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    Żabka has opened its 10,000th store

    Żabka has opened its 10,000th store

    A hot dog will be sold by Robbie the robot at Żabka in the Old Brewery

    The 10,000th jubilee Żabka was opened on October 27, this year in Stary Browar (Old Brewery), well-known to the people of Poznań. The shopping center is visited by around 9 million people every year, who from now on will be able to enjoy Żabka’s wide range of products and convenient services. Customers will also be in for a surprise – Robbie the robot – which will prepare and serve the iconic Żabka snack, the hot dog, with automatic precision. On the day of the grand opening, a commemorative mural is being created near the anniversary shop. A mosaic of 2,000 photographs is being created throughout Friday with the help of Stary Browar customers. The whole will form a specially designed logo for the 10,000th store.

    The opening of the 10,000th store is a milestone in the development of Żabka chain. We wouldn’t have reached it if it wasn’t for our franchisees who take care of customer relations and build a positive image of our brand daily. It is with them in mind that we develop our chain and make our franchise offer more attractive by adding more benefits and modern tools. Such activities are also expected of us by customers, for whom Żabka’s second heart beats. That is why we are constantly reaching out to new places and surprising them with innovative solutions to respond even better to consumers‘ needs and make life easier for millions of them every day –says Adam Manikowski, Executive Vice President of the Management Board, Żabka Group, Managing Director of Żabka Polska.

    Norbert Kruk, who has been with the chain for several years, became the franchisee of the anniversary store. – Żabka stays ahead of market trends by responding to the changing needs of consumers as well as our franchisees. I have been cooperating with the chain for 6 years, running Żabka Eko Smart in Poznań and a store located in the company’s headquarters. I am glad that I will be managing the jubilee outlet, which combines technology with pro-environmental solutions increasing energy efficiency – emphasizes Norbert Kruk.

    A hot dog is prepared by a robot

    One of the innovative solutions used in the 10,000th store is a custom-made robot serving hot dogs for Żabka. Żabka Nano customers are already familiar with Robbie. The first such device was installed in an autonomous store in Warsaw at 54 Dobra St. Now this innovative solution has been used for the first time in a traditional store. Thanks to Robbie, customers of the outlet in Stary Browar, in addition to quick shopping or hot coffee from the coffee machine, can order a quick, hot meal prepared without contact. – Taking care of a positive shopping experience for consumers is a priority for me. I hope that the now-famous Robbie the robot, serving the iconic hot dogs, will provide my customers with a unique experience and that my store will stand out in the market thanks to it – adds the franchisee of the 10,000th store.

    Eco Smart solutions

    The 10,000th store also uses state-of-the-art fridges to reduce the energy required to cool the goods. The insulation of these fridges and the refrigerated counter next to the checkout is made of hemp seed mats, which have very good thermal properties. Inside the freezer cabinets and the refrigerated counter, glycol shelves have been installed to store the cold and release it at critical moments of the unit’s operation, such as during external breakdowns.

    The store also has the latest generation of air purification system – Safe Air – which cleans the air of harmful pollutants, also absorbing the smallest particles, including viruses and bacteria. The air conditioning installed in the store, through a centralized system, makes it possible to control temperatures, which reduces electricity consumption.

    Jubilee mosaic mural

    An attraction awaits the customers of the 10,000th Żabka store. On the day of the opening, they have a unique opportunity to create a mosaic mural from photographs taken in a special photo booth. The photographs taken by customers, printed in the appropriate color and pasted in a designated place, will form a jubilee logotype – 10 000 Żabek, TEJ! The composition will consist of as many as 2,000 photographs.

    Jubilee Żabka in Stary Browar shopping centre (Poznań, 42 Półwiejska St.), is located near the entrance from the car park and escalators (level 0, pavilion 207). The outlet is open from Monday to Saturday between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. and on Sundays between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.


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