09 May 2022 11:00AM

    Train with food products worth over 1 million PLN for the people of Ukraine

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    Train with food products worth over 1 million PLN for the people of Ukraine

    Owing to the engagement of Żabka’s customers, the chain has raised over PLN 1,000,000. Funds obtained thanks to users of Żappka – who willingly exchanged loyalty points collected during purchases, i.e. so-called żapps, for charity donations, as well as customers who decided to donate through cashless payments – will be donated to organizations carrying out aid activities in Ukraine. Some of them have also allowed the financing of another transport with humanitarian aid. A dedicated freight train from Żabka Group, CVC Capital Partners, and Partners Group arrived in Kyiv. 60 tons of long-shelf-life food, water, medicines, and necessary hygiene products will be distributed to the civilian population. The humanitarian aid train was organized in cooperation with the Warsaw City Council.

    – Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we have been in full solidarity with the Ukrainian community. We are implementing several actions to provide support to those affected by the war. In total, we have delivered more than 520 tons of food and hygiene products to humanitarian organizations and sent another transport with humanitarian aid, organizing a dedicated freight train. We also involved customers of our chain who were able to support the fundraiser carried out in Żabka stores and exchange their żapps for charity donations. Thanks to their financial support, humanitarian organizations will be able to operate in Ukraine in the long term and efficiently help those in need – says Adam Manikowski, EVP, Managing Director in Żabka Polska.

    Dedicated freight train

    A special freight train with humanitarian aid, which has reached Kyiv, is the second one organized in cooperation with the Warsaw City Council, coordinating the cooperation with the Kyiv City Council. Transporting 60 tons of food and necessary hygiene products to Ukraine is another contribution of the Żabka Group – owned by CVC Capital Partners and Partners Group – to the Ukrainian community. In total, Żabka has transferred over 520 tons of food and essential hygiene products to the border in cooperation with its partners: Podkarpackie Voivodeship Office, Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Polish Red Cross, Polish Humanitarian Action, The Federation of Polish Food Banks, InSpire Foundation, Happy Kids Foundation, and Polish Union of Ukrainians. Żabka franchisees are also involved in aid operations – people who run shops near the border distribute warm drinks and snacks, and in other cities they organize collections and deliver goods with their own cars to the border.

    Charity donations

    The chain has also engaged its customers in its aid activities. Users of the mobile Żappka app had the opportunity to exchange loyalty points collected during their purchases, the so-called żapps, for charity donations. To help, it was enough to install the mobile app and “buy a charity donation share”, that is, activate it for a suitable amount of żapps. The second way in which Żabka allowed its clients to support the charities carrying out aid activities in Ukraine was to enable secure donations through non-cash payments. Starting from March 3rd  customers, on the occasion of a visit to the stores of the Żabka chain, could indicate the amount of money they chose and make a cashless payment donation without having to make a purchase.


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