19 Jun 2023 11:15AM

    Mobile Żabka stores are back on tour in Poland

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    Mobile Żabka stores are back on tour in Poland

    Żabka chain has developed many store formats, so that customers can use its offer wherever they need it – on the way to and from work, on vacation, or on the go. One of the innovative concepts is mobile Żabka, which has been present at events all over the country for several years. In 2022, mobile Żabka stores served over 30 thousand customers during 60 event days. This season 6 mobile stores will go on tour in Poland. They will appear at the concerts of Męskie Granie in Szczecin, Poznań, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Kraków, Wrocław, and Żywiec, as well as at the Polish Hip-Hop Festival in Płock, Ostróda Reggae Festival and OFF Festival in Katowice.

    When choosing the locations where our mobile Żabka stores appear, we are guided primarily by the nature and type of events. We want to provide festival participants with convenient access to products in places where there are no traditional stores or where they are difficult to access. We try to adapt the offer to the expectations and preferences of consumers, and our priority is the speed and quality of prepared dishes and snacks. This frees up the time of customers who can fully devote themselves to the fun. In the mobile Żabka stores, we mainly offer food-to-go products that can be easily taken with you and enjoyed, for example, during your favorite concerts. Last season alone, we sold nearly 10,000 American hot dogs and 7,000 bottles of mineral water in mobile stores – says Jerzy Roguski, Commercial and Business Development Director at Żabka Polska.

    Hungry in the break between concerts? With mobile Żabka your problem is solved

    Mobile stores are focused on speed and quality of service. It is an open-minded concept, and the snacks it serves depend on the nature of the event. Some other offers are available during musical events, and others during strictly family events. However, hot dogs are always very popular. In addition, the offer includes warm snacks well-known from the catering offer of Żabka Café, such as baguettes, churros, or fries. Customers can also reach for Tomcio Paluch nutritious sandwiches or Dobra Karma salads. There is also hot, aromatic takeaway coffee in various types and cold drinks including Od Nowa mineral water, Foodini liquid snacks, and Wycisk juices and lemonades.

    Mobile Żabka store not only at concerts

    Mobile Żabka can be anywhere where thousands of thirsty and hungry customers are. The concept is adapted for quick purchases not only during concerts but also at trade fairs and sporting and cultural events. In the future, mobile Żabka stores can also appear in the vicinity of schools and universities, and during the holiday season in holiday villages.


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