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    15 Dec 2021 22:13PM

    Neptune doesn’t have to move – he orders shopping on Jush! Now shopping is delivered within 15 minutes in Gdańsk

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    Neptune doesn’t have to move – he orders shopping on Jush! Now shopping is delivered within 15 minutes in Gdańsk

    From now on, the residents of Gdańsk can order products through Żabka Jush. Distinctive couriers dressed in green will deliver them shopping to them wherever they are – at home, office or park. Even in 15 minutes. In October the service was launched in Warsaw, and less than two months later it is launched in another city. New customers registering in the app by the end of the year can count on a special promotion, thanks to which they will pay less for five orders. 

    December is associated with the coming Christmas and gifts under the Christmas tree. Lite e-Commerce decided to give the residents of Gdańsk an early Christmas gift by launching its service in the city, thus maintaining a fast pace of development. For the time being Żabka Jush “jumps” in part of Orunia and Chełm. However, the startup operating within the Żabka Group has announced that the offer of shopping “delivered in no time” will soon appear in further districts and other parts of the Tricity.

    By developing the Żabka Jush we focus on achieving the best possible shopping experience for our customers. During the pilot phase we confirmed the needs of consumers in the area of q-commerce services. Our strategy works and we see very high rates of returning customers who have made more than one order. At the moment, we plan to gradually expand our business and launch the application in the next locations. After Warsaw we arrived in Gdansk, we analyze the possibilities of launching the service in more cities. – says Wojciech Krok, CEO of Lite e-Commerce.

    Over 1.2 million inhabitants of Warsaw within reach of Żabka Jush

    Żabka Jush is a solution prepared by the Polish start-up Lite e-Commerce, which is part of the Żabka Group. Through the app, customers can benefit from instant shopping home deliveries. The company will transport them in 15 minutes from its own warehouses, so-called dark stores. In Warsaw, more than 1.2 million inhabitants in several districts are already within the service’s reach. From December 25 also Gdańsk residents can take advantage of Żabka Jush and order the needed products. Without leaving home or office, which is especially important in the morbidity season.

    We want to make a permanent contribution to the lives of Poles. Our goal is to revolutionize the way we shop, combined with unprecedented convenience. Therefore, from the very beginning we offer a wide selection of goods and focus on the high quality of fresh products. The core of the operation of Żabka Jush service are continually developed categories. We had over 1,300 products at launch, and this number is still growing. We supplement our offer so that it includes the most necessary things from all categories – adds Zuzanna Dębowska, Chief Assortment Officer in Lite e-Commerce.

    Jush offers fresh vegetables, fruits and breads, as well as drinks and ready meals, including vegetarian version. Thanks to cooperation with the Żabka Group, customers can order products known from the chain, including: Wycisk juices and lemonades, Dobra Karma valuable meals, ready-made Tomcio Paluch sandwiches, Foodini snacks and dishes prepared by Maczfit. Delivery within the service costs only PLN 3.99, but when the value of the basket exceeds PLN 35, it is free. You can place your order daily, from Monday to Sunday, from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

    Express purchases with express payments

    The popularity of express payments is growing rapidly. No wonder Lite e-Commerce decided to add them to Zabka Jush. One of the added methods is BLIK, the most popular mobile payment system in Poland. At the end of the third quarter of 2021, 8.6 million users were actively using it. From July to September, the operator registered 194 million transactions worth nearly PLN 27 billion. In addition to BLIK, Jush users can also pay for their shopping through Apple Pay. So finally the express purchases are matched by express payment.

    Pocket up to PLN 100 – special promotion for new users

    One of the gifts from Lite e-Commerce is also the action “Pocket up to PLN 100”, which will last until the end of the year. Under it, every person who registered in the application will get PLN 20 discount for five orders. There is only one condition. Cart value must exceed PLN 40. Customers will also get free delivery. The promotion can save up to PLN 100. The promotion campaign is valid until 31.12.2021. The Terms and Conditions of the Promotion are available at:

    The Jush Android app can be downloaded here and more information about the service itself is available on the official website. iOS users can download the Jush app from the App Store


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