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    Shopping at Żabka Nano? #NANOrmal, which is even better than ordinary

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    Shopping at Żabka Nano? #NANOrmal, which is even better than ordinary

    The #NANOrmally campaign aims to strengthen awareness of Żabka Nano brand. We want to encourage people who, for various reasons, have not yet decided to do so, to use the convenience of shopping in autonomous shops. We say that at Żabka Nano you will do your shopping #NANOrmally, i.e. better than usual. At the same time we emphasise the advantages of our format – accessibility, convenience, speed and personalisation of the shopping process – says Andrzej Poplawski, Nano Sales & Marketing Lead at Żabka Future.

    #NANOrmal shopping

    Created as part of the #NANOrmally campaign, the creations, using a play on words, explain in a humorous way how to shop at Żabka Nano. They also highlight the advantages of shopping in the chain’s autonomous shops, including availability seven days a week around the clock, ease of use of the stores, speed of the shopping process (no queues, checkouts or need to scan products), availability of an assortment personalised to the type of location and customer profile (e.g. for students) and attractive promotions for Żappka app users. They also point out the unique features of shopping at Żabka Nano, such as the ability for several people to shop at the same time, the possibility to buy fruit and vegetables by the piece (without having to weigh them) or the ease of cancelling the purchase of a given product if the customer changes their mind. The whole thing is tied together by the slogan #NANOrmal shopping – which is even better than normal and ordinary shopping.

    The campaign is running on the most popular online advertising platforms. A series of 6 educational films and animations promoting Żabka Nano were created, which are stylized as conversations held on Messenger, Tinder or Microsoft Teams. The advertisements are targeted geographically, in large cities where Żabka Nano stores are located, including Katowice, Krakow, Poznań, the Tricity, Warsaw and Wrocław, as well as based on retargeting and previous interest in using Żabka Nano shops.

    The creative concept was developed by the Polot agency. OOH media purchase was handled by the Value Media agency.

    Not such an ordinary shop

    Żabka Nano is an innovative concept that is changing and shaping the perception of the consumer experience. The first stores started their operations in June 2021 in Poznań, Żabka Nano stores are located, among others, in office buildings or dormitories. They are also an important part of the urban fabric – they are present on important city streets or at metro stations and railway stations.

    Read more about Żabka Nano at: zabkagroup.com/pl/convenience/nano/ i zabka.pl/zabka-nano


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