07 Jun 2022 12:00PM

    The Żabka Group’s position on the follow-up to the Russian aggression in Ukraine

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    The Żabka Group’s position on the follow-up to the Russian aggression in Ukraine

    We are fully in solidarity with the Ukrainian community. Many Ukrainian citizens are our employees, franchisees or their associates and we have immediately declared our readiness to provide the necessary assistance. We are taking action to provide support to those personally affected by these events.

    We inform that we have taken, among others, the following steps:

    Commitment to direct institutional support and actions taken with partners

    Actions towards employees of Żabka, employees of logistics centers and franchisees

    • In agreement with the Polish Red Cross and the Polish Humanitarian Action, we decided to organize the collection of necessary articles, including dressings, hygienic articles, cosmetics, cleaning agents, blankets and sleeping bags. The collection takes place on the premises of our logistics centers from March 2 to the end of the week.
    • We have decided to finance the rental of apartments for the families of our employees, co-workers and franchisees who bring families to Poland. We organize transport for families of workers from the border to places of stay in Poland. We will also subsidize the costs of renting apartments for refugees from Ukraine. So far we have arranged accommodation for almost 350 people.
    • We have established consultancy points in the logistics centers, which serve the employees of Żabka, the employees of the mixing and transport companies and franchisees. The aim of the points is to provide information about the support offered by Żabka in the scope of, among others psychological and legal assistance, logistical and in-kind support in transporting people from the Polish-Ukrainian border, searching for and financing housing and obtaining information on the needs of people requiring support, both in terms of knowledge and specific material, legal or logistical assistance.
    • As a result of the considerable interest in legal support, we have launched a special legal helpline. The hotline handles only issues related to the situation in Ukraine and is intended for employees, co-workers and franchisees as well as employees of the Żabka stores.
    • At the same time, we provide psychological support to all franchisees and sellers in need. We have also been involved in the search for psychologists who could help families on the ground.
    • We are constantly helping with the transportation of families of our employees, co-workers and franchisees from the border.
    • We have provided our employees with an internal platform where all interested parties can submit their offers of assistance, donations or signal the need for support for a family from Ukraine. In the specially launched “HelpMY” application there is a list of all submitted applications and the possibility to add own offers or demands.


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