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    Franchisees – Quality Champions awarded by Żabka

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    Franchisees – Quality Champions awarded by Żabka

    The second edition of the Żabka’s initiative the “League of Quality Champions” has ended. Over 2,400 franchisees were awarded as part of the competition. The 8 regional winners with the title of Quality Champions were announced during a gala ceremony held on January 19. The ranking of entrepreneurs operating under the name of the Żabka chain took into account the quality of management of establishments, maintaining high standards in stores and customer service, and consequently achieving the best sales results. The prize pool amounted to PLN 5 million.

    2nd edition of the Żabka Quality Champions League

    – The common denominator of all our activities is quality, which is expressed, among others, in the product offer, the high technological level of our services and solutions, as well as cooperation with franchisees. We also appreciate this aspect very much in their attitude. The League of Quality Champions competition was created to distinguish concretely the commitment of entrepreneurs who run stores with us. How the store, its staff, and the quality of service are managed in a real way translates into building a competitive advantage of the chain and a high level of customer satisfaction, which consequently leads to an increase in turnover and thus also in the income of entrepreneurs – notes Przemysław Kijewski, COO at Żabka Polska.

    The second edition of the Program began in July 2022 and lasted until the end of December last year. Nearly 90% of businesses under the green label participated. They competed for the title of Quality Champion within their Sales Regions. The awards went to over 2,400 franchisees, while the Champion title was awarded to the best 8 entrepreneurs from each region. The winners received financial awards. Depending on the place occupied, the “Quality Champions” gained – for the 1st place PLN 15,000 zł, for the 2nd place – PLN 13,000 zł, and the 3rd place – PLN 10,000.

    What were the winning Franchisees of Żabka awarded for?

      With such initiatives, the result is influenced primarily by the committed and trusted team. I try to manage my staff skillfully and motivate the staff accordingly. By sharing the prize in the competition with them in the form of bonuses, I wanted to emphasize how much I appreciated their commitment, and it is of course also extremely important to maintain high standards of management and service of the store and strive to raise them further. I am glad that I managed to deliver on the decision to be among the winners of this edition of the “League of Quality Champions” – emphasizes Patryk Pundyk, a franchisee of Żabka for 15 months, who runs a Żabka store in Warsaw.

    The ranking took into account the results related to, among others, the maintenance of high standards in stores, visits of a mysterious client, or the implementation of recommended e-training (e.g. in the area of sales or finance). Żabka has maintained permanent Regional Quality Rankings, individually for each of the 8 Sales Regions. The Competition Jury was responsible for the proper conduct of the competition and the announcement of the winners, and it included representatives of the chain from the Sales Support Department and the Franchisee Development Department.

    The third edition of the “League of Quality Champions” project started in early January and will end in June this year. Due to the high interest in the initiative, as well as the dynamic development of the Żabka chain and the increasing number of franchisees cooperating with it, the number of prizes will increase and the prize pool will reach PLN 6 million. The next Gala will take place in July.

    More about the Żabka franchise on: https://www.zabka.pl/franczyza

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