observations and comments, which are then analyzed by teams responsible for product development and introduction to the chain. Thanks to their feedback, it is easier to assess the potential of a product and decide whether to launch it. In this way, employees, co-workers, and franchisees are directly involved in the process of selecting and choosing novelties, have a real impact on what products end up on store shelves, and become private label ambassadors.

    Quality proven by the numbers

    Żabka’s private label products must meet not only the quality requirements of the law but also those specific to the chain. Their suppliers meet the food safety standards set by Żabka and are subject to regular audits to confirm the compliance and repeatability of production processes. In 2023 alone, the chain conducted more than 900 laboratory analyses and more than 1,100 sensory evaluations carried out at the company’s product development center. Each private-label product is carefully checked and analyzed at every stage of the supply chain. In 2023, nearly 360 private label products and those from Żabka Café range undergo regular quality checks. Products from each batch of all private label products are prepared and assessed by a qualified team already at the logistics centers. Since the beginning of 2023, nearly 74,000 product deliveries have been inspected and nearly 29,000 batches of products, including nearly 10,000 hot dogs, have been subjected to sensory checks.

    Highest quality standards in store

    All activities undertaken by Żabka are carried out based on applicable standards and are subject to regular audits. The chain provides its franchisees with training and develops procedures whose implementation and observance in the stores allow it to guarantee the highest quality of products and services offered to customers. It also provides them with several digital tools that make shop management easier. One example is Żabka Assistant application. Some of its most frequently and eagerly used functionalities are the HACCP module, which helps take care of food safety, optimizes working time with documentation, and minimizes the number of printouts in the store, and a module that allows the verification of product expiry dates and overpricing to be digitized.

    Promoting sustainable lifestyles through private labels

    Private labels not only respond to the growing demand for certain categories of assortment but also meet Żabka’s ESG targets. In 2020. Żabka committed to double the sales of private label products promoting sustainable lifestyles by 2025. Thanks to measures taken, such as the reformulation program, the promotion of a plant-based diet, the elimination of palm oil from private label products, the elimination of cage eggs for the sake of animal welfare, and the use of certified raw materials defined as critical in the area of sustainability, the chain achieved this goal two years ahead of schedule. It has therefore redefined its approach to good nutrition in 2022. The new guidelines include the promotion of products with a high Nutri-Score, products of plant origin, with a so-called clean label, or health or food labels according to EU guidelines.

    Detailed information is available at: https://zabkagroup.com/esg/

    Employees of Żabka Group cleaned the park in the area of the Regional Hospital in Poznań. The action took place on Tuesday, July 25, and was another initiative of the company as part of employee volunteering. For Żabka, social engagement is not just words, but also concrete actions.

    Daily, the green area serves both patients and medical staff as a place for therapeutic activities and an outdoor rest area. Thanks to volunteers, the park regained its former charm.

    Being in a friendly environment, e.g. in nature, is an important element in the therapeutic process of our patients, as well as a moment of rest for our employees, so we decided to revitalize the park belonging to our Hospital. The first step is a thorough cleaning up of the area, where we are supported by volunteers, and employees of Żabka Group, for which we are very grateful – says Piotr Nowicki, Director of the Regional Hospital in Poznań.

    Żabka Group is developing sustainably and responsibly. It focuses on people and their needs, while not forgetting the shared responsibility for the environment and the immediate surroundings. In 2021, the company revised its approach to social engagement, defining areas that are important to local communities and emphasizing activities that contribute to real and long-term change. Not only does it create opportunities for volunteering for workers, but it also encourages them to look on their own for local initiatives that they can support.

    Each employee in our company can use up to 8 hours per month for employee volunteering. We are very happy to employ people for whom social assistance and engagement are as important as they are for us. Together, we go out into local communities and look for spaces where our skills, time, energy, and zeal can turn into something good. That is why we have been involved in helping the Regional Hospital in Poznań – says Katarzyna Przewęzikowska, Manager of the External Relations and CSR Team.

    The action in the Regional Hospital in Poznań lasted 3 hours. Finally, in a green corner, some benches complement the initial arrangement of the area. This was another initiative of Żabka Group within the framework of employee volunteering. Since the beginning of the year, the company’s representatives have been involved in planting trees, cleaning the world, caring for animals in the shelter, or in charity collection for refugees from Ukraine.

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