15 Jan 2024 16:00PM

    In the Żappka app you can get 3-month of Spotify Premium for free

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    In the Żappka app you can get 3-month of Spotify Premium for free

    To get a code for Spotify Premium, you need to create an account or log in Żappka app. Then exchange the żapps you have for a code from Spotify available in the “All for żapps” section. You can also get the free code in Żabu game, where it is available as one of the prizes.

    The voucher earned must be activated by joining Spotify Premium on the website https://www.spotify.com/pl/ppt/zabka/. Then enter the code you received in Żappka app in the “Verify your code” field. From then on, you can now enjoy 3 months of Spotify Premium for free[1]!

    The Spotify Premium with Żabka offer is valid until 22.12.2025 and applies only for new users of the Premium Individual plan. After the end of the trial period, the fee will be PLN 23.99/month. Cancellation of the service is possible at any time.

    What else do Żabka and Spotify have in common?

    Żabka chain, like Spotify, joined the Wrapped trend by providing users of Żappka app with a summary of their shopping year. They were able to find out from it which Żabka store they shopped at most often, how many times they visited the chain’s stores during the year and how many żapps they earned in 2023. The chain also reported in the summary that the most popular product picked up for żapps in the past year was the hot dog.

    All for żapps – how does it work?

    “All for żapps” is a special section in the ever-expanding Żappka app, featuring unique offers from external partners. It was launched at the end of April 2023. The offers in “All for żapps” are presented in Żappka app in the same way as the existing coupons that allow you to exchange żapps for products from Żabka range. Benefits from partners will be displayed directly after clicking on the coupon. Once it has been activated, the app user will be shown the coupon with the reward, i.e. with a promotional code and information on how to collect the benefit from the partner.

    Żappka and its “green currency”

    Loyalty points, or so-called żapps, are awarded to customers for shopping in Żabka stores with the Żappka mobile application. To date, Żappka has already been downloaded by more than 13 million users and is actively used by more than 7 million people.

    Information on how many żapps the customer currently has in his or her account and which products he or she can exchange them for is visible in the app in the “Coupons” section. Coupons can be activated when the number of collected żapps corresponds to their value. Products for żapps can also be collected in unmanned stores using special coupons designed for Żabka Nano (found in the “Nano” area of Żappka app). They are visible at the top of the app and marked with an ‘N’ next to the coupon.

    To have a say in what else should be included in the “All for żapps”, visit Żabka Discord server and enter the #co-za-żapps channel. The chain’s server has more than 17,000 users and there are several activations available there, where you can earn extra żapps to use in the benefits section as well. More about the application: https://www.zabka.pl/aplikacja-zappka

    [1] Premium Offer Terms – Spotify


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