18 Jul 2023 15:21PM

    „Twoja Żabka” among the top 10 intranets in the world

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    „Twoja Żabka” among the top 10 intranets in the world

    Żabka focuses on combining knowledge and efficient internal communication, strengthening the digital culture of the organization.

    „Twoja Żabka”, a modern tool used by Żabka Group that combines the functions of intranet, internal knowledge base, analytical instruments and employee social media, has been recognized as one of the top 10 intranet deployments in the world. Its usefulness and unique design were recognized in the “Intranet Design Annual 2023” report published by the independent international agency Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g).

    The employee’s multi-channel experience platform available in the cloud enabled Żabka Group to increase employee engagement and improve the flow of information within the organization. Thanks to “Twoja Żabka”, all the most important information about the company is collected in one place and can be accessed with one click. The implementation of the innovative internal communication platform was carried out by Workai, the manufacturer and supplier of the tool.

    Żabka relies on convenience and time release not only towards our customers, but also inside the organization. We wanted to provide our employees, collaborators and ultimately franchisees with the most modern and intuitive communication tool available on the market. What mattered to us was its ease of use and compatibility with our existing systems. In addition to the flexibility of the tool and the ability to adapt it to our constantly changing needs, we were also interested in its aesthetic side, which meant possible graphical solutions, as well as the availability of solutions facilitating the work of administrators and content creators. Employees liked “Twoja Żabka” very much and quickly accepted it as the main communication platform in the company. In this year’s internal communication survey, they ranked it at most from all channels of communication tools in terms of usefulness. The high rating of the employees using “Twoja Żabka” every day is very important for us, and the “Intranet Design Annual 2023” award confirms that this tool has also won recognition from industry experts. We are extremely proud of this award! – says Wojtek Mrugalski, internal communication manager in Żabka Group.

    Employees’ freed time

    The introduction of the “Twoja Żabka” intranet completely changed the way Żabka Group communicates. It significantly reduced the exchange of email correspondence, which prevailed before the intranet era, which proved very important in the face of the extremely dynamic development of the organization and many implemented projects. It also supports continuous interaction between employees and colleagues – thanks to the possibility of commenting on the information appearing on the intranet, as well as the quoroom introduced in the digital workplace of the social chain. One can create own community (or join an existing one) and share experiences both in the professional and private spheres.

    The strengths of “Twoja Żabka”

    The choice of the tool was mainly determined by its flexibility, i.e. the ability to adapt it to the changing needs of Żabka Group. Also important was the aspect of utility – good experience on the side of both the receiver and the broadcaster of communication. Ease and intuition of operation are huge advantages of “Twoja Żabka” – using it does not require technical knowledge or a long implementation process. The modern intranet combined pre-existing systems into a single organism and became a real information hub.

    Employees appreciate “Twoja Żabka”

    Employees are very active on “Twoja Żabka” platform – they quote, comment, submit numerous ideas. In an internal survey, as many as 97% of respondents said that “Twoja Żabka” contains current and useful information, and 93% admitted that the appearance of the intranet had a positive impact on the effectiveness of internal communication of the company. 90% of employees declare to use the platform on an ongoing basis.

    The digital transformation of the organization is ongoing

    Żabka Group supports its employees by using modern technological solutions available on the market, as well as by creating its own innovative tools. In this year’s internal communication survey, the company’s employees and colleagues pointed out the need to receive notifications and key information on the phone, and to improve the booking system of the rooms in the Headquarters. They will soon be able to do so thanks to the mobile application introduced this year, which will take over the functionality of the existing application, while at the same time realizing the demand of limiting the number of channels.


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