Maczfit is a premium, restaurant-quality diet catering service that was born out of a passion for good taste and healthy food. 

    About the brand

    Maczfit is a brand that fits in with its customers’ expectations. It proves that dietary catering adapts to your lifestyle and saves you time that can be used to pursue your passions. It gives you room for what is really important. The brand offers wholesome and balanced meals with restaurant quality and taste to help take care of your health and promote better wellbeing. The flexible range and variety of dishes ensure that the Maczfit diet never gets boring. The convenient app makes it easy to manage the diet – customers decide for themselves what will appear on their plate, they can add dishes, side dishes or remove selected meals. It reminds them to drink water and, when plans change, allows them to easily modify their delivery address. Maczfit is not just a box diet – it is a way of life.

    Uncompromising quality

    Quality at Maczfit is monitored by a team of qualified chefs, dieticians, clinicians and catering managers, who every day ensure that the products delivered are fresh and all prepared meals are wholesome. More than 450,000 satisfied customers confirm the restaurant-level quality.

    Tasty variety

    Maczfit offers 12 ready-made diets, including a juice detox, and a meal choice diet with up to 40 suggestions to choose from each day. It’s dietary catering that adapts to your lifestyle, gives you a variety of choices and doesn’t get boring.

    Convenient mobility

    The diet management app allows you to be in control, choose the number and type of meals, change your delivery address, pause and resume your diet or track your progress – all at your fingertips and from anywhere!

    Professional team

    Maczfit dishes are created by qualified chefs and clinical nutritionists with many years of experience. The preparation process of the dishes is supervised by a quality team who oversee the production process at each of many stages.

    Free dietary consultation

    Maczfit offers free consultations with qualified clinical dietitians to answer all your questions from Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm.

    Loyalty programme

    Maczfit offers a loyalty programme that allows you to collect Maczcoins and exchange them for free diet days. For more information on how to get them, visit:

    Brand in numbers

    Maczfit Offer 

    Maczfit offers 12 ready-made diets, including a juice detox, as well as three customizable menus with 40 suggestions to choose from each day. Diets can be supplemented with MaczJuice, MaczShots, a workout protein shake and vegan peanut butter. 

    Ready-made diets
    Diets with a choice of dishes


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