13 Oct 2022 14:16PM

    delio doesn’t slow down! Debut in Gdańsk and Sopot

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    delio doesn’t slow down! Debut in Gdańsk and Sopot

    Lite e-Commerce maintains the pace of delio expansion – an online supermarket. After the September debut in Kraków, the service was launched in two further large cities in Poland – this time in Gdańsk and Sopot. This is a significant step in the development of the company in the Polish e-grocery market.

    Since October 13 delio couriers have been delivering food products and household goods to the inhabitants of Gdańsk and Sopot. The service is distinguished from the competition by its delivery time and the number of available products. The customer can choose from 5 thousand articles, which can be delivered even in an hour from the moment of placing the order. Importantly, the online supermarket operates seven days a week from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, allowing you to customize the delivery to your daily needs.

    Following our assumptions, we continue to expand on the Polish e-grocery market. Rapid service development and presence in new locations are our top priorities. We believe that the quality of the services provided and the fastest delivery on the market are our greatest advantages – says Maciej Nowakowski, COO of Lite e-Commerce.

    Customers of the online supermarket can order products from well-known, global brands as well as local manufacturers in the online supermarket. For even more convenience for users, we have launched an application that allows free movement between platforms: e.g. completing the order process started on the website delio.com.pl.

    Developers of services from Lite e-Commerce also take the subject of ecology seriously. Electric scooters make up the majority of vehicles in their fleet, and purchases are packed in ecological paper bags and biodegradable bags.

    Conveniently via the Internet

    Online shopping, including food shopping, is a habit that has grown in strength during the pandemic. Product delivery services came to the aid of people locked in their homes. However, the tremendous pace of development of e-grocery indicates that the habit of making convenient online purchases will stay with us for a long time. Although the pandemic restrictions have ended, Poles are still very keen to use such solutions. They appreciate them for saving time and being able to make purchases at any time. It is simply too convenient not to use them, even occasionally. That’s why the online supermarket delio plans to expand its range of activities to include more cities.

    We want both services to be developed as soon as possible, so we are constantly analyzing the possibility of appearing in the next cities. When choosing the next location, we take into account many different factors, such as demographic data, the availability of local suppliers, or the presence of competitors – explains Nowakowski.

    Prices of certain products are frozen until the end of October

    The online delio supermarket has launched its action to counteract the effects of inflation. Until the end of October, the price of 500 goods will not be increased. The campaign has also designed a landing page, which presents the entire promotional delio offer.

    delio – assistant in daily shopping

    delio is based on simple assumptions: it wants to respond to the needs of customers who appreciate high quality, are looking for a wide range, and at the same time in the multitude of duties want to save time on what is important to them. Solution developers compare delio to a daily assistant that will not only deliver what they need to their customers but also make shopping easier. This ensures, among other things, the fastest delivery of products in this segment of the market, which, combined with a large selection of goods, makes users not have to plan for purchases a few days ahead.

    For new and regular delio users there is a special code “DELIO” (remember the capital letters), thanks to which they can save up to PLN 450. To activate the promotion, it suffices for the value of the ordered products to exceed PLN 100. After entering the code you will automatically receive a PLN 30 discount. Users can enjoy 15 such discounts, and the action lasts until November 30. The Terms and Conditions of the special promotion are available at delio.com.pl

    Orders can be made at: www.delio.com.pl. Products are delivered daily from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., also on Sundays and holidays. What’s more, during the shopping process, we can choose the optimal delivery date, even within an hour of placing the order.

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