14 Apr 2023 12:05PM

    Żabka employees planted 2 thousand trees in the area of Mosina near Poznań

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    Żabka employees planted 2 thousand trees in the area of Mosina near Poznań

    Global warming is becoming an increasing challenge and forests are an excellent natural tool for limiting climate change. With this in mind, the Żabka Group has launched the action “Projekt Las” as part of the employee volunteering program, which it is implementing in cooperation with the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Poznań and the Konstantynowo Forest District. In its first stage, which took place on March 30 this year, the employees of the organization planted 2,000 trees in the forest in the area of Mosina near Poznań. The project involved 41 volunteers of the company, who worked together for 3 hours for the good of the planet.

    We are a company that supports the social engagement of employees, so every person can use up to 8 hours per month for employee volunteering. As part of voluntary activities, we cooperate with many foundations and help centers, our representatives act independently, but also within the framework of actions conducted by our company. This time our volunteers planted 2 thousand trees as part of “Project Las”, restoring the forest stand and supporting the natural environment – says Katarzyna Przewęzikowska, manager for external relations and CSR.

    Before the action, representatives of the Forestry Authority of Konstantynowo conducted for employees a quick training, during which they explained how to plant trees properly. After that, the volunteers in pairs started to work. Their task was to restore the forest, that is, to plant a new generation of trees in the place where the old stand gave place to the young.

    We plant at 90 cm intervals. It is important that the tree does not have wrapped roots, and the pit, which is made with a spade, must have the depth to which the tree was previously planted in the nursery – explained Wojciech Fabisiak, Press Spokesman of the Forest Authority of Konantynowo. – Let’s remember that the forest is not only a nice landscape – it is a necessary factor of ecological balance. Trees produce essential oxygen, and they also provide wood raw material, forest fruits, mushrooms, and herbs. The forest is also a very important water retention area today and a place for our rest and recreation. That is why every year in Poland foresters plant 500 million young trees restoring forests and foresting more areas. The forest is our common natural national treasure, so we are glad that Żabka supports our activities. We would like to make this concern for the forest obvious to everyone. So that as many people as possible participate in the planting of trees – added Wojciech Fabisiak

    8 hours a month for volunteering

    As part of the employee volunteering, each Żabka employee can spend up to 8 hours a month helping others during working hours. The company’s experts, as part of a voluntary activity, share their knowledge and experience, especially in the areas of new technologies, logistics, or advanced analytics, with students of the Adam Mickiewicz 8th High School in Poznań, with whom the company is implementing the “Road to Business” project. Żabka employees were also involved in volunteering for the Polish Humanitarian Action, the Polish Red Cross, and in aid activities for refugees from Ukraine. They also had the opportunity to participate in the unique “Parcel with a Smile” action, packaging parcels with gifts for children in need under care, among others, of the Bone Marrow Team Foundation, the Happy Kids Foundation, the In_Spire Foundation, the Association of the Center for the Promotion and Development of Citizens’ Initiatives, as well as small patients in Poznań hospitals.


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