Specialized refrigeration areas, systems supporting automation of logistics processes and energy and water saving – these are just some of the solutions distinguishing the storage area, prepared by 7R for Żabka Polska. The BREEAM Excellent certified investment is located near Radzymin close to Warsaw and was designed in the Built-to-Suit (BTS) formula. Its high standard and innovative solutions proved to be the key to success during the XI edition of Prime Property Prize 2022 – the site won in the category “Investment of the Year”, covering the market of logistics and warehouse space.

    Prime Property Prize recognizes companies and projects that have had the greatest impact on the commercial real estate industry over the past year. Among this year’s winners there was the 7R brand, whose facility – realized for Żabka Polska – won the title of “Investment of the Year” in the category of logistics and warehouse properties.

    Our new logistics center near Warsaw is the largest and most modern facility in the infrastructure of the Żabka chain, and at the same time one of the most technologically advanced warehouse projects in this part of Europe. The warehouse is equipped with innovative automatic solutions that will not only accelerate the logistics service of stores and improve the quality of service of our franchisees, but also minimize the impact on the environment. To create such an innovative project, we needed a trusted partner whose experience and approach to the realization of modern, future-proof buildings guaranteed the success of the project. The cooperation with 7R has ensured us the implementation of this project at a very high level, so we are all the more pleased with the award received together– says Andrzej Potyra, Head of Żabka Property Fund.

    Delivering the first advanced warehouse for the retail industry in Poland is a reason for our extraordinary satisfaction. This is an example of how it is possible to combine successfully the sustainability with the achievement of business goals by our customers. It is worth emphasizing that already at the design stage, the investment was carried out in a sustainable manner, minimizing the impact on the environment. This is a very important aspect for us, and we are pleased that our business partners also see it as an important competitive advantage. We are convinced that the facilities implemented on the premises will help Żabka to carry out logistics operations even more efficiently and gain further market shares. At the same time, we are proud to share our mutual success and appreciate the value of this special award – emphasizes Tomasz Lubowiecki, President of 7R.

    The investment realized by 7R for Żabka Polska covers nearly 60 000 sq m of modern logistics and warehouse space. The facility was realized in the Built-to-Suit (BTS) formula, i.e. according to the individual needs of the Żabka chain and optimizing all its logistics operations. The warehouse is distinguished by its large storage capacity, has been equipped with specialized refrigeration areas, and additionally high-class systems supporting the automation of logistics processes – ultimately the facility will be able to provide distribution of orders for about 5,000 stores.

    During the implementation of the project, priority was given to both technological advancement of the warehouse and care for low carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Ultimately, the facility will be powered by green energy from photovoltaic panels and trigeneration units. Water saving fittings will reduce water consumption. The area’s biodiversity has also been increased in the vicinity of the warehouse – flower meadows have been created and native species of trees and bushes have been planted. In addition, there are bicycle shelters and a specially designed space for vehicles allowing for shared rides, and in the future there will be charging stations for electric vehicles. As a result, already at the design stage of the sustainability assessment, the warehouse has been subject to BREEAM certification at Excellent level.

    Żabka Polska is the first Polish company with certification indicating equal salary in organizations regardless of gender. The award of the certification by the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation is based on the UN guidelines and recognized by the European Commission. It strengthens the position of the company among the best employers, who not only talk about their commitment to equality but also demonstrate it through real actions. EQUAL-SALARY Foundation is a Swiss foundation established in 2010, which examines equal salaries in companies.

    The Żabka Group is a place where every employed person is valued, respected, and can fully realize their potential – regardless of who they are. The company respects the individuality and uniqueness of all employees, and in their diversity sees an opportunity for the development of the organization, which is evidenced by further actions taken to strengthen the inclusive company policy.

    In Żabka we have been consistently building an organizational culture based on values for years. Trust in the company is the result of our actions and builds the credibility of processes in which employees participate. The Payroll Policy we have adopted ensures that the remuneration of employees depends solely on their skills, the results achieved, and the impact on the organization. In the teams that make up our organization, we value the ingenuity and fresh look, which is ensured by the diversity of experience and competencies of the people employed. In this way, we can meet the ambitious business challenges we face and effectively build our competitive advantage – says Tomasz Suchański, CEO of Żabka Group.

    This is confirmed by the EQUAL-SALARY certification for Żabka, known as the Equal Salary Regardless of Gender certificate.

    At our company, we ensure that everyone is equally rewarded for work of the same value and influence on the organization. Therefore, to reaffirm our commitment to creating equal salary opportunities, we implemented the Equity Policy in 2021 and underwent the external certification of EQUAL-SALARY. During the certification process, not only salary data was audited, but also focus groups talked to employees and checked their perceptions of equal opportunities in remuneration. Thus, the obtained certificate confirms not only equality in the conduct of salary policy, but also its perception and credibility among employees. The certification is obtained for 3 years. After this period, to confirm the equal approach to the method of remuneration, another certification is required, and this means a constant need to monitor and work on salary processes – says Jolanta Bańczerowska, Member of the Management Board, Chief People Officer in Żabka Group.

    Żabka began the preparations for EQUAL-SALARY certification in November 2021. It is carried out by the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation, an independent non-profit organization, which issues a certificate based on a coherent, science-based approach. The certification is based on UN guidelines and is recognized by the European Commission. It includes analysis of data on salaries and an evaluation audit of the company’s HR policies, assessment of the company’s solutions from the perspective of the employee group, and involvement of the company’s management in ensuring equal salaries. In June 2022, Żabka completed the audit stage to obtain EQUAL-SALARY certification in August.

    Żabka Polska is the first Polish retail company to achieve the EQUAL-SALARY certification. By opening its doors to our auditors, Żabka Polska went beyond words and took a concrete and transparent step toward equal pay and inclusion. Through this action, Żabka Polska is strengthening its good governance and increasing its attractiveness and competitiveness. We are very proud of this achievement! – says Noémie Storbeck, co-CEO of EQUAL-SALARY Foundation.

    Other activities undertaken by Żabka to develop diversity and inclusive organizational culture, the company describes in the report “Conveniently and Responsibly” published in June. This is the fourth overview of activities carried out under the Responsibility Strategy published by the Żabka Group. It is available electronically: Responsibility Report.

    Żabka opens a laboratory of eco-innovations enriched with smart solutions. The Żabka Eko Smart has one of the first perovskite installations in the world – the so-called price tags and blinds with perovskite cells were created using this groundbreaking technology. The facility is equipped with remote lighting and shop equipment management (Smart Shop Control) systems. And the surroundings where the coffee machine is located there are tiles made of coffee grounds and coffee husks. Lockable refrigerators insulated with hemp mats allow for great energy saving, just like glycol-filled shelves in the freezer cabinet. Soon, Żabka is planning to launch three more such stores in different parts of the country.

    The new store is part of the Żabka Group’s Responsibility Strategy, one of the main areas of which is a concern for the environment, including achieving climate neutrality by the end of 2025 and reducing the intensity of emissions in stores by 70% by the end of 2026 and increasing franchisees’ satisfaction with the chain. Żabka Eko Smart is a continuation of the project implemented in 2020, when in Warsaw at Lewandów Street the chain launched the first store 100% powered by green energy. The Warsaw facility is a laboratory in which Żabka – often as the first company in the world – has tested nearly 20 environmentally friendly solutions, showing the direction in which the future of trade will develop. The next step was the launch in April 2022 of Żabka Smart at Półwiejska Street in Poznań, where new technological solutions aimed at improving the work of franchisees are being studied. Now the chain connects and enriches both projects, developing a unique project – the first Żabka Eko Smart is located in Poznań at 2 Powstańców Wielkopolskich Street.

    – Based on the experience of pilot programs carried out in our laboratory in Warsaw, we have introduced new solutions to the chain, thanks to which we have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1.3 thousand tons of CO₂, and also reduced electricity consumption by almost 261 MWh. We are now entering the next stage of the project and launching the Żabka Eko Smart, the first facility in Poland, where we combine environmental issues with modern technological solutions, improving the work of franchisees and their employees. Presenting new solutions, we also encourage customers to acquire completely different shopping experiences. We hope that this way we will additionally sow seeds of curiosity in them and encourage pro-ecological actions – says Anna Grabowska, Vice President of the Management Board for Consumer Strategy, Żabka Group.

    The smart solutions used in Żabka Eko Smart are not only energy efficient but also significantly improve the daily work of the franchisee and the store attendants.

    We continuously support franchisees with many tools that make doing business easier. The Żabka Eko Smart is packed with innovative technological solutions based on artificial intelligence, which cooperate with the store attendants. They “communicate” with the franchisee and store attendants and “perform” certain activities in the facility. Flooding sensors, automatic temperature measurement in the store, and energy consumption measurement release their time, allow attendants to focus on customer service, and at the same time are friendly to the planet. This is another step in the implementation of the strategy of franchise-centricity, according to which Żabka creates innovative solutions that help entrepreneurs run a local business, in addition to doing it in the most environmentally friendly way. The realization of our goals would not be possible without good cooperation with the Poznań City Hall and the Municipal Conservation Officer. Thanks to the openness of the officials to innovations and green solutions, our customers, the franchisees of Żabka Eko Smart, and their employees can test our ideas in practice – says Adam Manikowski, EVP, Managing Director, Żabka Polska.

    The technologies used in the Żabka Eko Smart revolve around five key categories: green energy, second life, clean air, green transport, and smart solutions.

    Green energy

    The energy used by the Żabka Eko Smart in Poznań comes from 100% renewable sources. The facility used one of the first perovskite installations in the world. It is a breakthrough photovoltaic technology, generating green energy from both sunlight and artificial light. It has been made of blinds covering one of the walls of the building and installed in the facility price tags, which additionally allows for saving paper. 15 modules of photovoltaic panels were also installed on the roof of the store.

    In the store you can find modern, closed fridges, limiting the energy consumption necessary to cool the goods, and their insulation made of hemp mats has very good thermal properties. This is a promising alternative to the commonly used polyurethane foam, as hemp – as a natural material – is fully biodegradable. Glycol shelves installed inside the refrigerated cabinets are filled with glycol, which allows one to store the cold and give it away at the most critical moments of the device operation, which increases the safety of stored products during external failures.

    Green energy can also be used directly by customers – in front of the store, there is a solar bench, thanks to which one can charge their phone.

    Second life

    The wall next to the coffee maker was covered with tiles made of coffee grounds and coffee husks, which are waste generated during the roasting and brewing stage, combined with resin.

    In front of the Poznań Żabka Eko Smart, there is also an EKOmat, a device for collecting beverage bottles and cans. From the empty packaging collected this way, new packages for products of the Żabka private label are made, e.g. Od Nowa, Dobra Karma, and Foodini brands, which have 33% less carbon footprint than traditional packaging. Żabka has already collected 600 thousand bottles with the help of EKOmats.

    Żabka did not forget about the franchisees and their employees, for whom 100% organic cotton shirts were prepared and dyed with organic, certified dyes.

    Clean air

    To reduce the amount of dust and harmful substances that enter the atmosphere, one of the walls of the building housing the Żabka Eko Smart has been covered with plants. Not only do they produce oxygen, but they also absorb dust and harmful compounds from the air. A total of 532 plants were planted in 280 pots.

    The effect of elimination of harmful substances will be additionally reinforced by the anti-smog paving laid next to the building, which – compared to asphalt – reduces the concentration of nitrogen oxides in the air by approximately 50% on average.

    Green transport

    Cyclists are also not forgotten about by the chain. The bicycle stand allows one to safely leave their bicycle in front of the store, and the bicycle repair station next to the facility will allow them to quickly adjust the brakes and gears, inflate the wheels, and make emergency repairs.

    Smart Żabka

    The solutions used in the smart facility “communicate” with the franchisee and store attendants and “perform” certain activities in the facility. Thanks to the sound system, the store staff receives messages about a possible failure or information about situations requiring human intervention, such as the lack of coffee in the coffee maker. With the Smart Shop Control and Hybrid System, thanks to appropriate sensors, the temperature in the store adapts automatically to the current weather conditions, energy consumption measurement and interconnection allow for verification of the correctness of the equipment, and flooding sensors detect faults in the refrigeration equipment, resulting in lower costs and reduced store downtime.

    Żabka and Citi Handlowy signed the first joint financing agreement to achieve the objectives of responsible business and sustainable development. The agreement refers to the selected objectives of Żabka, arising from the adopted Responsibility Strategy (ESG): reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the value of sales of own brand products promoting a sustainable lifestyle. If the specified indicators are not achieved within the agreed time, the company will provide additional financial resources for the actions agreed by the parties to support the implementation of the identified Sustainable Development Goals.

    Under the agreement, Żabka may issue bank guarantees in Citi Handlowy up to the amount of PLN 100 million. At the same time, the bank and the company have included in the agreement sustainable key performance indicators (KPIs), which Żabka will strive to achieve. The targets set out in the agreement are an overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by a quarter in the ranges 1 and 2, and a reduction in store greenhouse gas intensity of 70% by 2026 (in relation to the 2020 indicators). Żabka is also set to double the sales of own brand products promoting a sustainable lifestyle by 2025. If a company fails to meet two or more indicators, it will provide additional financing, as defined in the agreement, for activities supporting the implementation of the identified Sustainable Development Goals. This would be a kind of compensation for the non-fulfillment or postponement of the implementation of the objectives set out in the sustainable development strategy by Żabka.

    In Żabka, we implement a comprehensive Responsibility Strategy that is fully integrated into the business strategy. It is the realization of our mission and it is based on our values. We want to plan responsibly for the development of our entire organization and facilitate sustainable choices for millions of customers. At the same time, we are aware that modern business must be credible and transparent in its operation, and responsibility and trust are currently the most valuable assets. That is why we are serious about achieving the objectives defined in our Strategy, and financial instruments based precisely on the objectives of the ESG provide us with additional motivation to pursue our commitments. We are open and we want to continue to look for innovative financial solutions that will help us meet stakeholders’ expectations and maintain our high market position – says Marta Wrochna-Łastowska, Chief Financial Officer in Żabka Polska.

    The Żabka Group’s Responsibility Strategy is based on four pillars: sustainable lifestyle, mindful business impact, responsible organization and green planet. The company develops its activities in the area of sustainable development and responsible business in a strategic manner, integrating environmental, social, and corporate governance factors (ESG) with a business strategy. One of its ambitious goals is to achieve climate neutrality in its operations by 2025. Żabka is the first company in Poland and the first modern convenience chain in the Central European region, whose decarbonization objectives have been scientifically verified and approved by the international Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). More information about the Żabka Group’s Responsibility Strategy and the results achieved can be found on the corporate website, where there is a link to the ESG Report and the Climate Report: https://zabkagroup.com/pl/nasza-odpowiedzialnosc/.

    The Citi Handlowy Strategy adopted this year integrates the SDGs with our business goals. We support our clients in the transformation of their business models towards sustainable development, and we include environmental, social, and corporate governance issues in the decision-making processes of the bank. We also have our targets for reducing the carbon footprint, and by 2023 we would like to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% and energy consumption by 40% compared to 2019. I am glad that together with Żabka we are implementing a strategy of social responsibility. This is another step in our many years of cooperation, which is due to the commitment of both companies to environmental and social needs, and the inclusion of the objectives of the ESG as an indispensable element of our activities – says Maciej Kropidłowski, Vice President of the Management Board of Citi Handlowy.

    From the perspective of the 3-year strategy, Citi Handlowy pledged to provide its customers with PLN 1 billion in “green financing”. The bank’s solutions in this area include advice, financing, risk management, FX, financing of suppliers, and green deposits. Based on global know-how, the bank shares knowledge about key ESG trends and their impact on business models, including organizing seminars for clients.

    The Żabka Group implements a comprehensive Responsibility Strategy, which is fully integrated into the business strategy of the organization. The fourth Responsibility Report is a summary of the activities undertaken in the framework of the Fourth Responsibility Report, prepared following the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). In the publication, the Żabka Group presented for the first time the impact of its activities on the Polish economy, expressed in PLN 5.3 billion of added value in 2021 and the number of 45.4 thousand jobs maintained throughout the country.

    Last year, which was also the second year of the pandemic, established Żabka’s skills for flexible organization management, efficient use of technology, and taking into account the probability of different scenarios in the implementation of flagship projects. A very important step was the establishment of the Żabka Group, thanks to which a unique ecosystem of convenience solutions was created, to make customers’ everyday life easier. The creation of the Group also involved the adoption of a new model of action, based on three elements: the transformation of the format of modern convenience, technological development, and the integration of responsibility.

    – Our company is among the 1% of companies in the world, which according to the EcoVadis rating integrate ESG factors best into their strategy and operational activities. We want to plan responsibly the development of our entire organization and support conscious and sustainable choices for millions of customers – This brings together real changes that have a positive impact on our environment and the natural environment – said Tomasz Suchański, President of the Management Board of Żabka Group.

    Convenience ecosystem

    Żabka Polska continues to be the largest organizational unit within the Group. It comprises more than 8,300 stores, operated by more than 7,000 franchisees. A new business unit within the Group – Żabka Future, is engaged in business search and creation. Thanks to the acquisitions made by Żabka Future, the Group has been expanded with strong e-commerce platforms. Among them was the leader of diet catering Maczfit and the marketplace Dietly.pl. Żabka Future is also Europe’s largest chain of Żabka Nano autonomous shops, the first of which opened a year ago. Moreover, q-commerce Żabka Jush! and Delio we launched in the newly created Lite e-commerce start-up. The Strategy and Central Functions Area is also active within the Group, consisting of teams responsible for setting the directions of the Group’s development and developing strategies, including ESG, consumer, personnel, and financial. The new organization of the company allowed to maintain the high dynamics of opening the Żabka stores, with over 1100 new stores established in 2021.

    All employees, co-workers, franchisees, customers, and trading partners are involved in the implementation of our ESG strategy. In this way, in 2021 we were able to take many important actions, which among others have reduced our carbon footprint, enabled our customers to access sustainable lifestyle products, and provided our franchisees with even greater financial security and modern business management solutions. – says Anna Grabowska, Vice President of the Management Board for Consumer Strategy, Żabka Group.

    Responsibility Report for 2021

    The report “Convenience and Responsibility” is the fourth Responsibility Report prepared by the Żabka Group. The information, which can be found on nearly 100 pages, presents a summary of selected actions implemented by the Żabka Group under the Responsibility Strategy in 2021.

    The report also includes a report on the achievement of the objectives defined in the 4 strategic pillars: Pillar 01 – Sustainable lifestyle, Pillar 02 Mindful business impact, Pillar 03 – Responsible organization, and Pillar 04 – Green planet. The results of the actions are presented transparently in the 2021 scoreboard in the context of selected actions undertaken by the Group in the area of sustainable development. The report also published information on the support given to various stakeholder groups during the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as Ukrainian citizens affected by the war for more than 100 days.

    The report “Conveniently and Responsibly” has been prepared per the latest non-financial reporting standards Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). In addition, it includes information on reporting on the implementation of the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, following the Communication on Progress (CoP) guidelines, and recommendations included in the publication of the World Economic Forum – Measuring Stakeholder Capitalism: Towards Common Metrics and Consistent Reporting of Sustainable Value Creation and information on the organization’s contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The report has once again been subject to independent, external verification.

    The Żabka Group’s Responsibility Report is also available electronically: Responsibility Report 2021

    Żabka Nano, one of the newest concepts of the Żabka chain, has launched another innovative solution – a robot called Robbie, that will serve customers the already iconic hot dogs. The first such robot has been operating recently in Żabka Nano at 54 Dobra Street in Warsaw. It prepares hot dogs in three easy steps, according to the customer’s order. The device was created in cooperation between Żabka and VeloxAlpha S.A.

    Żabka Nano, an innovative concept of Żabka that changes and shapes the perception of consumer experiences, started its activity in June 2021. The launch of the first store in Poznań gave rise to the largest chain of autonomous stores in Europe today. So far, a total of 44 Żabka Nano stores have been opened, among others in Poznań, Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, and Gdańsk. Żabka Future, responsible for the Żabka Nano concept, is constantly looking for new solutions aimed at continuously improving the experience of customers of autonomous stores. One such solution is a robot serving a hot dish. The first Robbie robot was installed in an autonomous store in Warsaw at 54 Dobra Street. In addition to quick shopping without a queue or hot freshly brewed coffee, this has recently allowed customers to order a hot dog.

    Hot-dog is an iconic hot snack from Żabka. Hence the idea to make them also available in our unmanned facilities. In cooperation with the team of VeloxAlpha S.A., we created the Robbie robot, which automatically and fully hygienically prepares for customers of Żabka Nano hot dogs with their favorite toppings. It is the first of its kind on the market. We’re excited that Żabka Nano is leading the way by offering customers the latest in the market – says Paweł Grabowski, Head of unmanned solutions at Żabka Future.

    Żabka Nano stores attract customers with their modern look – they are small but visually spacious; they look clean, elegant, and neat, and the display looks very encouraging. Customers believe that Żabka Nano is the perfect place to drop in for a cup of favorite coffee on the way to work, and in the evening after work or while traveling – for quick shopping. Robbie robot fits perfectly into the concept and complements its offer – the device has a futuristic appearance and was created especially for the concept of Żabka Nano based on artificial intelligence solutions. The robot weighs 1,500 kg and is over 2.5 m high and over 2 m wide.

    Robbie’s design and software were createdby VeloxAlpha S.A., which has implemented this pioneering project for Żabka. The concept was developed by 12 people, with 6 working on the design and 6 on the software. Their solution makes life easier for customers, works 24/7, and is easy and intuitive to use. Innovation plays a key role here – providing the attractiveness of a fast, contactless meal.

    The main stimulus for the creation of our product was the currency used by man today – time. Our products should make life easier, be user-friendly, and be available 24/7 for everyone. Technology plays a key role in guaranteeing quality, increasing food preparation safety, and ensuring constant availability – said Łukasz Drewnowski, CEO & CoFounder at VeloxAlpha S.A.

    How to order a hot dog? The customer enters the store using the Żappka app, a smartwatch, bank card or Apple Pay or Google Pay app, and then goes to the screen at the machine and places an order in three steps – choosing the size of the hot dog, a kind of sausage and sauce and then confirms the order. The customer can track the status of her/his order on the screen at the top of the robot. A hot dog is ready to be collected within 40 seconds. The customer shall be informed of this by a message on the horizontal screen at the top of the robot and by a voice message. Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows you to add products from the “hotdogomat” to the customer’s account.

    We are fully in solidarity with the Ukrainian community. Many Ukrainian citizens are our employees, franchisees or their associates and we have immediately declared our readiness to provide the necessary assistance. We are taking action to provide support to those personally affected by these events.

    We inform that we have taken, among others, the following steps:

    Commitment to direct institutional support and actions taken with partners

    Actions towards employees of Żabka, employees of logistics centers and franchisees

    • In agreement with the Polish Red Cross and the Polish Humanitarian Action, we decided to organize the collection of necessary articles, including dressings, hygienic articles, cosmetics, cleaning agents, blankets and sleeping bags. The collection takes place on the premises of our logistics centers from March 2 to the end of the week.
    • We have decided to finance the rental of apartments for the families of our employees, co-workers and franchisees who bring families to Poland. We organize transport for families of workers from the border to places of stay in Poland. We will also subsidize the costs of renting apartments for refugees from Ukraine. So far we have arranged accommodation for almost 350 people.
    • We have established consultancy points in the logistics centers, which serve the employees of Żabka, the employees of the mixing and transport companies and franchisees. The aim of the points is to provide information about the support offered by Żabka in the scope of, among others psychological and legal assistance, logistical and in-kind support in transporting people from the Polish-Ukrainian border, searching for and financing housing and obtaining information on the needs of people requiring support, both in terms of knowledge and specific material, legal or logistical assistance.
    • As a result of the considerable interest in legal support, we have launched a special legal helpline. The hotline handles only issues related to the situation in Ukraine and is intended for employees, co-workers and franchisees as well as employees of the Żabka stores.
    • At the same time, we provide psychological support to all franchisees and sellers in need. We have also been involved in the search for psychologists who could help families on the ground.
    • We are constantly helping with the transportation of families of our employees, co-workers and franchisees from the border.
    • We have provided our employees with an internal platform where all interested parties can submit their offers of assistance, donations or signal the need for support for a family from Ukraine. In the specially launched “HelpMY” application there is a list of all submitted applications and the possibility to add own offers or demands.

    The Żabka Group received the prestigious Retail Business Award 2022 in the category of Architect of the Year. The jury awards this distinction to companies that have had the most impact on the commercial sector, business partners, consumers, and the economy. At the same time, the Żabka chain was awarded the Market of the Year statuette in four categories – Small Format, Most Innovative Concept, The Most Interesting Assortment Strategy, and The Best Franchise Concept. Moreover, lite e-Commerce – the company responsible for creating e-commerce solutions belonging to the Group – was awarded in the category of Best Commercial Start-up. The awards were presented on May 24, during the gala crowning the Retail Trends 2022.

    The future is digitization, as well as all initiatives to increase efficiency. In Żabka we focus on proximity, convenience, and personalized offer. We create a business in a modern convenience format. I would like to thank the jury of the Retail Trends Award and the Market of the Year, who awarded six prizes to our organization. For the first time, the Żabka Group and Lite e-Commerce were awarded. It is a great honor for us and appreciation of the dynamic development of our company in so many fields. It is also a nod to our customers, franchisees, and business partners, thanks to which our dynamic development is possible – says Adam Manikowski, Managing Director of Żabka Polska.

    The Retail Business Awards, jointly awarded by Business Center Club and Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze, are the first such prestigious business awards for companies from the retail and wholesale sector in Poland. They aim to build an image of the trade sector adequate to its contribution to the development of the Polish economy and its innovation. The awards are intended to emphasize the commitment of companies to create good practices and high business standards in the area of the labor market and corporate social responsibility. According to the Retail Business Awards jury, the Żabka Group is the company that has had the most impact on the commercial sector, business partners, consumers, and the economy in the past year, so it was awarded in the Architect of the Year category.

    The Market of the Year is a prestigious plebiscite that selects the best grocery stores in Poland. Individual shops and retail chains compete for the title. The winners are nominated by managers of major food companies, representatives of research institutes, and industry organizations. The Żabka chain received distinctions in four categories:

    The Market of the Year 2022 statuette in the category Best Commercial Start-up was also awarded to Lite e-Commerce company belonging to the Żabka Group (Żabka Jush) for showing that solid commercial know-how, logistical excellence, and transparent interface are the basis of the q-commerce market.

    Żabka Group is constantly looking for new partnerships and solutions aimed at offering high-quality products and services that simplify the lives of millions of consumers in Poland. Another new company, Cool-Logistics, has just joined its portfolio. It will provide logistics services for food transportation, and specially prepared dishes at controlled temperatures. The company will initially serve the entities of Żabka Group, and eventually also other manufacturers of dietary catering.

    Żabka Group is the European leader in creating convenience solutions. Thanks to its organizational structure, it can effectively expand the scope of its activities with complementary services. The organizational unit within the Group, which is responsible for new investments, business development, and technological tools, is Żabka Future. Thanks to its activity, after Maczfit and Dietly.pl and the Lite e-Commerce startup, another entity – Cool-Logistics company – joins Żabka Group’s portfolio.

    – We create businesses that aim at optimal development of the Group and its companies. Last year Żabka Group became the majority shareholder of two companies operating in the dietetic catering market – Maczfit and Dietly.pl. The investment in Cool-Logistics will increase the potential of Żabka, improve the logistics of the companies included in the Group’s portfolio and allow us to provide transport services for our q-commerce platform – Delio. Ultimately, the new company will also provide transport services for a wider group of catering companies, which will represent a great added value for catering producers cooperating with Dietly.pl. It will also benefit our consumers, who will have access to even higher quality service for their orders – says Tomasz Blicharski, EVP, Managing Director of Żabka Future.

    Order delivery in Poznań, Warsaw, and Wrocław

    Cool-Logistics is initially to provide services for Żabka Group companies. It will supply orders mainly in the vicinity of Poznań, Warsaw, and Wrocław, contributing to the improvement of the supply chain. Ultimately, it will also be able to provide logistics services for unrelated entities, including producers cooperating with the Dietly.pl platform and other entities cooperating with Żabka Group.

    At Cool-Logistics we are ready to meet the challenge of improving the supply chain of boxed diets and other fresh products requiring controlled temperature. We want even better control over the freshness, security, and timeliness of supplies. We believe that by providing our services, we will contribute to improving the service of people using dietary catering through our Group companies, which will result in an even better evaluation of their services. We are starting our activities from Poznań, Warsaw, and Wrocław, and at the same time, we are working today to extend its scope – Marcjanna Michalak, President of the Board of Cool-Logistics, announces.

    Boxed diets and Żabka

    The growing awareness of the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet and the rapid pace of life are two main factors that have influenced the popularity of catering services in Poland. Żabka Group, whose customers also care about their free time and good nutrition, has decided to invest in this industry. Joining the leader of catering services – Maczfit, offering a wide range of diets tailored to the needs of customers and catering diet platform – about a year ago – is another proof that Żabka takes care of its customers in a comprehensive manner, trying to meet them and respond to many of their needs.

    Customers of the chain also enjoy the opportunity offered by more than 8,300 stores located throughout the country, where in addition to daily purchases, they can enjoy freshly brewed coffee, buy a well-balanced meal – e.g. a dish to warm at home or a healthy snack and take advantage of many convenient additional services.

    Owing to the engagement of Żabka’s customers, the chain has raised over PLN 1,000,000. Funds obtained thanks to users of Żappka – who willingly exchanged loyalty points collected during purchases, i.e. so-called żapps, for charity donations, as well as customers who decided to donate through cashless payments – will be donated to organizations carrying out aid activities in Ukraine. Some of them have also allowed the financing of another transport with humanitarian aid. A dedicated freight train from Żabka Group, CVC Capital Partners, and Partners Group arrived in Kyiv. 60 tons of long-shelf-life food, water, medicines, and necessary hygiene products will be distributed to the civilian population. The humanitarian aid train was organized in cooperation with the Warsaw City Council.

    – Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we have been in full solidarity with the Ukrainian community. We are implementing several actions to provide support to those affected by the war. In total, we have delivered more than 520 tons of food and hygiene products to humanitarian organizations and sent another transport with humanitarian aid, organizing a dedicated freight train. We also involved customers of our chain who were able to support the fundraiser carried out in Żabka stores and exchange their żapps for charity donations. Thanks to their financial support, humanitarian organizations will be able to operate in Ukraine in the long term and efficiently help those in need – says Adam Manikowski, EVP, Managing Director in Żabka Polska.

    Dedicated freight train

    A special freight train with humanitarian aid, which has reached Kyiv, is the second one organized in cooperation with the Warsaw City Council, coordinating the cooperation with the Kyiv City Council. Transporting 60 tons of food and necessary hygiene products to Ukraine is another contribution of the Żabka Group – owned by CVC Capital Partners and Partners Group – to the Ukrainian community. In total, Żabka has transferred over 520 tons of food and essential hygiene products to the border in cooperation with its partners: Podkarpackie Voivodeship Office, Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Polish Red Cross, Polish Humanitarian Action, The Federation of Polish Food Banks, InSpire Foundation, Happy Kids Foundation, and Polish Union of Ukrainians. Żabka franchisees are also involved in aid operations – people who run shops near the border distribute warm drinks and snacks, and in other cities they organize collections and deliver goods with their own cars to the border.

    Charity donations

    The chain has also engaged its customers in its aid activities. Users of the mobile Żappka app had the opportunity to exchange loyalty points collected during their purchases, the so-called żapps, for charity donations. To help, it was enough to install the mobile app and “buy a charity donation share”, that is, activate it for a suitable amount of żapps. The second way in which Żabka allowed its clients to support the charities carrying out aid activities in Ukraine was to enable secure donations through non-cash payments. Starting from March 3rd  customers, on the occasion of a visit to the stores of the Żabka chain, could indicate the amount of money they chose and make a cashless payment donation without having to make a purchase.

    Jush has joined the #RAZEMWIĘCEJ campaign of the Żabka Group, supports the citizens of Ukraine and makes this possible for customers. While shopping, customers may add basic necessities for refugees to their baskets. Startup Lite e-Commerce, responsible for the service, doesn’t earn on these products, so articles are offered at lower prices. Previously, Jush encouraging users to join the action provided nearly 4 tons of basic necessities to refugees.

    A special category of products under the name “Support Ukraine” is highlighted in the Jush app. This category lists 10 basic products that are most needed at the moment. Those items has been selected as the most urgent and will be updated depending on the demand for them. Lite e-Commerce forwent profits from the sale of those products, so their prices has been significantly reduced.

    Current events are a shock to all of us. No words can describe what we feel in case of war in Ukraine. Therefore, it was natural for us to take real actions – said Zuzanna Dębowska, Chief Assortment Officer at Lite e-Commerce.

    While shopping, customers may add to their baskets products intended to help refugees. Courier will bring the customer’s order to the door in 15 minutes and products bought for the Ukrainian citizens will be put away from the shelf and then collectively delivered to the collection point in Warsaw. Startup Lite e-Commerce is financially involved in the action. Therefore selected products are available at lower prices. In addition to being placed in a separate category, they are also specially marked with a “Donate to Ukraine” label. Importantly for users, the company will also take care of all logistics. When the basket doesn’t reach 35 PLN and doesn’t fulfill the requirements for free delivery, 3.99 PLN for transport of the order will be transferred to support refugees.

    It’s obvious action for us to enable our customers to support the citizens of Ukraine. We cover costs of delivery and forgo profit on the sale of these products. We are also responsible for the logistics, so products go directly to those people, who need them the most – Dębowska added.

    Earlier, Lite e-Commerce, due to Russian aggression in Ukraine, decided to withdraw all Russian and Belarusian products from Jush’s offer. On the occasion of Women’s Day, Jush also made a donation to the “EuroHelp” organisation, which currently focuses on supporting women and children from Ukraine.

    #RAZEMWIĘCEJ. These words have even more power in the current situation. We hope that our app users will be eager to use launched functionality. Together we can do much more  – Kamil Bąkowski added, Marketing & e-Commerce Director Jush, Lite e-Commerce.

    Lite e-Commerce has launched a shopping delivery service pilot in the “express same-day delivery” model called Delio. In the initial phase of its activity, the platform will be available to residents of Warsaw, but the startup promises a rapid expansion. The distinctive features of the solution are fast delivery on the same day, a wide range of local products, and competitive prices.

    Startup Lite e-Commerce is responsible for the implementation and development of e-commerce solutions in Żabka Group, and the launch of Delio is the next step – after Jush application – towards building the company’s market potential. The investment in new services is aimed at accelerating the development of online trade of the largest modern convenience chain in Poland. Pilot Delio started in Warsaw, which is the largest local market in Poland. The service covers almost the entire capital. It is also planned to expand its activities to include more cities in Poland. Orders can be made at: https://delio.com.pl

    Customers expect fast, ultra-modern, and convenient online solutions that are tailored to their daily needs. We want to offer new quality in the “express same-day delivery” market. Delio’s goal is to deliver a wide range of top-quality products at affordable prices very quickly. Customers will find all the food products they need here. We also offer them the fastest delivery in this sector, even within an hour of placing an order. This is our response to the lack of free time, which has become a sign of the modern world – says Wojciech Krok, CEO Lite e-Commerce.

    Delio resembles a classic supermarket, with a range much wider than traditional q-commerce solutions. Everyone will find something for themselves on the platform. Both lovers of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, or seafood, as well as people looking for vegan and organic products. Much of this comes from local suppliers. The purchases are packed in biodegradable bags, which can later be used as… a component of compost. What will also delight fans of zero and less waste, all packaging used by Delio is purchased from Polish manufacturers, thanks to which Lite e-Commerce limits its carbon footprint.

    The philosophy of Lite e-Commerce activity and our motto is very simple: we offer services that we would like to use ourselves. The solutions proposed by us are intended to make the everyday life of Poles easier and more pleasant. The synergy of our two services brings great value to our startup. It allows the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Also, the rich experience of the first months of the Jush application was extremely helpful in implementing Delio. The environmental aspect is also important to us. It’s not only working with local suppliers and environmentally friendly packaging but also zero-emission electric scooters in our fleet – explains Maciej Nowakowski, COO Lite e-Commerce.

    Conscious shopping in Delio

    Recent years have brought about major changes in the behavior of consumers who, when shopping, are not only concerned with the welfare of their wallet, but also of the environment. Delio encourages its users to buy wisely. Therefore, the developers of the solution encourage to choose quality products, coming from local suppliers.

    Our offer is growing day by day. We carefully select partners with whom we cooperate. Customers are looking not only for fast and flexible solutions. What matters to them is the quality of the products that we can guarantee. Our fresh fruit, vegetables, and bread, as well as meat and seafood, deserve special attention. These products are sourced from local suppliers so we can control their quality and provide our customers with the best shopping experience while remaining a very attractive platform – lists Zuzanna Dębkowska, CAO in Lite e-Commerce.

    Everything you want today, seven days a week

    Delio orders are delivered daily from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and you can choose your preferred pick-up date for your purchases. The page displays the available times of the same and the next day. Lite e-Commerce ensures that it offers the fastest delivery in the express same-day delivery model. Delivery within the service costs 5.99 PLN, but when the value of the basket exceeds 80 PLN, it is free.

    User promotion

    Lite e-Commerce prepared a promotional action for all Delio users. Under it, every person who registers in the service will receive a 30 PLN discount on five orders, if the value of the basket exceeds 100 PLN. Customers will also get free delivery. Thanks to the promotion you can save up to 150 PLN. The promotion campaign is valid until May 15, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.