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    Żabka Group își unește forțele cu trei retaileri străini pentru a căuta împreună soluții inovatoare 

    Żabka Group își unește forțele cu trei retaileri străini pentru a căuta împreună soluții inovatoare 

    The companies participating in Disrupt Retail are leading retailers in their home markets. In addition to Żabka Group, these are EDEKA – the largest retailer in Germany with more than 11,000 stores, MC – the market leader in food retail in Portugal with more than 1,400 stores, and Shufersal – the dominant retailer in the Israeli market with a network of more than 400 stores. The foreign partners bring their unique experiences and perspectives to the programme, creating a dynamic environment for startups to grow.

    Participating in Disrupt Retail will not only allow us to reach an even wider audience of innovation creators but will also enable us to exchange experiences and knowledge with international retail leaders. Together, we can allow innovation creators to present their solutions to a wide range of consumers in the region, thereby taking retail to the next level – says Karol Gajewicz, Head of Venture Studio, Żabka Group.

    A new dimension in retailing

    Within Disrupt Retail, retailers are looking for solutions with a particular focus on 3 main areas: In-Store Operations (solutions that will streamline in-store processes, increase employee productivity and improve the customer’s shopping experience), Retail Media (breakthroughs in advertising technology, digital displays, augmented reality and any other media that push the boundaries and realise the full potential of retail media) and Data & Customer Insights (innovative platforms or tools that can harness, analyse and transform the vast pool of data into actionable strategies).

    Opportunity to pilot in 4 international companies

    Participation in the programme is a chance for startups to pilot with four different companies. Each retailer will have the chance to work individually with a selected startup, which opens up new perspectives for both the retail sector and innovative entrepreneurs.

    Applications for Disrupt Retail are being accepted until February 4, this year, and the creators of projects that make it to the pilot stage will be informed of the opportunity to collaborate in March this year.

    More information about the programme can be found at: https://disruptretail.tech.

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