17 apr. 2024 7:53AM

    Żabka Group is the best again!

    Żabka Group is the best again!

    Żabka Group’s strength lies in building and nurturing relationships between employees. We listen very carefully to the needs of every one of them so that each person employed by our company has a sense of meaning in the tasks they perform and opportunities for professional and personal development. This builds trust in the organisation and translates directly into a high level of involvement of our employees in the execution of daily activities, as evidenced by the second Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award 2024 – says Jolanta Bańczerowska, Member of the Management Board, Chief People Officer.

    Employees have once again recognised Żabka. It is one of the best places to work in the world

    Żabka Group has been measuring the level of engagement of its employees for 6 years now. Thanks to the feedback it receives regularly, the company has prepared changes whose consistent implementation has enabled Żabka’s transformation as an organisation. For the second time in a row, the company, as the only Polish organisation, was ranked among the world’s top 60 companies (out of 276 surveyed) in which more than 70% of employees were involved in the company’s activities last year (the world average was only 23%).

    The Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award 2024 for Żabka Group clearly shows that employee engagement makes a huge difference to the company’s growth. Their work to continuously increase the commitment of their teams deserves the highest recognition. We congratulate everyone at Żabka on this exceptional achievement – points out Jon Clifton, CEO of the Gallup Organization.

    Conducted by the Gallup Organization – the world’s oldest polling institute – the meta-analysis included data on more than 2 million employees working in 276 organisations worldwide, from 54 industries and 96 countries. This makes it the most comprehensive analysis worldwide. In anonymous questionnaires, employees indicate, among other things, whether they feel their manager/supervisor cares about them; whether they have been appreciated during the past week; whether they are encouraged to develop at work; and whether they feel the importance of their duties. In all these aspects, Żabka was rated highly, confirming its position among the world leaders in terms of an engaging organisational culture.

    Equality and inclusiveness as a basis for building lasting relationships

    A Gallup Organization study confirms that Żabka has been actively supporting its employees at every stage of their development within the organisation. To this end, in 2022 the company implemented an equal pay policy, recognising that women and men should be treated and paid the same. Confirmation of the fact that at Żabka it is not gender but experience and competencies that influence pay is the awarding of the EQUAL-SALARY certificate to Żabka as the first Polish organisation.

    The organisation also realises that the springboard for building engagement and stabilising teams is inclusivity. Satisfied employees who derive satisfaction from their work are less likely to think about changing jobs. This, in turn, provides the opportunity to focus on challenging and long-term projects.

    Effective internal communication between teams results in greater productivity in key areas. As a result, new ideas, concepts and ideas from employees at every level of the organisation can be implemented efficiently. Thus, Żabka Group employees have a sense of influence on the direction of the organisation and know that their ideas are appreciated.

    Importantly, the values on which Żabka’s organisational culture is built, i.e. ambition, responsibility, openness and reliability, have not been imposed from above but developed jointly. As a result, they are a compass in everyday work and people employed by the organisation easily identify with them.

    Building a credible organisation based on strong and committed teams is part of Żabka Group’s Responsibility Strategy (ESG), one of the four pillars of which is „Responsible Organisation”.

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