01 Jul 2022 11:50AM

    The 50th Żabka Nano already operates in atmospheric spaces of the Norblin Factory

    The 50th Żabka Nano already operates in atmospheric spaces of the Norblin Factory

    There are already 50 innovative stores supported by artificial intelligence company AiFi,, under the Żabka Nano label, making Żabka Group the largest chain of autonomous stores in Europe. The 50th facility is located in atmospheric spaces of the Norblin Factory in Warsaw. The area at Żelazna Street in Warsaw is more than two centuries of history, which wrote various scenarios for the place. Today, the Norblin Factory delights with its historical buildings, which incorporate modern architecture, and its original offer with distinctive cultural, entertainment and catering, as well as service concepts.

    The Żabka Group is currently the largest chain of autonomous shops in Europe. This innovative concept, allowing for quick purchases without checkout clerks, queues, and cash, is precisely adapted to the nature of the location and the profile of customers. This proposal fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the multifunctional complex of the Norblin Factory, where among the historic buildings there is not only modern architecture but also innovative services and solutions. We are pleased that the 50th Żabka Nano store has been opened to customers right here – says Tomasz Blicharski, EVP, Managing Director of Żabka Future.

    The Norblin factory is a multi-purpose complex in the heart of the Warsaw district of Wola. After a long process of revitalization of the former Norblin, Buch, and T. Werner factories, carried out by the Capital Park Group, the complex reopened to the city, delighting with the historical buildings into which modern architecture was incorporated. The Norblin factory is now over 65 thousand square meters of which 41 thousand square meters are modern A+ class offices and 24 thousand square meters were adapted for entertainment, cultural, catering, and commercial-service space. The Norblin Factory offers the boutique cinema KinoGram, BioBazar ecological market, the capital’s largest food town catering area, and a Piano Bar with live music in one of the oldest buildings of the complex, the Museum of the Norblin Factory and the Immersive Art Box Experience. There are two historic streets within the complex, Ludwig Norblin and Theodore Werner streets, which are available for visits 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    The launch of the unmanned Żabka Nano store has expanded the range of features and facilities, which can be used daily by users and visitors of the complex. The product range of the Żabka Nano store in the Norblin Factory has approx. 400 products. It includes, among others Żabka private label products, such as Shamamm ready dishes, Tomcio Paluch sandwiches, Foodini liquid snacks, Wycisk juices and lemonades, and freshly ground and brewed coffee from the coffee machine.

    The facility uses an innovative method of authorization and payment for purchases, implemented in cooperation with Adyen. Access to the store is possible by utilizing a payment card – the customer approaches it near the terminal before entering the Żabka Nano store. Once it is done, the door will open automatically. On the first visit, the customer will provide a phone number to receive a text message confirming the purchase. When inside, the shopping will only take a moment – a client just needs to take selected products off the shelf and leave. The camera system installed in the Żabka Nano, using algorithms including machine learning, will recognize the products removed from the shelves, charge the appropriate amount, and then automatically finalize the payment using the payment card presented at the entry. The system does not identify customers or remember their image, which guarantees complete privacy and security.

    The autonomous Żabka stores are created as part of the Żabka Future Business Incubator initiative, which combines three elements: managing and searching for innovations, transforming them into new products and services, and commercializing them. The project also fits perfectly within the strategy of the Żabka Group, which assumes the implementation of actions aimed at maintaining climate neutrality – the Żabka Nano store uses only the equivalent of green energy for its activities.

    Currently there are 50 Żabka Nano stores, which are located in Gdańsk, Katowice, Kraków, Piaseczno, Plewiska, Poznań, Sopot, Warsaw and Wrocław. The first Żabka Nano opened a year ago – at the Poznań International Fair in Poznań. The stores operate in several formats, such as standalone container vending machines, traditional brick-and-mortar outlets, or store-in-the-store. Each uses technology developed in close cooperation with the American technology company AiFi. Recently, in one of Warsaw’s Żabka Nano, at 54 Dobra Street, a Robbie robot was installed, created specifically for the Żabka Nano concept by VeloxAlpha, and based on artificial intelligence solutions. In its first 10 days, it served customers over 1,500 hot dogs.


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