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    30 Dec 2021 21:55PM

    First Żabka Nano open in Decathlon

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    First Żabka Nano open in Decathlon

    Debut of an autonomous store under the store-in-the-store model

    The first maintenance-free Żabka Nano store has been opened at the Decathlon store in Piaseczno, where customers will be able to shop quickly without queues. The chains have teamed up to provide customers with even greater convenience for quick shopping. The concept tested differs from the previously opened autonomous Żabka outlets by an innovative method of authorization and payment for shopping, made with a payment card. 

    Since June this year we have already opened several automated Żabka Nano outlets in very different locations, among others, at a railway station, on the subway, in the city centers or the Poznań International Fair. We are currently debuting with a new version of the Żabka Nano store under the store-in-the-store model. Thanks to the special modular design, we can launch the facility within a very short time; in Piaseczno it took us approx. 24 hours. Pilot project is planned in the Decathlon chain, we are glad that together we can build new value for customers –says Tomasz Blicharski, Executive Vice President, Managing Director of Żabka Future.

    The Żabka Nano concept uses an innovative method of authorization and payment for purchases, implemented in cooperation with Adyen. Access to the facility is possible by means of a payment card – the customer swipes it over the terminal before entering the Żabka Nano store. On the first visit, they provide the phone number to which they will receive an SMS with the purchase confirmation. Once this is done, the door will open automatically. Once the customer is inside, the shopping will only take a moment – just take selected products off the shelf and leave. The camera system installed in the Żabka Nano, using algorithms including machine learning, will recognize the products removed from the shelves, charge the appropriate amount, and then automatically finalize the payment using the payment card used at the entrance to the Żabka Nano. The system does not identify customers, nor does it remember the images, which guarantees full privacy and security.

    Decathlon has been focusing on innovation and adapting to the increasingly digitalized world by implementing new solutions – says Paweł Krawczyk, Leader of Expansion and Development in Decathlon Poland. – The pandemic and the need to shop online have significantly changed the demands of consumers who, more than ever, are connected to the online world with different devices and their expectations of the convenience of shopping are growing. Innovation is in the DNA of our company, so we are all the more happy to participate in this project –adds Krawczyk

    The product mix of Żabka Nano in Decathlon is tailored to the specifics of the location and profile of the customer. It will contain a total of around 450 products to meet the needs of people who prefer a healthy and active lifestyle including, among others, nutritious and healthy snacks, juices and smoothies, ready-made dishes or freshly ground coffee from the coffee machine. During the pandemic restrictions, only a single person will be allowed to stay in the Żabka Nano store.

    On the occasion of the opening of the first maintenance-free Żabka Nano store in Decathlon in Piaseczno, both chains prepared attractive promotions for their customers. Freshly ground, hot coffee from the machine or plant bar of the Plant Hunter private label will be available at an attractive price of PLN 1. In addition, for every shopping, customers will receive a free liquid Foodini snack. The first 200 customers of Żabka Nano will also receive prepaid cards worth PLN 50 for purchases in Decathlon stores. A special marketing campaign is also planned.

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