05 Jan 2022 23:26PM

    Innovative urban filter to remove smog from air

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    Innovative urban filter to remove smog from air

    The project is being implemented in Poznań by Żabka, Oxygen City and Airly

    As part of the partnership with the Oxygen City and Airly startups, Żabka has placed a filter in the center of Poznań that will remove smog from over 9,000,000 m3 of air within a month. This amount of air would allow you to fill the entire body of the National Stadium up to 9 times. Żabka fights smog and offsets the pollution introduced by the operation of its own car fleet in the capital of the Greater Poland region. The anti-smog filter was placed at 8 Matyi Street in Poznań, next to the Żabka Headquarters. It will be launched on January 12, this year.

    In its Responsibility Strategy Żabka chain has set out a number of assumptions to have a positive impact on the environment. One of the objectives is to build partnerships for positive environmental impacts. To this end, Żabka Polska has established cooperation with startups – Oxygen City and Airly, which has led to the launch of the urban air filter located in Poznań, equipped with a sensor measuring the current level of pollution.

    As a socially responsible company, we are looking for partnerships to meet our sustainability commitments. We are pleased that thanks to our cooperation with Oxygen and Airly we will contribute to the improvement of air quality in the capital of the Greater Poland region, especially since the filter was placed close to our office in the center of the city, next to the railway station, where every day tens of thousands of people pass – says Anna Grabowska, Vice President of the Management Board for Consumer Strategies at Żabka Group.

    We have created an urban air filter because we do not want to passively watch how poisoned Polish cities are. We are glad that together with Żabka we can implement this project in Poznań, so that people can live better lives – says Krzysztof Baranowski, CEO at Oxygen City. 

    We are a partner in the project and are responsible for devices measuring and forecasting air quality in cities. We will be able to accurately determine the level of impurities, which will provide the Oxygen device with the date needed for air cleaning optimization. Thanks to our air quality sensors and mobile application “you can see the air you breathe differently” – says Marta Szemraj, Country Manager Airly. 

    By January 12 this year, a sensor will be installed next to the Oxygen device and it will continuously indicate the level of air pollution with particulate matter: PM2.5 and PM10. The Oxygen device’s operating mode will be programmed according to the degree of air pollution tested by the Airly sensor and depending on the time of day to optimize the operation of the device, allowing air purification to be carried out in the most efficient way. The filter is used to effectively fight smog, clearing the air from pollutants entering the atmosphere. It removes over 80% of PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter, as well as dust, pollen, fungi, mites, bacteria and viruses. The device emits sound at less than 65 dB, which is the level of traffic volume, comparable also to noise related to office work or sound of a loud conversation. It should also be emphasized that the filtering station is fully powered by renewable energy sources. In addition, photovoltaic panels will be installed on the filter.

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