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    20 Oct 2021 22:56PM

    The Żabka Group and Lite e-Commerce are launching in Warsaw a shopping pilot project on Jush!

    What's up with us?

    The Żabka Group and Lite e-Commerce are launching in Warsaw a shopping pilot project on Jush!

    The Żabka Group enters the market of express online shopping and presents the new Jush application. As part of the recently established start-up named Lite e-Commerce, on October 21 this year a pilot service for convenient home delivery of products will be launched under the name of Żabka Jush. The purchases can be ordered via the Jush app, which will initially be available to residents of Warsaw in selected districts, using iOS devices. 

    Lite e-Commerce start-up operating within the Żabka Group is responsible for the implementation and development of e-commerce solutions. The Jush application will debut as a pilot project in Warsaw on iOS; initially customers will be able to order purchases in some parts of Śródmieście, Stara Ochota, Wola and Ursynów districts. The service will be continuously developed to reach further districts of the capital and in the future to start operations in other cities in Poland. Ultimately, the entire process, from placing an order to the arrival of the courier, is to last up to 15 minutes. Consumers can choose from 1300 products, known among others from the Żabka chain of stores.

    Forecasts indicate that the e-commerce market will experience a double digits growth over the coming years. This is driven by customers who expect fast, ultra-modern and convenient online solutions tailored to their daily needs. With these expectations in mind, we are effectively expanding the Żabka Group’s portfolio with other unique businesses, such as: Maczfit, and currently the Lite e-Commerce start-up – says Tomasz Suchański, President of the Management Board, CEO of Żabka Group.

    Launching the Jush application within the Lite e-Commerce start-up is another step towards building the market potential of the Żabka Group. Thus, the Group will expand its business to the q-commerce market, whose development in Poland and the world has accelerated dynamically in recent months. In recent months the Group has been expanded to include leading companies in the dietary catering industry: Maczfit and The investment in new services is aimed at accelerating the development of online trade of the largest modern convenience chain in Poland.

    Żabka Future creates solutions for the future

    Lite e-Commerce was recently established as part of Żabka Future with a team of external managers. Żabka Future is responsible for finding, creating and developing businesses that will enable the Żabka Group to build an ecosystem of modern convenience solutions. One of them is the Jush application. Thanks to Lite e-Commerce, Żabka will offer the widest range of products on the Polish q-commerce market, and the basis will be the product mix known among others from the chain stores.

      Just a few years ago, no one expected that the order and delivery of the product would be possible within one day. Currently, thanks to q-commerce customers can have shopping delivered to their home even in the quarter of an hour. As part of the Lite e-Commerce start-up, we focus on the development of the new Żabka Jush service to guarantee the highest possible service standards and maximum comfort of use. We want to reach the customer in a quick time, so that they get their shopping delivered in virtually „no time” –comments Tomasz Blicharski, Executive Vice President, Managing Director of Żabka Future.

    The pilot stage of the Żabka Jush service will be launched on October 21. Initially, Jush app will be available to iOS users in the App Store. In November this year, it will debut on Android devices.

    In Lite we adhere to the principle that each of the solutions proposed by us is prepared with the customers in mind. It is their expectations and convenience that are the most important for us. Hence the idea of Jush service that will help consumers in a situation when going out to buy is impossible. We want to develop the application based on consumer feedback. We are going to launch a pilot project in Warsaw, where a large group of people will participate and their opinion will be of the greatest importance to us. Together with the Żabka Group we want to offer them a new quality in the market –adds Wojciech Krok, CEO of Lite e-Commerce Lite.

    Currently, Lite e-Commerce runs recruitment processes. The persons sought include the manager of a grocery warehouse, helpline employees and couriers. Applications can be submitted through:


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