Żabka frees up your free time

    Żabka is more than just a store. Żabka is also a food, postal and service point in one. It is a comprehensive convenience ecosystem that creates value by making life easier. Operating as a franchise, Żabka is part of the life of local communities and is always close at hand. As a result, Żabka is one of the strongest and best-loved brands in Poland – it is known by over 90% of Poles (Kantar Tracking 2022 for Żabka Poland) and most shoppers visit Żabka at least once a week. It is a cult brand, defining the entire category of modern convenience stores.

    Brand Mission

    Today’s consumers often do not have time for themselves, they feel overwhelmed, busy. Their tight daily schedules make it difficult for them to find free time for small pleasures, time for themselves and their loved ones. It is also difficult for them to eat properly or run everyday errands smoothly.

    Żabka is changing this. It helps consumers to live sustainably, yet comfortably, and enjoy their everyday lives. It simplifies their lives by providing proximity to stores, an assortment tailored to their needs, thoughtful services and a comfortable shopping experience. 

    Żabka is nearby when consumers are hungry and looking for a quick meal on the run, but also when they want to send a parcel or withdraw cash. Convenience and simplicity is a priority – this is why the Żabka chain offers access to over 10,000 stores throughout Poland, whose services are used by nearly 3 million customers every day. It also cares about the health of its customers, providing fresh bread, plant-based products and unique private brands of ready meals, beverages or snacks, among others. 

    Key advantages

    Conveniently on the way

    Żabka reaches places that are inaccessible to most chains. There are already over 10,000 Żabka stores throughout Poland, in major cities and in smaller towns, in business districts and suburban housing estates, at metro stations and on seaside promenades. Around 15.5 million consumers live no more than 500 m from the nearest Żabka. 

    For every need

    In Żabka’s assortment, customers can find products for every occasion and every need – bread for breakfast, ready-made meals for work, hot coffee and hot dogs ideal for travelling, ingredients needed to cook dinner, healthy snacks to satisfy an urgent need for indulgence or ready-made drinks to make entertaining more fun. 

    Own brands

    Fans of convenient solutions and healthy eating, those who follow product ingredients and appreciate quality recipes and food preparation technology, will relish Żabka’s own brand products, providing a unique experience at any time of the day, from breakfast to dinner. Products include ready-to-eat meals, snacks and beverages. 

    Green by nature

    Żabka is dedicated to the well-being of the environment and local communities. With a sense of responsibility for the planet, it is changing its impact on the environment as the company grows. It involves franchisees, employees and customers in the changes. In 2020, Żabka opened its first 100% green energy store, where it is testing pioneering solutions on a global scale in the areas of green energy and transport, clean air and the closed-loop economy.

    Services at hand

    Żabka is no longer just a store, but also a mini service and shopping centre where customers can not only do quick, safe shopping near their home or workplace, but also take care of all household errands in one go. They can pay bills, withdraw cash, buy tickets, top up their city card, send and receive parcels and even buy a voucher for a telemedicine consultation. 

    Supports entrepreneurship

    Żabka gives enterprising individuals a ready-made idea for their own business. As part of franchising with Żabka, more than 9,000 franchisees already run their own stores in Poland. They benefit from a proven and safe business model, a strong brand, access to the latest technologies and continuous support in running their business.


    More about żabka at zabka.pl


    Responsibility Report 2023

    Żabka Group ranked #2 in Top 100
    Global Most Loved Workplaces ranking.
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