17 Aug 2022 15:56PM

    Poznań does not have to put on slippers and lug purchases home. From now on, Żabka Jush will deliver them

    Poznań does not have to put on slippers and lug purchases home. From now on, Żabka Jush will deliver them

    If citizens of Poznań lack products to prepare Poznań dumplings, Polish cottage cheese dip or they want something to munch, they can order the necessary goods in the Jush app instead of a traditional visit to the store. Startup Lite e-Commerce after launching the service in Kraków took another step towards further expansion and debuted in Poznań. It is the sixth city where Jush started its operations.

    Since the launch of the pilot in Warsaw, the application has appeared in Gdańsk, Piaseczno, Katowice, and Kraków, and now also residents of Poznań can enjoy express online purchases within up to 15 minutes. For the time being, residents of the Center, the Old Town, and the Wilda district will be able to use the services of Jush in the city of two goats. Importantly, in each location, developers of solutions systematically expand the delivery area.

    We want to develop our service as quickly as possible. We are constantly analyzing the possibility of appearing in subsequent cities. We have decided to launch our service in Poznań, where we see very great potential for development and where the Żabka Group, of which we are a part, is located. – says Feym Fliegner, CPO Lite e-Commerce.

    Jush changes the face of storage

    The warehouse in Poznań is also one of the first in which the startup Lite e-Commerce presents a new look to the storefront. Kinga Offert, a local artist from the capital of the Greater Poland region, is responsible for the changing face of the Poznań site. The work she has designed is in Jush’s style. Thus Lite e-Commerce continues its cooperation with Polish talented creators.

    Everything you want today in 15 minutes

    The whole process of realizing purchases – from the moment of placing an order to the arrival of the courier with the necessary products – takes up to 15 minutes. Customers in Jush can choose from over 1,500 different products – from groceries, including fresh fruits and vegetables and bread, to household chemistry and cosmetics. People will appreciate a wide range of prepared dishes, including vegetarian versions.

    Jush promotion for Summer

    Jush’s holiday promotion is underway. Under it, each person using the application will receive in August another 200 PLN discount to use. Users can receive 10 coupons for orders over PLN 35 and 5 coupons for orders over PLN 50. With purchases over PLN 35, customers gain also free delivery.

    The promotional action is valid until August 31, 2022, until 10:59 p.m. The terms and conditions of the promotion are available at jush.pl/regulamin-promocji-600zl.


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