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    ‘sanah takeaway feast’

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    ‘sanah takeaway feast’

    Exceptional products with a touch of rose created by the singer are available only at Żabka

    Żabka loves to surprise its customers, it is a hallmark of the chain. This time it has prepared something that has never happened before in the chain’s history. It is a unique line of three products ‘sanah takeaway feast’, prepared in collaboration with one of the most popular artists as part of the next installment of the “Hungry” campaign. Original focaccini, sandwich, and salad with pearl couscous and courgette are united by the unusual taste note of rose. The offer is available in all Żabka stores from October 25, this year.

    This is the first collaboration of its kind established by Żabka. As part of it, sanah – involving herself in all stages of creation – created her line of products. She not only chose their types but also approved the ingredients and the taste so that the compositions were close to her preferences. She also participated in the process of designing the packaging, preparing the script for the spot, and planning the campaign. As a result, the products created in collaboration with the artist provide an authentic taste experience in line with sanah’s aesthetics and philosophy. They will be available in Żabka stores as part of a limited offer, from 25.10 to 21.11 this year or until stocks last.

    – We are delighted that the first collaboration of this kind was established with sanah, a top Polish artist. At Żabka we like to surprise our customers with novelties, including often unconventional flavor combinations – a seemingly ordinary ham sandwich becomes unusual through the use of such an unobvious ingredient as rose. This is why the ‘sanah takeaway feast’ campaign fits perfectly with our philosophy. By expanding our range of quick snacks with proposals composed by sanah, especially for our customers, we free up their time so that they can do what they like and, for example, go to a concert. We have something for Żabka fans and sanah fans – says Jarosław Serednicki, Marketing & Digital Director at Żabka Polska.

    A hint of rose in each of the products available

    Offered as part of the ‘sanah takeaway feast’, the focaccini, with mozzarella, ham, pineapple, mayonnaise-tomato sauce, and rose petals, is inspired by Hawaiian pizza, of which the singer is a big fan. Rose petals are also present in the Dobra Karma salad, with pearl couscous, courgette, cheese, peppers, and spinach-mint pesto. There was also a hint of rose in the Tomcio Paluch sandwich, created on protein bread, with turkey ham, cream cheese, and green cucumber – this time in the form of rose ketchup. The product packaging features a distinctive – also rose – design. The peachy-pink labels are decorated with flowers and rose petals and a special logo for the ‘sanah takeaway feast’ campaign.

    I love feasts, as you well know! The other day I thought, what if I could compose my products… with the addition of rose? And maybe you could also sense a hint of my beloved Hawaiian pizza? A crazy idea, but it worked! I invite you to feast, dear friends!sa – says sanah.

    Campaign for the ‘sanah takeaway feast’ action

    The name of the action ‘sanah takeaway feast’ refers to the musical feast[1], that the singer served her fans during her concert tour, as well as feasting with Żabka’s dishes whenever a customer gets hungry while on the run. “Takeaway”, on the other hand, is the DNA of the Żabka brand and the QMS offer, also associated with the artist’s biggest hit: “Ale jazz” [All that jazz] (“A takeaway coffee today accompanies me…”).

    In the action communication, sanah shows her various artistic incarnations – a reference to her ‘Uczta nad Ucztami’ [Feast of Feasts] tour, which summarises her work to date. The story depicted in the TV spot is to enter sanah’s magical world and meet all her artistic incarnations, who together – in an enchanted setting – prepare a Feast for customers.

    In addition to the TV spot, outdoor activities, and activities in Żabka’s social media, the campaign will also include activities in the Żappka mobile application, where one can win attractive prizes. In addition, on October 25-28, this year, Warsaw residents will have the opportunity to “immerse” themselves in the magical world of sanah live. At the Żabka at 81 Jerozolimskie Avenue in Warsaw, they can not only taste the products from the ‘sanah takeaway feast’, but also take a photo against the background of a display window decorated with flowers, looking identical to the setting of the campaign spot. In line with Żabka’s environmental policy and its Responsibility Strategy, the plants used for decoration, most of which are artificial, will get a second life – they will be reused by the florist studio cooperating with the chain on this campaign.

    Żabka the leader in catering offer

    Żabka is the largest chain of food outlets in Poland. Its offer includes hot dogs, panini, pizza wraps, breakfast sandwiches, focaccini, and many sweets – from croissants to yeast cakes, donuts, and doughnuts. The almost 2,500 selected stores also offer #PROSTOzPIECA crunchy snacks: fries, casseroles, chicken nuggets, or churros. There is also no shortage of coffee and other hot drinks.

    More information about the offer can be found at: https://www.zabka.pl/zabka-cafe

    [1] sanah album „Uczta” (‘Feast’), Magic Records, 2022.


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