Juicy refreshment

    Squeezed, refreshing and unpasteurised juices and lemonades that retain the taste of real fruit and vegetables thanks to HPP.

    One immediately associates summer with holidays, the beach, sunglasses and, in the hand, a glass of lemonade with a slice of lemon squeezed over its edge. All this pleasure is encapsulated in a bottle of Wycisk juices and lemonades. They are made from squeezed fruit and vegetables and surprise you with the fresh taste of the ingredients while quenching your thirst right away. The calling card of Wycisk is the absence of pasteurisation – this kills the taste of the fruit. But this does not apply to the Wycisk! Wycisk is loved by all athletes and active people. Wycisk powers you to action even on days when work is squeezing the last drop of sweat out of you. 

    Key advantages

    Simply delicious

    Discover a wealth of fruit flavours, sometimes enriched with vegetables or spices. Try a refreshing lemonade or check out a juice with an unusual composition of ingredients.

    Wycisk is simple

    Each Wycisk is a short list of ingredients, with no added preservatives and no artificial colours.

    Handy packaging

    Ideal for the road, the packaging does not obscure the appetising interior. In addition, the bottle comes from 100% recycled materials.

    HPP Unpasteurised, cold-pressed

    We use innovative HPP technology to prepare Wycisk. Substituting pasteurisation, the very high pressure-low temperature technology ensures that the natural ingredients retain their nutritional value and natural flavour for longer.

    Product categories

    More about Wycisk at zabka.pl/tylko-u-nas/wycisk


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