Take it to the next level

    Level-up are energy drinks with caffeine and taurine – an instant boost of concentration and support for an exhausted head.

    The media, work, school and smartphones bombard us with information. With the amount of knowledge processed every day, it is not difficult to feel exhausted. If you want to concentrate on your work, studies or squeeze the maximum out of yourself during intensive game on the computer, reach for LevelUp, which will improve your concentration and give you the energy to act. 

    Key advantages


    The beverage contains caffeine, taurine and vitamins – B6 and B12 – locked in your favourite flavours! All this to kick into fifth gear in the face of intense work.

    New quality of parties

    LevelUP Easy Peasy will rock any meeting. Indulge in both options with your friends. Watching movies all day or chatting at night? Easy Peasy!

    A gulp of concentration

    LevelUp is a boost of concentration, which is sometimes lacking, for example during a session at university or when the numbers flow into each other on the monitor (you know this one?). Let tiresome responsibilities become easy peasy for you!

    Interesting mixes and many variations

    Reach for the 500 ml or 250 ml option. Plus, taste the different flavours! What are you in the mood for today? Mango-pineapple or dragon fruit and guava? You’ll find it all in LevelUp cans, and the Level Up Easy Peasy line is up to 20% fruit juice, made for enthusiasts of sweeter flavours.

    Examples of products

    More about LevelUp at zabka.pl/tylko-u-nas/level-up


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