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    Changes to the management and structure of Żabka Group will support further multidirectional growth

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    Changes to the management and structure of Żabka Group will support further multidirectional growth

    Established in 2021, Żabka Group was created with multi-directional development in mind. In more than two years, the Group incorporated entities from the market into its structures and built new areas of operation from scratch. As a result, in addition to its existing sales in the convenience segment, it built a leading position in the q-commerce and diet catering sectors. At the end of 2023, the Group confirmed its ambitions to go beyond the Polish market by declaring its intention to acquire the Daniel DRIM Distributie FMCG distribution company in Romania. Due to the intensive growth, the Management Board with CEO Tomasz Suchanski decided to appoint another member to its board and to change the areas of responsibility.

    In his role as Executive Vice President, Tomasz Blicharski will be responsible for the strategy and development of the entire Group. Tomasz brings to these areas many years of experience in managing different areas of the Group, from finance to innovation to the creation of new business areas.  He has previously become known as a leader in digital transformation and managing M&A processes. The value built through these activities is an important part of the Group’s strategy.

    A new organizational unit was also established within the Group – Żabka International, which will be headed by Anna Grabowska in the role of Executive Vice President and Managing Director. The unit will provide operational support to Group entities in foreign markets. Anna Grabowska has unique experience in managing multiple areas. Consumer strategies, supplier relations, marketing communications and ESG are just part of this experience. She has also dealt with markets outside Poland for many years, which is an asset in building new markets for Żabka Group. Her knowledge of consumer needs and the convenience area has contributed to building the Group’s success in Poland.

    Wojciech Krok, as a new member of the Management Board, brings experience backed by numerous achievements in the digital and technological areas, which are key to the Group’s operations. He previously created and developed the Żabka Jush and delio services. Recently, he started the process of consolidating external digital solutions for franchisees and customers. He has extensive experience in leading large teams, which he has used successfully within the Żabka Group for several years.

    The Żabka Group is an extension of the activities of the Żabka brand, formerly known as a convenience store chain. As part of the implementation of the multi-directional development strategy, the structure was based on specialised units, such as Żabka Polska or Żabka Future, supported by central and strategic functions. Such an organisation makes it possible to concentrate competencies and responsibilities in clearly defined and specialised teams. One dimension of multidirectional growth was the inclusion of new entities in the Group’s physical channels and digital channels, i.e. Maczfit and Dietly. Thanks to the technological transformation, innovative concepts developed: q-commerce Żabka Jush and Żabka Nano, which is Europe’s largest chain of autonomous shops.

    The Group led by Tomasz Suchanski in the role of CEO invariably comprises Żabka Polska, for which the Executive Vice President, Managing Director Adam Manikowski, is responsible, as well as the areas operating from 2021: Human Resources Strategy, headed by Jolanta Bańczerowska in her role as Member of the Management Board, Chief People Officer, and Financial Strategy, headed by Marta Wrochna-Łastowska, Member of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer.

    The expanded organisational structure will help manage the expansion of Żabka Group even better in new areas, and the new functions have been entrusted to people whose many years of experience and broad competence have contributed to the development of the organisation and are a guarantee of further success.

    Today, Żabka Group is a modern convenience ecosystem, and with more than 10,000 stores, digital solutions, and an extensive catering offer with door-to-door delivery and services used by more than 3 million customers every day, it is one of the most dynamically growing organisations in Europe. More information on https://zabkagroup.com/pl/#struktura-zarzadcza


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