03 Jan 2024 15:28PM

    Soup for the Road is now available – unscrew, heat and drink! Have it in a bottle!

    Soup for the Road is now available – unscrew, heat and drink! Have it in a bottle!

    When creating our private label product offerings at Żabka, we always do our best to respond to current nutritional trends and consumer needs. We are the first in Poland to allow customers to buy soup in a handy bottle, which can already be heated up by a salesperson in the store. Zupa na Drogę (Soup for the Road) is an innovative ‚on the go‘ product – the packaging has been designed in such a way that it can be effortlessly held in the hand, which makes it possible to freely consume it during everyday activities such as a walk or a break at work or university –says Elżbieta Noga, Innovation and NPD Director at Żabka Polska.

    Unscrew, heat and drink!

    Zupa na Drogę (Soup for the Road) Szamamm is available in a 330 ml bottle for PLN 7.99/unit, with Żappka mobile app: PLN 6.99/unit (until January 16, 2024). There are two flavours to choose from: tomato and pumpkin. The soups contain no preservatives or artificial colouring.

    The only bottle in Poland allowing the product to be heated

    The new Szamamm soups are available in specially prepared bottles made of heat-resistant polypropylene. These are the only bottles in Poland that allow the product to be heated in a microwave oven. Their launch was preceded by a series of meticulous tests and trials. A prototype was made using a 3D printer. The shape and dimensions were refined to make the final product as convenient to use as possible. A series of laboratory tests were also carried out to confirm that the bottle was suitable for direct food contact.

    Szamamm product – another Porcja DobreGo! (Portion of Goodness!)

    The „Porcja DobreGO!“ (Portion of Goodness!)programme aims to promote well-balanced and tasty meals that can be a quick solution for any time of day, offering a wide range of ready meals and snacks. Szamamm is one of Żabka’s private labels, under which the chain offers ready-made lunch dishes, with no added preservatives, in portions that are perfect all at once. They can be prepared in a flash, e.g. by reheating in the microwave oven and eaten comfortably at work or home. The range includes traditional dishes, such as soups, dumplings, pancakes or cutlets, as well as dishes inspired by world cuisines – from Italian to flavours of the Middle and Far East. Specially labelled meat-free variants are also available. More information about the brand: https://www.zabka.pl/tylko-u-nas/Szamamm


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