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    Żabka supports Ukrainian citizens in developing their own business

    Żabka supports Ukrainian citizens in developing their own business

    Currently, nearly 300 entrepreneurs from outside Poland run their businesses with Żabka, and the largest group are Ukrainian citizens. Also, many sales clerks employed in the stores come from across our eastern border. The chain also cooperates with organizations supporting Ukraine, such as the Foundation Ukraine, Zustricz, or the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. Geographical proximity and transparent conditions of cooperation encourage foreigners to open their businesses under the Żabka logo. As a result, many of them have changed their financial, personal, or professional situation. More are joining them. Today, Ukraine is celebrating its Independence Day.

    We create optimal conditions for starting and developing their own business with us in Poland by foreigners; we facilitate their start, and we do not leave them without support and care. The largest group among franchisees, over 260 people, are citizens of Ukraine. Cultural or linguistic proximity helps them to do this, thanks to which they easily integrate and feel good here, and at the same time, they cope perfectly by running a business with Żabka. Moreover, many entrepreneurs living in Poland who already run their stores with us recommend us to their fellow countrymen – emphasizes Przemysław Kijewski, COO at Żabka Polska.

    The largest number of Ukrainian citizens run their franchise stores in Warsaw and Wrocław, further in Kraków and Poznań. However, they also manage branches in smaller towns such as Trzebnica, Bystra, and Czapury. Among them are people with higher, secondary, and vocational education. Over 70 percent of franchisees from Ukraine are directed to the chain by entrepreneurs who have already conducted their business with Żabka. In addition to support from the chain, they also receive support in starting a business in Poland from the regulations in force in Poland, which opened the labor market for employees from the East.

    Business with Żabka for Ukrainian citizens – how to start?

    The Żabka franchise is an attractive idea for motivated people with an entrepreneurial approach, open to development, regardless of their origin, previous experience, or previous profession.

    My beginnings in Poland were not the easiest – I did not know the language, I came here with two children, while my husband had to stay in Ukraine even then. However, to be able to develop, you have to take a risk often, and at the same time believe in yourself – emphasizes Iuliia Arustamova, who opened her store in Warsaw in December 2021.

    A candidate for a franchisee must undergo the recruitment process, including training and meet formal conditions. In the case of entrepreneurs with citizenship other than Polish, it is necessary to pass an exam confirming knowledge of the Polish language at the level of at least B2.

    Another important aspect is having guarantors. All candidates from and outside the EU, residing in Poland for less than 2 years, should have two sureties with Polish citizenship (optionally one surety and pay a deposit of PLN 25,000.) In the case of persons who have stayed in Poland for at least 2 years, a promissory note with one surety with Polish citizenship or the promissory note itself and a deposit in the amount of PLN 20,000 is required. In such a situation, it is necessary to present documents confirming legal stay in Poland for the last 24 months, in the form of a passport with a visa or a Residence Card. An important element, in the case of non-EU candidates without Polish citizenship, is also the presentation of documents in the form of, for example, a permanent residence permit or a long-term EU residence permit. All applicants for the opening of a Żabka store, regardless of their origin, are bound by the same conditions, namely the obligation to pay their contribution for a start amounting to about PLN 5,000 and to register their sole proprietorship.

    The strengths of the franchise with Żabka

    Franchise cooperation with Żabka is associated with numerous benefits. At the start, new entrepreneurs receive premises, which are renovated by the chain and adapted for the needs of the store. The facility is also stocked and equipped with, among others: refrigeration units, stoves, display racks, and a printer or computer with a warehouse and accounting system installed, facilitating management and placing orders. From the very beginning, store operators can offer their customers a wide range of products and a package of additional services, as well as a wide offer of the Żabka Café café zone.

    – For me, as a person just starting in trade, it was important that the chain shares its many years of experience. In addition, at the beginning, I received a store that is known and liked by customers, and the company sent me for free training, thanks to which I felt more confident in the role of a franchisee – points out Oleksandra Burova, a franchisee from Rzeszów.

    Entrepreneurs receive comprehensive advice and support: marketing, service, logistics, or finding employees. They can benefit from free training, as well as several modern solutions that make it easier for them to manage their stores. They have at their disposal, for example, the Optiplan package with Żabka Assistant, helping to optimize tasks in the branch or the Cyberstore application, enabling remote placing of orders, and receiving sales reports or information about deliveries via a smartphone. In small towns, Żabka additionally offers support solutions, such as relocation packages after moving, a car for use under the „Auto na start“ program, or a fuel card enabling cashless payments during refueling.

    Żabka franchisees also develop financially. In the period January-May 2023, over 77% of them nationwide achieved a monthly income of at least PLN 24 thousand. Every new entrepreneur who is currently starting cooperation has the opportunity to receive an additional benefit of PLN 15,000. All of them are covered by a unique „Business Policy“, protecting them against potential failure and termination of cooperation with a chain with a negative financial result.

    To facilitate the onboarding of new business partners, the chain provides a Polish language tutorial as part of the training platform. In addition, entrepreneurs can develop their knowledge and competencies using numerous e-learning training courses and knowledge bases. At the same time, in the recruitment process, Ukrainian citizens receive a franchise agreement in their native language.

    – In my case, the business with Żabka was an opportunity for development on many levels and an opportunity to satisfy my own ambitions and professional aspirations in Poland. Thanks to this, I improved the comfort of my family’s life, as well as gained financial stability. I know that running a business on your own is a big challenge and a big risk. Working with the Żabka chain, I can count on extensive support. I have a sense of security and partnership, but also development, because it is finally my store, adds Iuliia Arustamova.

    Support for Ukraine

    The chain has long been cooperating with and supporting institutions related to Ukraine and foreigners in various forms, including the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, the Ukraine Foundation, and the Department for Foreigners of the Labor Office of the City of Warsaw. International Rescue Committee or the Zustricz Foundation. It also offered extensive support after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine – less than 12 hours after its announcement. Among other things, 87 transports and 4 freight trains with humanitarian aid were organized, donating over 525 tons of food and hygiene products. Support was provided to the civilian population in Ukraine, as well as to crisis staff and railway stations in Poland. The activities also included helping to organize the transport of employees‘, co-workers‘, and franchisees‘ families from abroad. Employee volunteering was launched at the company’s headquarters, and store customers were also invited to help – by enabling the exchange of points (zapps) for charitable bricks and collecting donations to help Ukrainian citizens.

    More information about the Żabka franchise at: https://www.zabka.pl/franczyza 


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