16 Nov 2023 16:32PM

    Żabka among diversity leaders

    Żabka among diversity leaders

    Diversity and inclusive organizational culture is one of the areas with a strategic dimension for Żabka Group. The company’s daily decisions are guided by an equality approach that is based on objective, fair, and unbiased evaluation. Creating an environment in which every person, regardless of age, gender, family situation, or economic status, has equal opportunities, feels safe, and is respected and appreciated for the quality and value of the work they do is an ongoing process. Żabka Group conducts, among other things, equality-inclusive training for male and female employees, organizes anti-discrimination webinars, as well as inclusive leadership training for male and female leaders. Employees and female employees are involved in educational campaigns, such as „Żabka is people“, in which their non-worker side was shown. Żabka Group was the first Polish company to obtain the Equal Salary certificate, which confirms that there is no gender pay gap. The company is also involved in external initiatives such as the Diversity Charter or Target Gender Equity. In this way, Żabka Group creates an organizational culture capable of recognizing and enhancing the potential of everyone, while creating an environment based on cooperation and sharing experiences.

    Diversity Leaders 2024 ranking, created by the UK’s Financial Times in partnership with research firm Statista, is the result of the most comprehensive research into diversity and inclusion standards in the workplace. The final list of 850 companies is the result of an independently conducted survey of more than 100,000 employees from 16 countries.


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