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    Free up free time. Żabka in the new reveal speaks about making everyday life easier and the benefits of it

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    Free up free time. Żabka in the new reveal speaks about making everyday life easier and the benefits of it

    On October 12 Żabka will launch a new campaign and show its customers how accompanying them at every moment of their day, makes their lives easier and thus frees up their free time. According to research, it is the lack of free time that is one of the most important challenges for modern consumers – a barrier to realizing passion and interests, and often also a source of stress, frustration and burnout. In response to this, Żabka in a new campaign explains attractively and engagingly how, thanks to its proximity, tailored products, and convenient purchasing process, it helps customers to cope with this important challenge in life.

    As a result of the consistent implementation of our development strategy in recent years, Żabka has ceased to be just a store. Today we are a comprehensive ecosystem of convenience – we offer various solutions, close to the needs of customers and facilitate their daily life. Thanks to the expansion of the Żabka Group with new businesses, such as Maczfit, Dietly, Żabka Jush, or Delio, customers can freely use our offer wherever they need it, e.g. by visiting stores or ordering products with 15-minute delivery to their homes. We will pursue this path of development persistently, keeping customers and their needs at the center of our attention – says Tomasz Suchański, CEO of Żabka Group.

    Free time is one of the most important things in people’s lives, research shows. Poles are the third busiest nation in the European Union.[1] Compared to residents of other EU countries, Poles have almost the least free time during the day – only 286 minutes.[2] As much as 93 percent of Poles admit that they often lack time to pursue their passions and interests[3].  At the same time, for 83% of consumers in the world (and 78% in Poland) having free time is the source of happiness.[4] Thanks to Żabka, everyone can free up time for things really important in life – family, passions, rest, and friendships.

    Żabka has always made everyday life easier for millions of consumers. Today, we decided to talk about it openly and attractively. “Free up free time” is a new brand positioning and slogan of a new communication campaign in which we will show that Żabka offers much more than convenient shopping. By providing ready-made solutions, we make our customers gain free time, which they can devote to what is most important to them in life. This is an additional, very important dimension of our responsibility and influence to improve the quality of life of our customers – says Anna Grabowska, Vice President of the Management Board for Consumer Strategy, Żabka Group.

    In the making of everyday life easier, an important role is played by the time of customer service in Żabka as well as the offer of products and services precisely tailored to customers’ expectations and needs. The proximity of over 8700 stores throughout Poland and the popular mobile app Żappka make it easy for customers to handle their daily affairs.

    We make life easier with our offer, innovative digital solutions, and the fact that everyone has a Żabka store at hand. New formats allow us to be closer and closer to our customers, who can count on us not only in brick-and-mortar stores but also in seasonal facilities by the sea, at events and concerts, or gas stations. Every year we open over 1000 stores throughout Poland. We focus on high-quality products and services, as well as on the speed of service to ensure the highest possible comfort to our customers. Currently, shopping time in Żabka is on average only about 106 seconds. We want these 106 seconds (from the entrance to the exit) to be managed for them most conveniently and easily so that the experience of shopping in Żabka is unique and clearly distinguishes us from the competition – says Adam Manikowski, EVP Żabka Group, Managing Director, Żabka Polska.

    „Free up free time” Communication Platform

    The new positioning of the Żabka brand is contained in the slogan: “Free up free time”, which took the place of the previous slogan “Small big store”. Additionally, on the Internet, it is complemented by a lighter and more humorous #mamtowzabce claim aimed at the younger consumer of the digital sphere.

    The platform encompasses advertisements in traditional media: television, radio, press, and the Internet, as well as internal and external advertising and digital channels. Advertising creations have a modern, bold and emotional character. Based on the affirmation of free time, they express the key benefit that Żabka offers to customers. Each of them shows exactly what the role of Żabka products and services is in freeing time by making various aspects of everyday life easier (“Do what you like and we will help you with what you need”). The TV campaign starts on October 12. It consists of an image spot, a manifesto, in which Żabka encourages people to appreciate their free time, and four product spots, the plot of which refers to life situations, in which the characters thanks to Żabka can do what they like.

    The creative concept was created by the Ogilvy agency. The Cukier Agency is responsible for activities in the digital and social media channels. The media was purchased by the SparkFoundry media house, and BTL content was prepared by Just.

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