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    Żabka has already provided 280 paid internships for youth at risk of social exclusion

    Żabka has already provided 280 paid internships for youth at risk of social exclusion

    In September, the second stage of this year’s round of the „Good Internship in Żabka“ program will be launched. It is implemented by the chain together with the Independent Robinsons Foundation. It is addressed to young people at risk of social exclusion. Together with its franchisees, Żabka enables young people to participate in paid internships in stores, thus giving them a chance to gain knowledge and experience and facilitating their start in professional life. So far, 280 internships have been carried out, lasting from 2 weeks to 3 months.

    The „Good Internship in Żabka“ program has been implemented for seven years. Since the beginning of the program, over 22,000 internship hours have been carried out. The partner of the project is the Independent Robinsons Foundation, dealing with comprehensive support for young people from foster care institutions (orphanages, foster families, family orphanages), who are at risk of social exclusion. Franchisees of Żabka, who want to take care of the interns, undergo training, led by a representative of the Foundation and gain the title of a mentor. Internships last a minimum of two weeks, and their course is also supervised by a supervisor appointed by the Foundation. Young people are paid for their work.

    As part of our Social Involvement Strategy, we take part in many actions aimed at ensuring a better quality of life for local communities, including equalizing opportunities in the labor market. Thanks to the „Good Internship in Żabka“ program, young people at risk of social exclusion have a chance to gain their first professional experience. Our mentors – franchisees are eager to get involved in this program, sharing their knowledge and skills with interns –says Katarzyna Przewęzikowska,  Manager of the External Relations and CSR Team at Żabka Polska.

    The „Robinsons“ (as we call them) need support in terms of both social skills and emotions. Due to a lack of self-confidence, support from the family and relatives, and fear of another failure, they often withdraw from situations requiring perseverance and give up opportunities that can change their fate –says Anna Żelazowska-Kosiorek, Leader of programs implemented by the Independent Robinsons Foundation.– Thanks to cooperation with franchisees all over Poland, young people learn what work is, develop communication skills, learn responsibility, and build their confidence – she adds.

    Film about „Good Internship in Żabka“ in the Responsible Film Festival „17 Goals“ competition

    The film about the „Good Internship in Żabka“ program qualified for the competition of the 8th edition of the Responsible Film Festival „17 Goals“, devoted to documentary and promotional films produced by 3 sectors in the field of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The protagonists of the film are this year’s interns as well as their mentors. Their stories, passions, and dreams are presented. In the film, you can see what their work during the internship is about and find out what difficulties they had to face, what personal barriers they had to overcome, and which new professional skills they will move further into the world with.

    The Responsible Film Festival „17 Goals“ will be held in Poznań on September 24-29 this year in a hybrid formula. Internet users will also be able to vote for the best film.

    Social Engagement Strategy of Żabka Group

    In recent years, Żabka Group has revised its approach to social involvement, defining areas important for local communities and emphasizing activities that contribute to real and long-term changes. The adopted Social Engagement Strategy is based on three pillars and supports the implementation of five UN Sustainable Development Goals, i.e.: Good health and well-being, Sustainable cities and communities, Quality education, Decent work and economic growth, and Reduced inequalities.

    As part of the first pillar – “Well-being” – the company encourages employees to undertake physical activity, engages in the organization of sports initiatives, and popularizes a healthy lifestyle. The second pillar – „Neighborhood“ – is activities aimed at supporting local communities. Each employee has the opportunity to devote eight hours of work per month to volunteering. The company not only creates various volunteering opportunities for employees (including forest planting, cleaning green squares, restoring the park at the Provincial Hospital in Poznań, or caring for animals in shelters) but also encourages them to find local initiatives on their own that they could support. Żabka is also eager to engage in various charity and social campaigns. The third pillar is „Equal Opportunities“ and it is within its assumptions that the program „Good Internship in Żabka“ is implemented.


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