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    Peste 80 de milioane de hotdogi vânduți, 14 milioane de panini și 6 milioane de gustări crocante în oferta #DIRECTdinCUPTOR (#PROSTOzPIECA) 

    Peste 80 de milioane de hotdogi vânduți, 14 milioane de panini și 6 milioane de gustări crocante în oferta #DIRECTdinCUPTOR (#PROSTOzPIECA) 

    Hot dog from Żabka best in blind tests

    During „blind” hot dog tests conducted in September 2023 as part of a survey of consumer preferences for these products, the hot dog from Żabka was rated best in terms of most attributes, including taste, smell and quality[1]. According to the respondents, its strengths are mainly: the crunchiness of the bun, the degree of seasoning of the sausage, its texture and meatiness. Żabka’s flagship hot snack also received the highest purchase intention index – as many as 92 per cent of those taking part in the tests expressed a desire to buy it.

    The favourite snack in standard, coloured and XXL versions

    Hot dogs can be bought in all stationary Żabka shops, they are also on offer in seasonal outlets and mobile Żabka stores – during concerts and cultural events. In two stores (in Warsaw and Poznań) this snack is also prepared by Robbie the robot. Żabka’s customers can try a dozen or so different flavour combinations of the hot dog, choosing the type of sausage and sauce they like and, if they are hungry, they can choose an XXL version of the hot dog. They can also choose unique, colourful hot dogs, which appear in the chain’s stores as part of temporary offers. These already include the Black Dog, a limited black version of this warm snack prepared for Black Friday, the pink Love Dog for St. Valentine’s Day, the Summer Dog – a „sunny” version for summer or the purple Prymus hot dog, offered in the first days of September.

    Crispy panini full of toppings

    Several variants of the delicious panini are available at Żabka Café, such as those with mushrooms, chicken, cheddar cheese or ham and jalapeño. The palates of fans of this crunchy snack have also been conquered by novelties in 2023: the panini Italiano, with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and chicken with basil sauce, and the mushroom panini with aromatic mushroom sauce, cheddar cheese and roast bacon.

    Żabka the leader of the gastronomy offer in Poland

    Żabka is the largest chain of food outlets in Poland. Its offer includes not only hot dogs and paninis but also pizza wraps and many sweets – from croissants to yeast cakes, donuts and doughnuts. In more than 3,000 selected Żabka shops, crunchy snacks from the #PROSTOzPIECA offer are also available: casseroles, fries, churros, nuggets, chicken pops and chicken strips, as well as products in sets: crispbox nuggets with fries, crispbox chicken pops with fries and crispbox strips with fries. There is also no shortage of hot coffee and other hot drinks.

    More information about the offer can be found at: https://www.zabka.pl/zabka-cafe

    [1] Survey „Hot dog evaluation”, carried out on 25-30.09.2023 by J. S. Hamilton Poland on a total sample of 300 people – hot dog consumers.

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