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    TOP technology tools for Żabka franchisees

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    TOP technology tools for Żabka franchisees

    Security, partnership, and multi-directional support are particularly important nowadays for running your own business. The Żabka chain offers several unique solutions designed for franchisees who run stores under its name, which help them and their employees in the day-to-day management of the outlets. These include technology tools such as OptiPlan with Żabka Assistant package, Cyberstore, and SprzedawcaPRO application.

    We are among the most innovative franchise chains in the world. The tools implemented and functioning in Żabka support the entrepreneurs cooperating with us in the effective management of stores, improving the skills of their own and their teams, as well as in the systematic development of the business. We constantly improve existing solutions to meet the expectations of the most demanding users and introduce new digital technologies adapted to the needs of franchisees, building the market position of their stores and the entire chain – emphasizes Przemysław Kijewski, COO at Żabka Polska.

    The strength of the franchise with Żabka is information technology and modern solutions. The emergence of the Cyberstore app is an unparalleled achievement that combines almost all the functions related to orders, sales, or logistics in one place. With the help of a smartphone, I can manage the store remotely. Sometimes I order goods from home, I receive them directly to the store, I do not have to go anywhere to get them – says Paweł Błachowicz, franchisee of the Żabka store in Bystrzyca Kłodzka.

    Among the key tools for franchisees and their teams are:

    The chain was awarded for the application “Gold Retail Innovation 2020” in the category B2B Applications within the competition “FMCG & Retail Gold Innovation”.

    In addition to smart tools, newly joining franchisees get the chance to operate under the name known by 93% of consumers in Poland, ready – fully stocked-up and fully equipped stores, and further marketing, service, or delivery support implemented directly to their facilities. Entrepreneurs operating under the green logo are also covered by a special insurance “Business insurance”, protecting in case of failure of the activity. The financial contribution for starting a business with Żabka amounts to only about PLN 5 thousand.

    Thanks to all these solutions and various forms of support, the Żabka franchisees can concentrate on acquiring customers and local development of their businesses.

    More on: www.zabka.pl/franczyza


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