05 Oct 2022 15:50PM

    The Żabka Group is looking for startups whose goal is to have a positive impact on the environment

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    The Żabka Group is looking for startups whose goal is to have a positive impact on the environment

    The Żabka Group together with Kozminski Business Hub – an organization dedicated to searching for and supporting startups at Kozminski University – is launching the second edition of the acceleration program. The Startup Impact Program is aimed at young companies whose goal is to have a positive impact on the environment, i.e. those working for ecology, health or entrepreneurship.

    The program is open to startups with solutions in four areas: Reducing the Environmental Footprint, Packaging for the Future, Developing Entrepreneurship and Welfare and Equal Opportunities. The creators who qualify for the final of the second edition of the program will be invited to further cooperate with experts from Kozminski Business Hub and Żabka Group. Participation in the acceleration is also an opportunity to cooperate with all entities of the Group and to test their solutions in the fastest growing chain of convenience stores in Poland.

    –  We are looking for innovative solutions that provide new prospects for the entire Żabka Group. We want to work with the best of the best. That is why, together with Kozminski Business Hub we launched the second edition of Startup Impact Program to find the most interesting initiatives that fit into the Żabka Group’s sustainable development strategy. We are looking for startups with a prototype of their services or products and defined target group – says Karol Gajewicz, Head of Venture Studio, Żabka Group.

    Four areas to be developed

    The Environmental Footprint Reduction category seeks solutions to capture and neutralize carbon from the air and to increase energy efficiency. Innovative and low-carbon food refrigeration projects and innovative methods to reduce food waste in the value chain can also be submitted to this category. The Future Packaging area is looking for alternatives to recyclable or compostable plastics from which food packaging can be made.

    Innovative projects in the area of Entrepreneurship Development should focus on developing entrepreneurial skills and competences for a modern economy. In the category of Welfare and Equal Opportunities, projects improving the well-being of children and young people are desirable, with particular emphasis on mental health and emotional balance, as well as solutions facilitating the empowerment and entry into the labor market of young people at risk of social exclusion.

    In this edition, we will focus more on measuring, managing and communicating the positive impact. This information is important to investors and major corporate customers. The startups in the program will receive detailed, jointly developed impact reports that will certainly attract investment investors to them, allowing for rapid development. Today we know that the future of the world depends primarily on whether the founders of startups take responsibility for it. We are waiting for those who have the talents, passion and experience needed to do so. In an ecosystem of positive impact, we will do our utmost to put these most anticipated ideas into practice. For the sake of all of us – emphasizes ALK professor, Ph. D. Bolesław Rok, Kozminski University (ALK).

    Startups interested in participating in the program can submit their applications by November 6 through the website: https://kozminskihub.com/startup-impact-program/

    Finalists of the first edition

    9 young enterprises, which presented the mission and solutions of their companies during Open Day, qualified to the finals of the first edition of the Startup Impact Program. The jury selected 3, who were invited to further cooperate with experts from Kozminski Business Hub and Żabka Group.

    The winners of last year’s edition were: Hempeat – a startup producing meat substitutes based on hemp seeds, Epicer – the creator of an application using artificial intelligence to create personalized recipes, allowing to reduce food waste, Res Solution – a system enabling efficient management of energy, water, gas, heat and automation of processes and operation of devices. Each startup is supported by Kozminski Business Hub and Żabka Group experts and is currently testing its solutions in the Żabka Group environment. The testing path has been tailored to each of the young companies in order to maximize their potential.


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