13 Jul 2022 15:06PM

    Foodini makes the day better! New promotion campaign for Żabka private label

    Foodini makes the day better! New promotion campaign for Żabka private label

    Yellow, green, red… – Foodini is liquid snacks in beautiful colors of nature. In the latest and first private label campaign called 360 degrees, Żabka recalls the qualities of its products. Foodini is 100% plant-based, and sugar-free and its innovative HPP technology ensures its durability without pasteurization. This keeps the nutritional value, freshness, and natural taste longer. A handy, small bottle, which will fit in a backpack or a small bag, carefully selected compositions of fruit and vegetables make a perfect proposal for the summer. Take care of yourself with a delicious Foodini – now at an even more advantageous price of PLN 3.99 with the application Żappka for a bottle of 250 ml. The day will get better!

    Among the 10 most popular snacks mentioned in the first place in the study “Trends in the eating habits of Poles” are fruit (47%) and vegetables (21%) . Good nutrition does not have to be associated with difficult, knowledge-intensive, and time-consuming purchases, as well as a laborious process of preparing meals. Żabka responds to the needs of customers who are looking for fruity and plant snacks and want them at their fingertips whenever they need them. As part of the Foodini brand, you will find as many as 10 taste proposals.

    – Foodini is a brand created from start to finish for consumers who want to consciously reach for healthy and nutritious snacks. We carefully selected ingredients and worked on the recipe. In a bottle made of 100% recycled plastic, we closed the  10 unique compositions that are very popular. As Żabka, we have been promoting a sustainable lifestyle for years, and Foodini is a fruit and vegetable snack that preserves unique micronutrients and vitamins, unpasteurized. My favorite Foodini is Exotic Yellow, I love it for a brunch – says Anna Grabowska, Executive Vice President of the Management Board, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Żabka Group.

    Respondents surveyed by IPSOS admitted that when preparing breakfast they pay attention to taste (50.7%), ease (39.8%), speed (39.2%), use of vegetables and fruits (29.9%), and whether the meal will be filling (29.9%). Interestingly, one in four respondents consumes a brunch outside their home.

    Foodini is perfect for every day of the week

    Foodini is an ideal response to the needs of consumers. It consists of fruits, vegetables, cereals, and spices, without adding fixers and sweeteners. According to the Żabka sales analysis, customers usually reach for Foodini on Mondays and Wednesdays. Their favorite taste is Foodini Exotic Yellow with mango, oranges, banana, apples, and passion fruit.

    Application in the preparation of Foodini of innovative HPP technology (high-pressure processing), which involves the use of very high pressure at low temperature and replaces pasteurization, guarantees the preservation of the nutritional value and fresh taste of these liquid snacks.

    Can you want more? You can! Therefore, Foodini is available in Żabka stores in convenient handy capacities of 250 ml and 750 ml, which can be enjoyed longer or shared with loved ones.

    The latest Foodini campaign started on July 6 and will last until August 16. It includes TV and radio spots, supported by digital and BTL communication in stores, and its theme is an ear-catching song. During this period, customers using the Żappka app will be able to purchase products at a promotional price of PLN 3.99 per 250 ml bottle.

    The Foodini campaign is managed by 180heartbeats + JUNG v MATT

    Spot link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_b4aJSFwEE


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