11 Oct 2021 23:29PM

    The Żabka Group creates its Lite e-commerce start-up and announces its entry into the q-commerce market

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    The Żabka Group creates its Lite e-commerce start-up and announces its entry into the q-commerce market

    Poles will soon experience a revolution on how they shop for groceries online using the new Lite e-commerce start-up and q-commerce application.  Both solutions developed by the Żabka Future division will lead the Żabka Group in the express shopping market by developing unique tools in the area of modern convenience.

    The development strategy of the Żabka Group is based on building a portfolio of unique, convenience solutions for the market. In recent months we have been joined by two leading companies from the dietary catering industry: Maczfit and the Dietly.pl platform. We are currently expanding the Group with a new Lite e-Commerce start-up that will create e-commerce friendly solutions, which will allow us to better respond to the needs of modern customers – says Tomasz Suchański, President of the Management Board, CEO of Żabka Group.

    Żabka Future, together with an external team of managers, established the Lite e-Commerce start-up. Żabka Future is responsible for finding, creating and developing businesses that will enable the Żabka Group to build an ecosystem of modern convenience solutions. The group was established at the beginning of 2021 to develop the chain of stores, their format and assortment more effectively. The new structure allows for broader activities in favor of innovation and setting the direction of the company’s development. Thanks to Lite e-Commerce, Żabka will offer the widest range of products on the Polish q-commerce market.

    The inclusion of Lite e-Commerce in the structure of the Żabka Group is a great example of how dynamically Żabka Future operates. The start-up formula will ensure maximum agility in the operation of the new company, and as the pilot in the real market environment, it will allow us to quickly monitor effectiveness and to offer customers quality and convenience on the market – comments Tomasz Blicharski, Vice President of the Management Board, Managing Director of Żabka Future.

    – Lite e-Commerce is created by managers with international experience in developing new technologies, e-commerce and digital products. One of our goals is to revolutionize the way consumers shop online. We are glad Żabka Future, on the one hand, provides us with operational independence needed to act quickly, and at the same time allows us to benefit from synergies with the rest of the Group – says Wojciech Krok, CEO of Lite e-Commerce.

    As part of the Żabka Group, Lite e-Commerce will develop a host of q-commerce services, allowing the largest chain of convenience stores in Poland to intensify its online sales activities. To this end, Lite will launch  so-called “dark stores,” i.e., stores used only to process online orders. The service will be distinguished by short delivery times, a wide range of products, and the possibility of ordering a variety of high-quality, innovative brands only available in Żabka stores, using an intuitive application.


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