19 dec. 2023 12:15PM

    Żabka testează o nouă dimensiune a distracției în lumea cumpărăturilor

    Żabka testează o nouă dimensiune a distracției în lumea cumpărăturilor

    New augmented reality Żabu game scenarios have been prepared by startup Omniaz in collaboration with Apzumi for 200 test stores in Poznań and Warsaw. Żappka users in these cities have been able to test the new Żabu game functionality since December 18, this year.

    – Żabu XR is an innovative project by Venture Studio in collaboration with the team behind the Żabu game. With it, we are using virtual and augmented reality technology for the first time in the Żappka app. We see great potential in being able to showcase products and services in the game, developed by us in collaboration with partners. We hope that the exciting new adventures of Żabu XR will draw another group of our customers into the game,” says Karol Gajewicz, Head of Venture Studio.

    Żabu XR’s ground-breaking technology opens up a new marketing channel because XR in Żappka also means new opportunities for suppliers working with the chain. Thanks to this innovative solution, they have the opportunity to present their products in a more engaging and immersive way, and can also promote themselves in an innovative way in the game. For users of the Żappka app, Żabu XR in turn allows them to interact with these products.

    Żabu is the only game in the European retail market that is most popular among 20 to 24-year-olds. Growing and caring for their own Żabu has already been undertaken by nearly two million Żappka users.

    Żabu is a 3D-animated virtual frog that reacts to the customer’s behaviour: it evolves and gains levels depending on the purchases made by the player, including those realised thanks to the żapps collected in the account. Users can personalise their Żabu character by purchasing various accessories. The game consists of breeding and regularly caring for the Żabu character they have created. Upon reaching selected levels, prize boxes await players – free żapps, products or shopping discounts. The task for those playing Żabu XR is to earn as many points as possible and reach level after level to become the Żabu XR champion. By participating in the game, users also collect żapps – 10 points earned in Żabu XR equals 1 żapps they receive in the Żappka mobile app.

    Żabu XR is now available in the entertainment section of the Żabu game. You can find out whether a given store is participating in the test from the Żappka app based on your location.

    The Żappka app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play, Apple App Store and Huawei AppGallery mobile shops. Żabu XR is only available for players using AR-enabled Android phones.

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