29 Jun 2023 8:54AM

    Poznań company named top 1 in the Forbes ranking

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    Poznań company named top 1 in the Forbes ranking

    Żabka is the most innovative company using AI in Poland.

    Żabka was ranked first in the ranking of companies that use artificial intelligence most innovatively, clearly distancing the other players. The ongoing online digital transformation since 2016 is one of the pillars of the company’s development strategy. Thanks to it, Żabka has become the fastest-growing chain of modern convenience in Europe and one of the most dynamic in the world, and the modern technologies created by Żabka in cooperation with partners make life easier and free time for millions of customers. In Poznań, it opened the first unmanned facility, Żabka Nano, two years ago, which is currently one of the largest such chains in the world.

    Innovation is a key element in the development of the chain, which is why Żabka continues to undergo digital transformation, which consists of an ecosystem of technological solutions operating in the areas of store management, assortment, BIG DATA, artificial intelligence, as well as mobile applications. Thanks to the presence of four large digital divisions in the Żabka structures, new solutions for customers based on digital technology are implemented every few months. This gives the Polish convenience chains a position among the most technologically advanced retail chains in the world.

    AI/ML technologies in Żabka are present in many business locations, e.g. in the customer area, where they help to select the optimal offer tailored to the customer, through the franchisee area, which they support during the ordering process and ensure optimum utilization. Żabka provides franchisees with several uniquely designed, modern tools that support the management of the store and facilitate daily operations. These intelligent solutions include Cyberstore, OptiPlan, the store’s auto-replenishment system, the e-learning platform, and more.

    The most internationally recognized innovative project is the Żabka Nano, the largest chain of autonomous stores in Europe. This is a unique project in the world, which combines a physical and digital store. Access to the facility is possible using any payment card or Żappka mobile app. with a payment card attached to Żappka Pay.

    The innovative concept, allowing for quick shopping without checkout clerks, queues, and cash, is precisely adapted to the nature of the location and the profile of customers. The Żabka Nano stores operate in several formats, such as standalone container vending machines, traditional brick-and-mortar outlets, and store-in-the-store. Each utilizes technology developed in close collaboration with American technology company AiFi and leverages Microsoft Azure. The first Żabka Nano store was established in June 2021 in Poznań, currently, there are over 60 outlets all over Poland.

    More about Żabka Nano on: zabkagroup.com/pl/convenience/nano/ i zabka.pl/zabka-nano

    “Ranking of the most innovative Polish companies using AI” was prepared and prepared by the Polish editorial board of “Forbes” monthly. Żabka was ranked first on the list, scoring as many as 60 points.


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