31 Aug 2023 16:35PM

    #Zielonykubek wielorazowy [Green reusable cup] already available in Żabka

    #Zielonykubek wielorazowy [Green reusable cup] already available in Żabka

    Enjoy coffee from 1,99 zł as part of the Kawonament!

    A reusable cup for your favorite hot freshly ground coffee or another hot drink to take away is an environmental benefit because it helps to reduce disposable waste. It is also a saving for pockets – a hot drink, like coffee, with its cup costs 1 PLN less. Żabka has introduced green reusable cups to its offer. Since August 30, the company has also expanded its coffee subscription offer. Customers will be able to choose from three new options available in Żabka Kawonament.

    Żabka with coffee offer has been present on the market for many years. The chain serves coffee and other hot drinks in more than 9,700 stores, selling 24 million cups of coffee annually. The record is 72 pcs sold in a minute!

    Hot, aromatic, freshly ground coffee for takeaway is one of the key distinguishing features of Żabka’s offer. Consumers appreciate its taste, as well as the possibility of quick and convenient purchases. With them in mind, we are constantly preparing new offers. Cheaper coffee with its cup or „Kawonament“ stole the hearts of our customers. We hope that they will also be happy to use a reusable #zielonykubek [green cup], designed to serve as long as possible. In this way, we want to encourage our customers to foster a culture of reusing objects and reduce the use of these disposable items. It is a simple way to actively participate in the fight against environmental pollution and promote circular solutions. By supporting such initiatives, as consumers, we can also contribute to changing behavior and raising awareness about environmental protection – says Joanna Kasowska, Director of Quality and Food Management Standards in Żabka Polska.

    By promoting reusable cups, we support the circularity area in achieving the adopted goals, defined in the Responsibility Strategy of the Żabka Group.

    #green reusable cup

    Available in Żabka, the reusable cup is made of natural raw materials and FSC® certified wood – it is safe for food and fully recyclable. Thanks to the use of double walls, it maintains the appropriate temperature of your favorite drink for a long time.

    The cup has a capacity of 400 ml. It is handy, durable, and comfortable – it can be washed in a dishwasher. It also has something that other cups do not have – it is Żabka-like and stands out with its original design and slogans. You can shape the #dobrynawyk [good habit] with it and fill it  #dopełna [to the full]! 

    It is available for regular sale in all over 9,700 stores of the chain at the price of 49.99 PLN/piece. Customers who decide to buy a coffee or another hot drink with their cup will receive a discount of PLN 1.

    New options for the Kawonement

    Żabka also extends the offer of the Kawonament. Starting August 30, the chain’s customers can choose from as many as three coffee subscription options:

    The coffee subscription in Żabka, or Kawonament, appeared in the Żappka app at the end of October last year. The offer aroused great interest, fitting perfectly into the needs of coffee lovers and regular customers of Żabka. The development of subscriptions and the addition of new offers result from the desire to provide mechanisms tailored to a wider group of customers. MIDI and MINI offers can be particularly interesting for people who expect a more flexible solution. Currently, the group of people who use the subscription remains stable. It is very diverse in terms of demographics, but most of them are people aged 25-34.

    Coffee from Żabka

    The coffee from Żabka is 100% arabica. It is roasted in Italy, and the average degree of roasting brings out the fullness of taste and aromas. The mixture contains unique coffee from the plantation Bob-o-link. It produces the best quality coffee while maintaining the principles of sustainable development in agriculture. It is also certified by the Rainforest Alliance. By purchasing products with this label, customers support the rights and well-being of farmers, and protect natural resources and nature, as well as the environment.

    According to consumer research, latte coffee and coffee with milk are the most popular in Żabka. Its perfectly milky taste and power are judged best against the competition. According to the testers, this hot drink from Żabka also has a sufficiently intense smell and aroma.


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